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    Why I need one more blog?

      Why I need one more blog?


      Why write one more blog about learning English, if there are billions of them on-line? Because I need this. I still deep in the theme of learning English.

      What was point which inspired me? I made on-line test. Many of them are usual for everyone who learned or study English. 50 questions which in the end will tell you where you are on ladder of learning English.


      It was my result. Advanced. After years of intermediate and rarely upper-intermediate, I receive advanced.

      It’s impossible. Don’t think that tests are complimentary, they are for language schools and language schools need students with less knowledge.

      I receive what I need – advanced level, not certificate, but just proves that my self-study gave results.

      I remember that next level is proficiency or at least advanced without even few mistakes on tests, but here is the end of ladder about which I dreamed since 1997 year when first time came to proper courses of English. Long journey, never it was step after step. To be true, real work began after I started use language daily at creative work, writing plays.

      Now are main questions... What to do after Advanced level? How to learn English or improve it? Or to be happy that achieved unreachable goal. Mistakes are not crucial, I will make them everywhere it had nothing common with level of language acquisition.

      What happens with learning language after Advanced? How to reach Proficiency level and improve your abilities? This questions are now crucial for me and I will try to find answers. Where? In literature about language learning, linguistic and of course I want to see in retrospective how helpful or not were my previous study books.

      Why all this fuss? Because after answering correctly questions I searched by which rule it could be explain.


      I want to reread my grammar books, not only use them like references and find were I reach feeling of “that construction can’t be used”.

      Yes, few years ago I wanted to receive second education – of course it should be English language. Because of finance problems I didn’t manage it. Even didn’t try. Instead I worked with English daily. Now on-line are lots of academic journals, maybe, by self-study I will found ways to draw map how to live with English after Advanced. It’s not in my character to stop, I need to have next target.

      Next post will be on next Thursday. Once a week. I need time to find more resources.


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