Kateryna Aksonova. Play after play. You can speak English.


    You can speak English. became very personal play. Hope it would be enough for me to stop talking about learning English.

    At first I wanted to dedicate play to all English teachers which I met in life. Something like “To all English teachers, I forgive you. Than I thought it is too individual. Maybe, somewhere someone met nice teacher and not because of personal hard work know English. I don’t know, perhaps, as a consequence of that they know English pupils dislike teachers. Strange, but no one hate maths teachers for knowing maths.

    In that play I didn’t play describe my characters. Even their age. I could write usual story as: “My name is Kate. I’m 34 years old. Single, no children. I am 168 tall. Have dark brown, almost dark eyes. Have one head, two legs, two arms. I’m playwright. First meeting with English was when I was 7 years old. Since than learning English is my constant bad habit.” Informative, but better suitable for meeting of Anonymous Alcoholics.

    People on language courses are different. Age, colour of skin, sex everything doesn’t matter. I began to learn French with Chinese man, it was in Lviv.

    Main for my characters have to be their past experience in learning English. They have to be adults.

    I didn’t mention background of characters, more important for me how they learned English.

    Two times I said about profession. Medicine, when I talk about Fortunado. Why I make him magnificent helper? My granny was surgical nurse. I heard about medicine a lot and I didn’t scare of medical study-books. Granny wanted me to became a doctor. For me Latin language was more scaring than anatomy. I always believe in medics, as memory to my granny, in honour of whom I was named. (In bad weather I rode my four-wheel bike at flat).


    Second mention of profession it’s Domnica. IT. Why? I have in my life IT-engineer who I love with my whole heart. Mummy.

    In childhood I believed that I’ll have a normal profession, like mummy. IT-persons always were around me. Even on parents wedding witnesses were – IT-engineer and IT-programmer, mother’s and father’s friends. Like all children of friends I think I choose one of that professions.

    I became philologist. It was unusual, especially if children of parent’s friends already teach on IT-faculty which finished. People around me always read a lot, for them was great entertainment to ask what I learn on journalistic. Very popular and recreational was to read content of my study-books.

    I listen a lot of talks about IT, technology, science. Most of the time I feel myself as “Just smile and wave” (Penguins of Madagascar). But at the end of University I corrected myself and wrote degree work about Internet. It was read, also like fun, because hadn’t any IT-science value. All resigned.

    I also wanted to put in text retired military-man. Than change my mind. Examination of prisoner of war is not suitable in today situation in Ukraine.


    Don’t try to guess who I resemble. It’s favourite game of class-mates of my parents. They even have few unions: “Resemble Vera”, “Resemble Sergey” and “Resemble”. Sometimes it became tiresome, when in that game take part teachers of parents and me. We all finished the same school with difference in 26 years.

    A lot of talking about myself. Back to play. All this characters I met somehow or try to be myself. People with broken English, we have that in common.

    I made a happy-end and give characters knowledge of English. Of course, it’s fairy tale. Mastering language it’s daily work, which never will finish.

    I was laughing when I wrote this play. Sometimes laugh is best medicine. To be honest it’s sad story. Everybody know why we chose it. Good luck to all who suffer in learning English!

    Text of play - You can speak English.

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