Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Puppeteer's curse.


    Play Puppeteer's curse.

    Some plays need only one week from idea to finished draft, another take months or years.

    Idea of that story was written at 7.12.2009. It have to be a mystery novel. Like always with me, I didn’t remember all the story. It was written long ago. Just draft, everything what I remembered was name of story “Murder of puppet master”. I know that my life would be easy if at first I read what I wrote years ago, before start to write new, but in that case I lose feeling of surprise from my previous work. I changed absolutely all connections in play, one thing that stayed the same - beginning with aquarium.

    Dead fishes is my repeated image. Doctor Freud, I have an explanation for that. In elementary school we have in class room aquarium. I was quiet girl, (yes, I was), diligent and teacher decided that I could take care of aquarium and not destroy it. Little landing net with dead gold fishes was my daily nightmare. It supposed to brought love to nature or made person a necrophiliac. I think because of this I haven’t any pets at home and don’t like herbariums. So don’t be scared, dead fish is not a symbol, it’s just hard past of pedagogics' experiment.

    Back to play. Someday I’ll write that story which I didn’t finished before. Now I made new one. More about puppetry and less about curse. I start to write it on 16.10.2014, personal problems forced me to stop and at March 2015 I finished play. Of course, idea about Yorik came only after I wrote “Actor plays Hamlet”.

    At first I wanted to have classical Punch. I didn’t manage to buy one. I found pattern on-line and changed my mind.


    It would be my toy, exclusively made. If it deserves Yorik’s soliloquy, it merits individuality. Hamlet is always in my mind. So I made toy pathetic and formal. Not look like character of Commedia dell Arte. But his face need to be scary enough to acquaint him as Yorik.


    I read few frightening stories and books about marionettes which came alive and try to kill everybody. It was long ago. So I want to make some mystery, not the horror.

    Story of Pinocchio was adapted for Russian language and it was popular story of Burattini (Буратино). His father was Karl, I knew which name will have owner. Victim, puppet maker in hands of whom puppets became alive not on the stage, because his story is story of fairy-tale.

    I have adoration to puppet’s theatre. Of course, I played with dolls, but also have table theatre from paper. It has script written in book, but I liked to invent my own. Now I have props, mannequins and it is my work. I never think it will be my path.

    Information about dates and dolls I took from The History of the English Puppet theatre by George Speaight w.archive.org. It have to sound reliable, even inside invented story.

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