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    Play Parrot's interrogation.

    Idea to write play which will take place in jewellery shop I have for some time, but I didn’t bother to put a date on note. So it was written when I have spare time and tired from reading Stanislavski on English. (I return to that play, if won’t find new excuses.)

    I don’t know why it’s second play in a row with animals in it. Just coincident. I like jewellery, like I love spheres about which I read and know a lot.

    Now it’s a problem for me to buy something. I have problems with money and this prices give me only pain. Before that I liked to buy it at exhibitions. I like big stones, semi-precious stones, they didn’t cost a fortune before. At exhibitions I could buy ring of my size, or they could make it smaller in some rings. 17 size is still big for me and big stones usually in rings of 19-20 size.

    Exhibitions, journalists were allowed to be present before opening, when everything was put on place. I, like everyone jumped above bags with jewellery, which later with dignity were shown to buyers.

    “Jewellery, shining fairy tail which costs thousands.

    I wrote about several jewellery exhibitions. For visitors it shine in lighted show-cases. For journalists it was homely and you can made pictures before visitor came. I learned about that so much that have two ideas for plays and several for mystery. I tried on everything that I wished and listened about hard life of jewellery makers. I don’t know why they told me about problems, maybe waited for my pity for their cruel fate.

    After I saw so much, I really can’t imagined how people agree to have on finger house with the swimming pool in carats. For daily life I chose bijouterie, which I also made myself with enthusiasm.

    I think I couldn’t say no to jewellery from white metal. In my theory I prefer white to yellow because I was born at night and in sky was moon, not sun. You could guess right – it’s silver, which I wore all the time.

    After clock’s exhibitions I stopped to wear any kind of watches. Time I could see on phone. Yes, I had story ideas about clocks. Not everything at once.

    It’s easy to notice that I like to write about what I know. And I’m very stressful when my knowledge is not useful for write some story. To finish conversation about all essential things, I need to mention only about fragrance. It’s my weakness. And instead of chocolate don’t high-calorie.

    My liking of fragrances began in childhood. Two my grand-mothers had great collections of different parfum. One of them didn’t like it, second granny can’t use because she was a surgical nurse. Mummy has calm feeling to all that. When everyone knew that I like fragrances all of them was given to me. I was enormous happy and to the end of school I used all perfum which came to my hands. Than were mother’s french fragrances, father’s gifts. Litres of toilet water. Lately I agreed with myself that better to have good perfum, not army of bottles with fake. Decision was difficult but process of chose enjoyable.

    Good perfum is luxury if remember that in our shops it costs three time much than in shops in all over the world.

    I made my choice and decided to have what I really want. Backstage is in everything. In my country with strange law exist shops where you can buy testers which never came to destined shop. Don’t tell anybody. It costs half of price of original. Yes, I did it.

    My favourite and adorable Cinema Eau de Toilette Spray by Yves Saint Laurent. Smell which brings me joy, smell which helps to remember that I’m still alive in country of mourning and tears. Smell of dream. Smell in which I like to wake up in the morning. It’s not for everyday use. I didn’t regret that I chose that one. I even had a discount on it. How? Translated to shop-girls names of all french perfum. They had knowledge I have my bottle. (quotation from “Work in progress” 3.02.2015)

    Why I chose parrot who could talk? Because it destroys tension of mystery and give opportunity for fun.

    I am glad that I wrote that play.
    Voice from the cage: “Good reading to all!”

    Parrot's interrogation.

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