Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Melody of love.


    Play Melody of love.

    Idea of this play popped into my mind 3.01.2015. I always write down every idea, even if theme is not my usual interest. I wrote few scenes, which came with idea and put it away.

    Baritone, rich man’s voice which I could listen endlessly. Music is not my speciality, so I chose arias which I liked. It’s my play and I could have such criterion.

    Than I didn’t want to write trivial love triangle and I made it square or quartet.

    When I wrote play I was humbling all time “Besame mucho” and I need woman who could sing it in play. I chose Sarita. Why? In honour of Sara Montiel and film which I watched several times on Russian and Spanish “La reina del Chantecler”. Especially last song “No te olvido”. Passion and tears at the end of film. If it about “La reina del Chantecler” it have to has melodramatic end.

    Of course, I wanted that he will run for her and say words which she wants. But it’s end for romantic comedy, I wanted more dramatic end. Two grand pianos on stage, it have to be serious.

    Actors don’t have to sing by themselves. It just music which I prefer as appropriate to this story.

    I don’t think that main hero is weak. Too much women love him and he can’t refuse such life. Happiness with one woman could cost all woman in life. Hope, he will think about it after all that.

    Name for main hero I chose because of beautiful sentence about two Richards, one on the white horse, second on the black. I thought it wasn’t bad idea. Better than name Tommaso, which I chose because on my mind was Tommaso Campanella, I have no idea why.

    In play I wrote about varnas among fans. Idea arose when I checked dates of release new series of my favourite serials. I haven’t TV at home. We refused because of internet, where you could see the same and in proper for you time. Fans of serials know every date of release and have links where to watch. Also they spend a lot of time to talk about actors who plays in serials. It looks like little or big altar where they put photos and lovely pictures. I thought that so many little gods are in Hinduism and than I tried to understand their motives. I hope it’s nothing bad in this, I didn’t hurt anyone feelings.

    I also have important for me signatures, so could call myself one of Kshatrias.
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