Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Old sins.

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    Text in English revision May 2015 Old sins.
    Russian Груз ошибок прошлого.
    Ukrainian Старі гріхи.

    Revising of old plays it's always terrible emotions. Did I really write it? How I can made such mistake and forget such lovely line?

    Revision is difficult especially with that play. First it was written in Russian and for me it's sound too hard. Than I translated it on Ukrainian and it's found some lyric. On English I saw that conflict of this story it's not about future babies. Theme of abortion is discussed in that play, in my life I never faced such choice, so in play used both decisions. In English I saw that one of problem of this play for characters is where to live and how to trust closed people.

    To be normal human we want trust, understanding of our problems. Not all friends could see how we suffer. We believe in family, in this story family at first thought about personal interests, in another case I don't have what to write about.

    Proper vocabulary is good, because in that story I really abused with use of thesaurus. Teenager use such strange but educated words. I don't know teenager's slang, especially on English, but I made that she sounds like normal human.

    I thought it will be cool if I find as much rare words to story as I can. People speak simply. It's like with spices, a drop of it gave good taste; too much and you spoil taste of meal. In everything have to be a measure.

    Redemption is also theme of the story. Heroine made wrong choice, terrible mistake. After many years she prevent the same tragedy with another women. As justice for right decision she have opportunity to start over her live with beloved person. It's too rightly, but I wanted to write happy end. At least in literature have to be hope for better life.

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