Kateryna Aksonova. Play after play. Body in the basement.


    Play Body in the basement.

    Mystery theatrical play, I’m proud that I did it.
    Mystery is difficult genre. I know, I wrote several novels few years ago in Russian. They never were published. I found a curious problem in contemporary stories. When I finished revising of 300 pages draft, gadgets changed. I made adaptation. Few more months and everything became new. With disappointment I put novels in the box.
    When I understand that it’s problem for everyone, I start to find an exit. No matter if it is novel or TV-serial, after two years from production it looks like recent vintage. World is changing, so you have to adapt clues. And it looks like typewriting machine connected to the laser printer. Life is quicker than book ready for print.
    It’s reality with which I have to leave. My fantasy novels on Ukrainian and Russian are as fresh as were written and quietly wait for time when my English would be good enough. At least to my opinion.
    English I don’t stop improve and try to use every new word or idiom which I learned.

    I would like to find new life for my stories in future plays.
    Obviously from the name and characters of “Body in the basement” is my attachment to work of Agatha Christie. I like mystery, read them and write them. I can’t regret one of my passions.
    I create this story to feel how is to write that sort of play.
    I think I used all important moments: lonely house in snow, rich man, people who don’t like him and Christmas miracle in the end.
    Hope you enjoy reading.
    Many happy returns to all!
    Thank you!

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