Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Importance of being unnoticed.


    Play Importance of being unnoticed.

    Name of the play is my love to Oscar Wilde’s humour. Importance of being Earnest. Importance of being unnoticed.

    Idea of play was shavings from Retired spies. Spies are always in black glasses. This item don’t let me go, until I stopped on the stairs and had whole story for the play.

    Here black glasses and especially taking them down is symbol of attempt to believe to unknown person. Also there are green curtains, which came back in one more play. I was thinking about Scarlet O’Hara, I feel desperation of woman inside civil war. Story not about all this. Cat which is in that play is also my weakness. I can’t chose a reason why owner want to euthanaze a dog. I have nothing against cats, I even wrote short story from cat’s points of view.

    When I start write on English I tried different genres. This was effort to write romantic play. What I had as result?

    Successful man, who not always notices what is happening around him, which dangerous are near him. Woman who see all this at first sight (woman’s intuition, ability for quick analyse of situation) and she tries help immediately. She wants to save unknown person. She, herself needs support, protection. Why she did it? Compassion to individual who hides behind mask of success. Definitely feels instant liking.

    What are man’s feelings? He is tired, he is squeezed out. Everybody want something from him, nobody gives him without secret intention. Distrust, astonishment, and after that... cautious liking.

    Finally, at the end man made normal man’s action. He accepts her without fear. They go away together. Is it love? Happy end?

    Could be. We have all foundations for that.

    However could be another story: drama, tragedy or farce. Nobody knows what waits in future. I wrote story in war, which doesn’t stop yet. I still alive, and I let myself hope for happiness.

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