Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. My sidekick Dracula.


    Play in English My sidekick Dracula.
    Ukrainian "Мій кумпель Дракула".


    Dracula, more vampire persona is difficult to find.

    Why Dracula? Because I live in Lviv and we have as tourist’s attraction bill from Vlad Tepes.


    In Ukrainian text are more about it. My Dracula knows Lviv’s recognizable words and argue about using of his name. Yes, it wasn’t him who sighed this bill, it was his father who also was Vlad Tepes, not Vlad the Impaler. Sometimes even historic persons have the same name, remember about number of Henri's.

    In Ukrainian text Dracula also talks about museum of “Arsenal”, and said that he had bigger collection of arms, but he needs silver bullet.


    Few scenes are in weapon’s shop, more about arms. White arm it’s branch which, again shortage in vocabulary, is closed for me now. I even had a rubric about it in “Aksioma”. I respect knives and all white arms. At jeweller’s exhibitions I with pleasure took it in hand and admire comfortable hilt and masterpiece work on the blade.


    I forget how relaxing is this theme for me. No, at home I had only kitchen knives, but still esteem white arm like work of art and respect it as dangerous weapons. Fantasy ans mystery in proper time bring me back to that vocabulary.

    Dracula, he tried kill himself with every weapon, and he had a creative mind. Why to start play with suicide? Because it’s interesting and I have one more play in mind with such dramatic beginning.

    Nick wants to kill himself because of how his wife behave. He made everything for her and she still wants something. Nick as himself is not enough for her. We all met such people who could only take and never give, till the last drop of blood.

    About blood, it’s story about Dracula but in my play he is not a vampire. “Hate and fright keep me here”.

    Why not blood? I know it’s not a good idea for jokes. Why? Because Dracula was from our Carpathian region and it’s genetic illness. Yes, drinking of blood. My ancestors – all grandparents came in Lviv from different regions, I haven’t such problem. But since childhood I saw, nothing is changing now, on market you could buy animal’s blood in jars and people buy it. They are not pale or afraid of sun, but they drink blood, it helps them to live. If choose to make Dracula blood-drinker is to tell about his illness, which could be genetic if he was born in our region. It would destroy all dreams of girls and women who hope for eternal lover, such novels are popular in all world.

    More about Lviv on the walls are two pictures, one is Dracula’s castle, second one is fire at Lviv’s Ratusha.

    My Dracula is ruler. And I wrote scary words. “If you don’t have bodies on sticks along the road, it doesn’t mean that state need less dead people”. For a year Ukraine has a lot of coffins. “That is how every ruler lives”. When I read it now I’m disappointed that I was right. “What I had done never stops in world till today”. Dracula is really has eternal life, he wakes up in some rulers and always will be glad with blood.

    Nick stays with wife, I think not for long. You love person or spend time to find excuses.

    Dracula stays alive because he has knowledge “Always there is an exit... and someone whose life worse than yours.”

    I have bad habit – try to understand motivations of another people actions. Justify perhaps, to find something good or wisdom in character like Dracula. I know it’s time consuming, but I still believe that not every one make cruel for pleasure of see tears. Optimist, perhaps, but I like my heroes, in another way I couldn’t write about them.

    “DRACULA: I want to stay a warning for all. Not always what was made for glory of country values by its citizens like good”.

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