Kate Aksonova. What is inside Father’s Christmas bag?

    idea 3.12.2015

    Night before Christmas, little cosy house with snow on the roof. Near house are two fir threes.


    Snowmen are in front of the house.

    First snowman is with broom, second snowman is with lantern.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Are you sure it’s today?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Yes, I am. I told you that a hundred times.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: I remember. But yesterday you said the same.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: One mistake could happen to everyone. Today is that night, no doubt.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: How do you know?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Children switched on my lantern.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: What for?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: To light for Father Christmas where is our house.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Is that light enough for not miss us?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Children checked, they knew better. It’s not their first Christmas. They had experience, not like you.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: It’s your first Christmas also.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: I am not sure. Maybe not first. Just I can’t remember previous. I had snow in my head, I can’t be certain about anything.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Tonight is Christmas, you said.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: It’s different. Don’t distract me with your talks. I am on duty, I’ll show the way to Father Christmas. Quiet. Heard it.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Another car. You are wrong like usual.


    Sound of bells away.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Father Christmas, I am here, we are here.

    Sound of bells close.


    Father Christmas lands on the top of chimney with a big red bag.

    Suddenly strong wind and Father Christmas falls on the fir tree.


    Bag at first stops him. Than puts him down and he falls on the snow, bag opens.


    FIRST SNOWMAN: Father Christmas arrived! Now we know Christmas is tonight.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Children said that he supposed to be inside house, not outside.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Yes. We try to help him.

    Snowmen turn Father Christmas on the back.


    SECOND SNOWMAN: Are you fine?

    FATHER CHRISTMAS: Yes, I am fine, my little reindeer.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: He is not fine.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Yes, we are snowmen.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Snow will help him to feel better.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: I hope so. What we will do?

    FIRST SNOWMAN: If it is your not first Christmas, you will propose an idea.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Fine. It is my first Christmas. I just had lantern and wanted to be more useful.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Yes, and lantern helps other to see what we did with Father Christmas.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: It was wind.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Who will believe us?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: We have to find something.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: What and where?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: In his bag, maybe we’ll find help there.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: We will try.

    Snowmen come to the bag and throw on snow everything from it.


    SECOND SNOWMAN: I hoped it will be something.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Yes. Only papers with letters.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Letters. Kids tried to teach us.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Do you remember something?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Not much. But together we could try.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: I know, I know this word.


    FIRST SNOWMAN: This “Hope”.


    SECOND SNOWMAN: Hope. I remember. Mother of kids asked for it. It’s our gift, not a problem that we open it.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Other words.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: “Love”. I know it. Milkman asked for it.


    FIRST SNOWMAN: What for it’s for him?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: It’s my first Christmas, how do I know.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: And what about this word? I believe that I know it.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: I also try to remember, so hard, that snow under my red little cap starts to melt.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: I remember, granny asked for it.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Are you sure?


    SECOND SNOWMAN: Than I know what is it. Granny needs “Health” with it she will walk faster without tiredness.


    FIRST SNOWMAN: Do you think it will help him?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: We need more papers with it. Look for “Health”.

    Snowmen check papers and put two with “Health” near Father Christmas.


    FATHER CHRISTMAS: Little snowmen, what happened?

    FIRST SNOWMAN: It works. It works.


    FATHER CHRISTMAS: Help me to stand up.

    Snowmen help Father Christmas to stand up.


    FATHER CHRISTMAS: Why I am on the ground?

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Wind was strong.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: And you fell.

    FATHER CHRISTMAS: I see. Why my bag is open?

    FIRST SNOWMAN: We look for help.

    FATHER CHRISTMAS: Health. Of course.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: We saw our gifts.


    SECOND SNOWMAN: Mother of kids needs Hope and granny waits Health.

    FATHER CHRISTMAS: They will receive everything. Now you’ll help me to put it back in the bag.


    FIRST SNOWMAN: We will.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Here is all.

    FATHER CHRISTMAS: Back to the chimney.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: It’s dangerous.

    FATHER CHRISTMAS: It’s my work. Help me.


    Father Christmas with help of snowmen climbs on the roof.

    FATHER CHRISTMAS: One more. I already reached it.


    Father Christmas is on the roof.


    FATHER CHRISTMAS: I made it.

    Father Christmas disappears in the chimney.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: What we will do next?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: I have no idea.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: We know what is inside Father’s Christmas bag.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Yes, we saw. Everything that people need.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: I think another snowmen will help him if something happened to Father Christmas again.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: I am sure about it.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: What wait for next?

    SECOND SNOWMAN: We will wait for morning, till kids tell us what Father Christmas brought them.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: But we know.

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Quiet. It’s our big secret.

    FIRST SNOWMAN: I understand, even if it is my first Christmas.

    Father Christmas is again near snowmen.


    FATHER CHRISTMAS: Each of you will receive new carrot, like you wished. I remember about everyone. Thank you for help, snowmen. Merry Christmas!

    FIRST SNOWMAN: Hurray. Merry Christmas!

    SECOND SNOWMAN: Hurray. Merry Christmas everyone!



    December 2015.

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