Kateryna Aksonova. Play after play. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.


    Play planned as holiday story, but it ends how it ends.

    Daily events in Ukraine are very sad, mostly tragic. I tried to be optimistic, but depression and pessimistic thoughts won. I can’t write the same as I used to.

    I found theme which will be joyful. Christmas, New Year, time for merrymaking in all world. Time for miracles, pleasant surprises. I decided to write splendid Christmas story. Play with happy end, not like in Ibsen’s Doll’s House.

    I strove. And first thing which occurred to mind was final line “You always could stay enemies.” Not good ending for Christmas miracle. Never mind, I wanted to discover what are beginning and middle of play which conclusion are such words.

    I had story. My experience in translation became useful. I receive strange, sad story. Why not? In Ukraine will be sad Christmas, eyes full of tears. Pain is difficult to forget.

    I just can’t write something artificial. This play have to be written in that way. When on streets of my home town I see military forces with weapons which go to war... One thought is in my head “God! Let them return alive.”

    I start to face everything in new way. Unforgivable is only death, with everything else you could cope and forgive.

    Enemies, it sounds really as bad end. I don’t think so. Enemy is person who never disappoint you. Enemy will stay certainly with you. Sometimes enemy is the only person to whom you could trust.

    Heartbreaking. In Ukraine we know that friends of our country don’t hold their words. They promised that they will help in difficult times. But when it’s hard we are alone and we lose. Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.

    When you require help, you need it now. Better – yesterday. After managing your problems yourself you can’t forgive the one who had opportunity to help but didn’t want to do it. Than I made one step forward. Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them much. Oscar Wild.

    I wanted to write about play. Yes, another play in English. It was relaxing to find music for it. “Auld Lang Syne”, “Carols of the Bell”, “God bless you merry gentleman”.

    In text of “Auld Lang Syne” I liked: And have a drink on me. It is frank goodbye for my play.

    Characters will survive, they know what to wait from life. They can fight with problems. I think they could have parallel ways in life. Or they have possibility to be together, and begin with: have a drink on me.

    I always believe in happy ends. Contra spem spero.

    May your Christmas always be merry and New Year happy!

    Christmas Special text of play.

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