Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Stroke.


    Play Stroke.

    Creating of this play had a long process, near a year. Idea came to my mind 14 June 2014. I was writing one of children’s play and from nowhere I had a story about six man closed in changing room before tennis tournament. They try to find a murderer. Investigation in close room is more interesting than murder in close room. I had only one problem, I had no idea about rules of tennis.

    I made quick research and had in my mind date of publishing this play – 19 of July. Why? Tennis lovers knew, for everyone it’s 1877, end of Wimbledon championship.

    Two main border I had to made my idea came true. First, story about Hamlet, which very detailed is in Play after play. Actor plays Hamlet. I was busy with translating.

    Second was in my character. To me is easy to became avid fan. Wimbledon started and I watched matches. I became upset when team or player who I hoped will win in reality loose. Yes, I became fan of Roger Federer.

    This year I also will watch Wimbledon and I have no idea, who will prefer, so play written and upload before beginning of tournament. Why Wimbledon? Because all players are in white form. And I want to be in audience, my pure logic.

    Work on that play wasn’t easy, all tennis connected dialogues I wrote on Russian, because this books found at first. Than I have everything write anew, at the end used near 10 lines from first draft.

    I don’t want to say something bad about tennis, idea of suspect came to my mind after I read that some players could have blood on hands after game. I believe it must be painful, but fascinating to mystery story.

    Only when I read a lot about tennis I get rid of myth since childhood that coolest ball is electric yellow and fluffy. In reality it depends from courts, which ball to choose.

    I wanted to have six characters, than I need seven to make story smooth. It will be better if all actors would be dressed like tennis players to underline tournament spirit of the story.

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