Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Dawn of hen-party.


    Play Dawn of hen-party.

    How long does it take to write a play? Play like this, one day.

    This play is first page of draft of my mystery novel, which I wrote in March 2010.

    I changed only one name, and have women story with hangover. I chose to make it only women play. Why not? Who is this enigmatic man? Notable is search for him.

    Changed story a little, I made scenes from paragraphs. In draft was not only humour, but also murder. If not one of this characters was murder or victim I decided to give them independent life.

    I wrote all my plays quickly – one to two weeks. But researching and thinking is for month or years. Papers with ideas and dialogues are everywhere at home.

    Now I can’t absolutely think about something good, so I try to find positive in my previous ideas.

    My past work is stable background for my journey. So don’t be scary of different themes.

    I wrote new play, with characters from play “Dawn of hen-party”. Again girls had some fun. I never was such drank, but I am sure story don’t loose without my personal experience. Hope it didn’t sound like disappointment. This time they celebrated New Year.

    After New Year resolutions.


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