Kate Aksonova. Count your letters.



    Cecelia Mood – sergeant. From play Ghost of second husband.

    Ian Davies – police officer, inspector. From play Stroke.

    Felicity Davies – Ian Davies' wife.

    Theodore Davies – son of Ian and Felicity.

    Bernia Red – owner of the hotel. From play Body in the basement.

    Adalard Red – husband of Bernia, co-owner of the hotel. From play Body in the basement.

    Mark Smith – organizer of tournament.

    Krista Smith – Mark's wife.

    Daniel Richards – player of scrabble.

    Joe Boy – victim.

    Patricia Kendrick – Joe's girlfriend.

    Eva Edgar – winner of tournament.

    Raul Trevor – participant of tournament.

    Leonora (Leo) Trevor – Raul's wife.

    Nora Eikenboom – participant of tournament.

    Scene 1.

    Hotel lobby, looks like lodge in the country.

    Enters Adalard and Bernia Red.

    Adalard Red: Bernia, love till the rest of my life, I'm sure that I am not strong enough to find someone else...

    Bernia Red: What? My less dear, since that awful morning, Adalard.

    Adalard Red: Why I am not surprised that this happened in your hotel?

    Bernia Red: Our hotel!

    Adalard Red: I am glad that we didn't propose your... our basement for body.

    Bernia Red: It's crime scene.

    Adalard Red: When you thought that I was dead you prefered to bring me cold, not save crime scene.

    Bernia Red: You started to talk about that in the morning and I believed that you won't shut up till police came.

    Adalard Red: Who needed to suffocate him?

    Bernia Red: We bought new pillows only last month.

    Adalard Red: Is it important?

    Bernia Red: I think with old pillows murderer spend more time.

    Adalard Red: Practical woman, I adore you.

    Bernia Red: With police you also all the time will bring your comments.

    Adalard Red: Never, my love. Our story was connected with family, nothing criminal.

    Bernia Red: It could be suicide.

    Adalard Red: In that way, pure Joe Boy, he was inventive young man. To kill himself with pillow.

    Bernia Red: Fine, you could be calm like no one. Murder is under this roof.

    Adalard Red: I decided to marry you one more time. Why you believe that I will be afraid of some murderer?

    Bernia Red: I love you too.

    Adalard Red: Questionless.

    Scene 2.

    Enters Felicity Davies.

    Felicity Davies: Police will came any minute. I phoned to my husband.

    Bernia Red: Yes. This time not for such lovely occasion you both are here.

    Adalard Red: People need to work, not only your sentiments.

    Felicity Davies: Ten's anniversary of our marriage. When I read that tournament will take place here I couldn't refuse.

    Adalard Red: Theodore was not happy.

    Felicity Davies: I know. “Mother, you shouldn't go.” It was my decision. And in the end, with who he trained all this days. With me.

    Bernia Red: Second place.

    Adalard Red: Not first.

    Bernia Red: Adalard!

    Adalard Red: Yes, dear.

    Felicity Davies: I will meet Ian myself and explain him everything, than you will do whole to help police in investigation.

    Bernia Red: Sure, Felicity.

    Adalard Red: We will go.

    Adalard and Bernia Red exit.

    Scene 3.

    Felicity Davies: Ian will be here any minute. He didn't like that idea. Maybe, he will remember our anniversary. Now this hotel will have association with a murder. He all the time said, that didn't trust places where something didn't happened. Car!

    Scene 4.

    Enters Ian Davies.

    Ian Davies: Morning!

    Felicity Davies: Good morning, dear. I am glad that you will investigate. Did you come alone?

    Ian Davies: Sergeant Mood is still in the car. She is new and I asked her to wait awhile. What's going on?

    Felicity Davies: You receive our message.

    Ian Davies: Yes. Because of this I am here.

    Felicity Davies: Do you remember this place?

    Ian Davies: Our ten's anniversary still fresh in my mind.

    Felicity Davies: I am glad.

    Ian Davies: I am not.

    Felicity Davies: Ian?

    Ian Davies: What, Ian? It was your idea. “It's good idea, Ian. It's this hotel, Ian.”

    Felicity Davies: Theodore won second place.

    Ian Davies: I told you – better he choose chess.

    Felicity Davies: What's wrong with scrabble? If you play chess, everyone should play them.

    Ian Davies: I am not a tyrant, you know. Person, our son, could be free in what he prefers.

    Felicity Davies: And?

    Ian Davies: Tennis, squash, table tennis.

    Felicity Davies: What you play and prefer.

    Ian Davies: What's wrong that I want to spend more time with my boy?

    Felicity Davies: Theodore likes this.

    Ian Davies: Illegal tournament for scrabble.

    Felicity Davies: Private.

    Ian Davies: And how it ended?

    Felicity Davies: Second place is very good for first time.

    Ian Davies: Forget about this. It ended that now he is suspect of murder, like you, my dear. How about with your sweet feelings to hotel?

    Felicity Davies: You said you don't trust places where nothing happened.

    Ian Davies: You want to win...

    Felicity Davies: I just remind...

    Ian Davies: Two of suspects are from my family. What I should do now?

    Felicity Davies: Solve a crime as soon as possible.

    Ian Davies: Thank you for advice.

    Felicity Davies: Something else, officer.

    Ian Davies: How is Theodore?

    Felicity Davies: Shocked, like everyone else.

    Ian Davies: And...

    Felicity Davies: Joe Boy, victim, lost with him all three games.

    Ian Davies: You try to insist that Theodore hadn't a motive.

    Felicity Davies: And I hadn't a wish to kill unknown person, it's not in my character.

    Ian Davies: Should it make me more nervous or relaxed?

    Felicity Davies: I will try not to interrupt your professional work. I will call sergeant. In other case she will think that you help us to be clean from murder.

    Ian Davies: Too late. She already thinks so.

    Felicity Davies: Bernia with husband didn't kill him also.

    Ian Davies: Felicity!

    Felicity Davies: I just try to help police.

    Felicity exits.

    Scene 5.

    Enters Patricia Kendrick.

    Patricia Kendrick: Are you from police?

    Ian Davies: Ian Davies. Can I help you? You are?

    Patricia Kendrick: Patricia Kendrick. Joe's girlfriend.

    Ian Davies: My sincere condolences.

    Patricia Kendrick: They told me that when you came, I could see him.

    Ian Davies: It wasn't you who found a body.

    Patricia Kendrick: No.

    Ian Davies: Sorry. I just thought...

    Patricia Kendrick: That someone killed Joe when I was asleep near him...

    Ian Davies: I didn't say that.

    Patricia Kendrick: After game. Game which he failed, he spends... spend whole night repeating it step by step. Post mortal, they name it.

    Ian Davies: How?

    Patricia Kendrick: Like in chess. Counting every letter, he always has... had good notes and on his board repeat it dozens of times. At that moment no one was necessary. And I was in my room. Owner of hotel found him.

    Ian Davies: I see. When it will be possible, police let you to see him. Your opinion will be necessary to check if something missing or added in the room.

    Patricia Kendrick: For robbery better will be Eva Edgar's room.

    Ian Davies: Why?

    Patricia Kendrick: She is winner. And Smith gave 50 thousands in cash as prize.

    Ian Davies: Huge money.

    Patricia Kendrick: It's intellectual casino. Didn't you know?

    Ian Davies: I.

    Patricia Kendrick: Davies? Theodore is your son.

    Ian Davies: Yes.

    Patricia Kendrick: And you didn't ask about prize of tournament.

    Ian Davies: It was his first turn.

    Patricia Kendrick: Not bad, as Joe said. On such tournaments Joe made money. Not on this.

    Ian Davies: Something went wrong.

    Patricia Kendrick: He was ready, like usual. But afterwards. He choose simple, nonsense words, he was not attentive. I all the time said to him “Count your letters”.

    Ian Davies: Did you find out a reason?

    Patricia Kendrick: No.

    Ian Davies: Any information.

    Patricia Kendrick: Joe insisted that not every tournament should be won, there are more important things.

    Ian Davies: Of course, he was right.

    Patricia Kendrick: It sounds appropriate. But for Joe most important was scrabble and every competition he planned to win.

    Ian Davies: Do you know why he changed his mind?

    Patricia Kendrick: I don't. Ask a killer, when find him.

    Ian Davies: I will ask. Him or her. Don't forget, you are also suspect.

    Patricia Kendrick: How could you?

    Ian Davies: It's my job.

    Patricia Kendrick runs in tears.

    Scene 6.

    Enter Cecelia Mood and Felicity Davies.

    Cecelia Mood: Experts group will be later. Bank robbery.

    Ian Davies: Did they escape?

    Cecelia Mood: Yes. They try to find clues.

    Ian Davies: Good. Work like in old mystery novels without experts help.

    Felicity Davies: If you want...

    Ian Davies: What, Felicity?

    Felicity Davies: You could start ask questions with me and Theodore, it will be faster and will be example of open work for everyone else.

    Cecelia Mood: Mrs Davies is right. In such circumstances.

    Ian Davies: I know what is right. I need to talk with person who found a body at first.

    Felicity Davies: I will call Bernia.

    Felicity Davies exits.

    Scene 7.

    Cecelia Mood: It's such special place for you.

    Ian Davies: Wife already informed you.

    Cecelia Mood: I think it's amazing.

    Ian Davies: In your file was mentioned that previous officer with whom you worked was too irrational in crime investigation. In this case two of suspects are my son and wife. Do you ready to quit?

    Cecelia Mood: I think they are too smart to make a crime on your territory.

    Ian Davies: Or stupid. No. I always told to Theodore, leave enemies which you beaten in past, don't spend time on them.

    Cecelia Mood: And revenge?

    Ian Davies: I don't believe in revenge. Every person who waited for revenge was disappointed in result. Revenge is cold dish. Like every cold dish it's tasteless and disgusting. Nothing to kill for.

    Cecelia Mood: It's one of all murders motives.

    Ian Davies: Money - yes, secrets – yes. But revenge. If you in life just once have fruit of revenge you never with no one would like to taste it again.

    Cecelia Mood: Because it wasn't worth waiting.

    Ian Davies: Yes. And it change your understanding of life. You could lost dear people.

    Cecelia Mood: Your personal experience?

    Ian Davies: Personal talk with one writer.

    Cecelia Mood: Money?

    Ian Davies: Yes.

    Cecelia Mood: Robbery?

    Ian Davies: We will find out. But money it's not only cash, and because of that we should be very attentive.

    Scene 8.

    Enters Bernia Red.

    Bernia Red: How many years pass and you are the same, Ian Devis.

    Ian Davies: You also are recognizable and like didn't pass all that years.

    Bernia Red: Polite man, he always tells sweet nonsense to old ladies, I like him for that.

    Ian Davies: Murder investigation.

    Bernia Red: Oh yes. Adalard already told that we could make this room, where is this pure Boy lies, make a haunted room.

    Cecelia Mood: Boy? I read that victim is 25 years old.

    Bernia Red: Joe Boy, it's how he is in my guest's list.

    Ian Davies: Joe Boy. 25 years everything is correct.

    Cecelia Mood: I am Cecilia Mood, sergeant. When you found a body?

    Bernia Red: Six fifteen in the morning. Should be in six five. But our coffee machine.

    Ian Davies: Why coffee machine?

    Bernia Red: At morning he drank four cups of coffee.

    Ian Davies: During morning.

    Bernia Red: Four cups one after another. But he should had them at once.

    Ian Davies: And with tray you open the door.

    Cecelia Mood: And pour all coffee on the floor.

    Bernia Red: No. I put coffee on the table. Than came to bed. Pour coffee! You know how expensive is to clean such carpet.

    Ian Davies: Bernia, why you came near bed?

    Cecelia Mood: Was something unusual?

    Bernia Red: He was quiet.

    Cecelia Mood: He was dead.

    Bernia Red: Who could predict?

    Ian Davies: And usually he wasn't quiet.

    Bernia Red: He told that smell of coffee wakes him up.

    Cecelia Mood: And when you came closer to bed...

    Bernia Red: He was cold.

    Cecelia Mood: Something missing, something add in the room.

    Bernia Red: His letters wasn't on the purse, not all.

    Cecelia Mood: Which letters?

    Ian Davies: Scrabble. They are on every armchair, when your son have dozens of identical boards. I once found it on the cup of tea.

    Cecelia Mood: Which letter?

    Ian Davies: “A.” If it's such important for our investigation. Usually it’s “A”.

    Bernia Red: He had them in purse. Now they were on table, on board.

    Cecelia Mood: Did you touch it?

    Bernia Red: Touched and played three games with Adalard on this board when we wait for your appearance.

    Cecelia Mood: It's standard question.

    Bernia Red: I closed the door on key. And one secret lock.

    Cecelia Mood: Secret lock?

    Bernia Red: Don't you believe that we have only key which we give to quests for every door.

    Cecelia Mood: I...

    Bernia Red: I am... no matter how many years have a hotel. I know what to do.

    Ian Davies: And after.

    Bernia Red: I woke up Felicity, because she will call you.

    Cecelia Mood: It was such important.

    Bernia Red: We are lonely hotel. Private. No one want to spend all day here as work. There aren't entertainment. Last year I have a robbery. I wait for three days.

    Cecelia Mood: And...

    Bernia Red: Someone escaped from prison, so robberies wasn't a priority.

    Cecelia Mood: How do you found out that he was killed, struggled by pillow?

    Bernia Red: I found a clue.

    Cecelia Mood: Which one? Could you describe it?

    Bernia Red: Pillow was on his face and he didn't breath, such way I found a clue.

    Cecelia Mood: I understand, you didn't touch it to check a breathing?

    Bernia Red: No.

    Cecelia Mood: Did anyone else enter room?

    Ian Davies: My wife?

    Bernia Red: No. No one.

    Cecelia Mood: Thank you, you were very helpful.

    Bernia Red: Find a murder under that roof, and you will be helpful also. Do you want to talk with my husband?

    Ian Davies: Did he also saw a body?

    Bernia Red: No. But Joe refused to play with him in checkers yesterday's evening.

    Cecelia Mood: And you suspect your husband?

    Bernia Red: No. Why? I know that he will be terribly disappointed if police doesn't see him as suspect. In our age we are out of entertainment.

    Cecelia Mood: At first we will see crime scene.

    Bernia Red: As you wish, I will show you. And after it, Ian your favourite tea.

    Cecelia Mood: Do you have a favourite tea? At work is only coffee machine.

    Ian Davies: It's favourite Felicia's tea. I just haven't choice. Bernia, yes. Please.

    Scene 9.

    Enters Eva Edgar.

    Eva Edgar: Are you from police?

    Bernia Red: Sergeant Mood and inspector Davies.

    Ian Davies: Can we help you?

    Eva Edgar: I am Eva Edgar and I was robbed.

    Bernia Red: In my hotel!

    Ian Davies: When you realize that?

    Cecelia Mood: Did you heard about murder?

    Eva Edgar: Yes, I heard about Joe. But I was robbed. 50 thousands in cash.

    Bernia Red: A lot of money, big purse.

    Ian Davies: When you found out?

    Eva Edgar: Few minutes ago.

    Bernia Red: When you last time saw money?

    Ian Davies: It's work of police. Please, answer the question.

    Eva Edgar: When I received them as prize.

    Cecelia Mood: Last time when you count them...

    Eva Edgar: I didn't count them. I wished to do it only now. Just not to think about Joe.

    Bernia Red: And you have no idea, if they were on place at night.

    Eva Edgar: No one entered my room.

    Ian Davies: Fine. Sergeant Mood will came with you to check robbery. I will be on murder's scene.

    Cecelia Mood: Yes, sir.

    All exit.

    Scene 10.

    From contrary sides of stage enter Felicity Davies and Adalard Red.

    Adalard Red: Curiousity?

    Felicity Davies: When such things happened.

    Adalard Red: The same. You had such a smart son.

    Felicity Davies: You said it because he agre to play with you in checkers.

    Adalard Red: Yes, he won, admit. I just remind that we were together at the evening. In case of alibi.

    Felicity Davies: Why Theodore would need an alibi? Of course, he will check it, like everyone.

    Adalard Red: Except one person.

    Felicity Davies: Who?

    Adalard Red: Murderer.

    Felicity Davies: I think killer will need it in first place.

    Scene 11.

    Enters Daniel Richards.

    Daniel Richards: Morning, everyone. Owner, where is my coffee?

    Adalard Red: Still in coffee machine.

    Daniel Richards: Hope so. But I never get up till noon. Today is such a noise.

    Adalard Red: It's reasonable.

    Daniel Richards: Why?

    Adalard Red: When such things happens.

    Felicity Davies: He doesn't know.

    Daniel Richards: What?

    Adalard Red: Joe Boy was murdered.

    Felicity Davies: Eva Edgar was robbed.

    Daniel Richards: And all that happened when I was asleep. Tell me everything.

    Adalard Red: At first murder.

    Felicity Davies: But I guess everything connected.

    Daniel Richards: Are you sure?

    Felicity Davies: Should be.

    Scene 12.

    Enter Mark and Krista Smith, after them Robert and Leo Trevor.

    Krista Smith: It's just impossible. If they are police...

    Robert Trevor: Morning. Do you know what's going on?

    Daniel Richards: Murder, money stolen.

    Adalard Red: Coffee?

    Mark Smith: Yes, please.

    Krista Smith: They search our rooms.

    Robert Trevor: We were with Leo and this...

    Leo Trevor: We haven't time to dress properly.

    Daniel Richards: They search for murder's weapon.

    Adalard Red: He was suffocated by pillow.

    Leo Trevor: They search for cash from prize.

    Daniel Richards: Maybe Joe startled thief.

    Felicity Davies: What thief did in his room?

    Robert Trevor: Joe could be killed somewhere else.

    Daniel Richards: And only later...

    Scene 13.

    Enters Nora Eikenboom and Theodore Davies.

    Theodore Davies: How you could complain, if he is my father and he searched in my room.

    Mark Smith: Police officer is your father. Of course, the same surname - Davies.

    Felicity Davies: Yes and my husband. Sergeant already searched my room. It should be done such way.

    Theodore Davies: But he shouldn't.

    Krista Smith: What?

    Theodore Davies: It doesn't matter.

    Adalard Red: So, suspects,what would you like for breakfast.

    Mark Smith: Like usual.

    Nora Eikenboom: Pure Patricia.

    Krista Smith: Oh!

    Leo Trevor: She need support.

    Daniel Richards: But she is first in line of suspects.

    Robert Trevor: And robbery?

    Scene 14.

    Enters Cecilia Mood.

    Cecilia Mood: Please, everyone stay calm. We will talk with each of you later.

    Nora Eikenboom: Did you find what you look for?

    Felicity Davies: Police not usually answers on that questions.

    Theodore Davies: Do you mean, father not usually responds at your questions.

    Adalard Red: Do you need special place?

    Cecilia Mood: Your wife is already works on that. We will be here and if you please return to your rooms.

    Nora Eikenboom: That's it. And now we are safe.

    Felicity Davies: Police is here.

    Theodore Davies: You should listen to them, without complaining.

    Mark Smith: It's my first tournament and such activity.

    Daniel Richards: Cash for someone was seductive. Did you find it?

    Cecelia Mood: Will you please return to your rooms? Please!

    Krista Smith: When you will give back keys of cars?

    Cecelia Mood: When first part of investigation will finish.

    Scene 15.

    Enter Ian Davies and Bernia Red.

    Ian Davies: Sergeant, why everyone didn't return to their rooms?

    Cecelia Mood: I told them.

    Bernia Red: What to do with breakfast?

    Adalard Red: We are still a hotel.

    Ian Davies: Fine, prepare breakfast and gave everyone opportunity to eat, in their rooms.

    Felicity Davies: Bernia, I am sorry for all that troubles.

    Theodore Davies: It's police work, not troubles.

    Ian Davies: When everyone returns to rooms, Theodore Davies, stay for conversation with police.

    Theodore Davies: Yes, officer.

    Adalard Red: What happens in world?

    Mark Smith: Come, dear. We need a rest.

    Exit everyone except Ian Davies, Theodore Davies and Cecilia Mood.

    Scene 16.

    Theodore Davies: Only I think, it's ridiculous.

    Ian Davies: I agree with you. But it was your choice.

    Theodore Davies: My choice, to which you never agree, won't you.

    Cecelia Mood: Should I leave, officer?

    Ian Davies: It's work, just work.

    Theodore Davies: I didn't kill Joe Boy and I didn't steal money from Eva Edgar. More questions?

    Cecelia Mood: Where were you?

    Theodore Davies: Whole night?

    Ian Davies: Why whole night?

    Theodore Davies: Experts didn't arrive yet and it's difficult for you to say exactly time of death. Especially time of robbery, if you didn't find a cash.

    Ian Davies: We found money.

    Theodore Davies: You know thief.

    Cecelia Mood: Mr. Davies!

    Theodore Davies: Which one?

    Cecelia Mood: Officer.

    Ian Davies: Yes, suspects know about money. Cash didn't help us.

    Theodore Davies: Because this two crimes connected.

    Cecelia Mood: Why?

    Theodore Davies: Let me see. You reveal to me that found money. Eva didn't jump happily. Police didn't mind that everyone return to their room. You know where is cash, nobody is arrested.

    Cecelia Mood: Conclusion?

    Theodore Davies: You found money in room of Joe Boy. He is dead, he had money. Everything stay in crime scene. Without particular time of death you can't say could he at first rob, or thief put money to victim's room, because something went wrong.

    Ian Davies: I suggest you go and work in police. I even gave you money to law school. He is such smart.

    Cecelia Mood: You are absolutely correct in your thinking or...

    Theodore Davies: Main suspect, I predict. But I was in one step to won this money and it's not best among cash private tournaments. I could assume, I recognize what will do police. No way.

    Cecelia Mood: Thank you, we will ask you later, if will be necessary.

    Ian Davies: Yes, dear.

    Theodore Davies: You don't have more what to ask. I have what to mention.

    Cecelia Mood: We have another suspects.

    Ian Davies: Let him speak.

    Theodore Davies: Scrabble, you shouldn't do it.

    Cecelia Mood: What?

    Theodore Davies: To take away letters. In room of victim some letters are missing, or added, everyone noticed that.

    Cecelia Mood: Thank you.

    Theodore Davies: Second - money.

    Ian Davies: What about money?

    Theodore Davies: I think it's not a coincidence that money were in his room. It's not proper place to hide. It's like a message to you to find it. Or money took Joe Boy himself and murderer haven't idea about it.

    Ian Davies: Police will investigate it. Now, back to your room.

    Theodore Davies: Like with five year’s old...

    Theodore Davies exits.

    Scene 17.

    Cecelia Mood: Is boy really such smart, like sounds?

    Ian Davies: He is logophile.

    Cecelia Mood: Could be.

    Ian Davies: He loves words. Logophiles love words.

    Cecelia Mood: Officer.

    Ian Davies: He reads a lot. He read all my books from police academy, everything what I prepared for tests. He won't be a lawyer.

    Cecelia Mood: Why?

    Ian Davies: Didn't want to be inside other person's struggles all life.

    Cecelia Mood: How about justice?

    Ian Davies: He believes that everything depends on good lawyer.

    Cecelia Mood: We returned to beginning.

    Ian Davies: Yes. What do you think about idea with money?

    Cecelia Mood: It could be accident, could be purpose.

    Ian Davies: Murderer took pillow which was on top.

    Cecelia Mood: Didn't check that third, on the bottom, was pillowcase with cash.

    Ian Davies: Why he stayed with money?

    Cecelia Mood: It’s complicate. If Joe was burglar he could just wait till everyone fell asleep.

    Ian Davies: Especially owners of hotel.

    Cecelia Mood: He lost tournament, he could pretend that need time in solitude.

    Ian Davies: I noticed, his window is above the roof of garage.

    Cecelia Mood: His car was outside, like few others.

    Ian Davies: Opportunities, too many.

    Cecelia Mood: Now we will talk with victim's girlfriend. Could she know something?

    Ian Davies: I already exchanged few words with her.

    Cecelia Mood: Was so bad?

    Ian Davies: We have to.

    Cecelia Mood: I'll bring her.

    Cecelia Mood exits.

    Scene 18.

    Enters Adalard Red.

    Adalard Red: Your smart boy could be right.

    Ian Davies: In what?

    Adalard Red: Murderer didn't know about cash.

    Ian Davies: How do you know?

    Adalard Red: But girlfriend could suspect something if she visited him in evening.

    Ian Davies: Do you have working cameras in corridors?

    Adalard Red: The same question police asked Bernia when, when prisoner escaped.

    Ian Davies: And what about observation?

    Adalard Red: Bernia answered that we work with good people and don't need to control them. I agree with her.

    Ian Davies: Fine. Why girlfriend could suspect something?

    Adalard Red: Joe asked Bernia for one more pillow.

    Ian Davies: And?

    Adalard Red: The day before he complained that in the room are too many pillows.

    Ian Davies: He was ready for cash, but have no idea where to put it.

    Adalard Red: Stolen pillow it's nothing unusual.

    Ian Davies: You guess where was a cash.

    Adalard Red: Have no idea. I just carefully listen to you. But it's not enough place. Pillowcase?

    Ian Davies: It's confident information.

    Adalard Red: He knew, that won't win, but was ready to receive money. I will advice you to speak with Eva Edgar.

    Ian Davies: Why?

    Adalard Red: She won money. She was robbed. And in the end she will receive money back. Joe will look like he stole them. She made everything and returned money.

    Ian Davies: Are you sure?

    Adalard Red: Who knows which ideas are inside head of smart woman in despair?

    Ian Davies: Why in despair?

    Adalard Red: Do you think she planned murder in advance?

    Ian Davies: Work of police is to investigate it. Thank you for help Mr.Red. Some coffee, if you please.

    Adalard Red: I will tell Bernia.

    Adalard Red exits.

    Scene 19.

    Ian Davies: How smart everyone are and how suspicious.

    For first glance, letters E, Z, H, and M, were put in his mouth after death. That it will look like something worthy. Or this is just coincident and were grabbed letters without look. They didn’t make sense or word. If we will tell suspects about that, we'll be drown by their ideas.

    Scene 20.

    Enter Cecelia Mood and Patricia Kendrick.

    Cecelia Mood: Sir.

    Ian Davies: I am glad that you didn’t resist to talk.

    Patricia Kendrick: Could I do something else?

    Cecelia Mood: No. Sir, Smith, organizer of tournament, wants to talk with you next.

    Ian Davies: I think it's possible.

    Patricia Kendrick: Did you find a killer?

    Cecelia Mood: During investigation...

    Ian Davies: We didn't arrest anyone.

    Patricia Kendrick: I am main suspect.

    Ian Davies: What situation had your boyfriend with money?

    Patricia Kendrick: Not good, you could check it in bank. He tried to find a sponsor, but it didn't work. This tournament was important for him. I have no idea, why he was so inattentive.

    Cecelia Mood: We found money in his room.

    Patricia Kendrick: I didn't check his pockets. I can't tell you if there left less than was.

    Ian Davies: You wrong interpret sergeant’s words.

    Patricia Kendrick: She could tell clear.

    Cecelia Mood: We found fifty thousands, in cash in his room.

    Patricia Kendrick: Money of the winner?

    Cecelia Mood: Or exactly the same amount of money in cash.

    Ian Davies: Did you know about that?

    Patricia Kendrick: Joe didn't discussed that with me, all I could tell.

    Cecelia Mood: Are you confident?

    Ian Davies: Did you plan to spend that night with him?

    Patricia Kendrick: How dare you?

    Cecelia Mood: Answer to officer’s question.

    Ian Davies: Please.

    Patricia Kendrick: At first, yes. I even bring pillows. He, he slept without pillows, he used to live like that since...

    Cecelia Mood: Since what?

    Patricia Kendrick: Joe was adopted.

    Cecelia Mood: Is it important?

    Ian Davies: At which age?

    Patricia Kendrick: He was ten or twelve years. They took him and after it was all long procedure.

    Cecelia Mood: How it's connected with pillows?

    Ian Davies: He wasn't an orphan.

    Patricia Kendrick: Wasn't. Mother planned to marry one more time. He remembered her. She puts his favourite toy under pillow and when she left him, he doesn't need pillows anymore... Why he took money?

    Cecelia Mood: How he took money?

    Ian Davies: Did Joe knew someone among participants?

    Patricia Kendrick: Do you think that he and Eva...

    Cecelia Mood: We asked you.

    Ian Davies: Why you mentioned Eva?

    Patricia Kendrick: She won money.

    Ian Davies: And one more?

    Patricia Kendrick: It's unbelievable that she triumphed.

    Cecelia Mood: Why?

    Patricia Kendrick: At first game, it was Joe with Eva. He didn't give her a chance and from nowhere...

    Cecelia Mood: She paid him for her winning.

    Patricia Kendrick: Probably no. All others game he lost. I advise him... I told him... Count your letters... (sobbing) Count your letters...

    Ian Davies: Better return to your room.

    Scene 21.

    Enters Bernia Red.

    Bernia Red: I prepared chamomile tea, you need to rest, Patricia. Officers, I will take care of her.

    Bernia Red and Patricia Kendrick exit.

    Scene 22.

    Cecelia Mood: Is it possible to pay for winning?

    Ian Davies: Everything is. But not in this case.

    Cecelia Mood: Why?

    Ian Davies: We need to remember about other participants of tournament.

    Cecelia Mood: Yes, she should pay everyone and it will be without sense.

    Ian Davies: About money we will ask Mark Smith.

    Scene 23.

    Enter Mark and Krista Smith.

    Mark Smith: We saw that owner of hotel was with that girl and we without hesitation...

    Krista Smith: End with it as soon as possible.

    Cecelia Mood: Please, take seats.

    Ian Davies: How long did you know a victim?

    Mark Smith: In person, few days.

    Krista Smith: Only on this tournament.

    Cecelia Mood: And his girlfriend?

    Mark Smith: The same. Did you found a money?

    Ian Davies: What you think about Patricia Kendrick, girlfriend of Joe Boy.

    Mark Smith: Nothing.

    Krista Smith: She can't keep her emotions to herself.

    Ian Davies: If you would explain.

    Mark Smith: She was nervous.

    Krista Smith: We need to insisted that she leave the room of tournament.

    Cecelia Mood: Why?

    Ian Davies: We check every detail.

    Krista Smith: When Joe start to loose and choose simple words, words with less score... She all the time repeated “Count your letters, count you letters”. It was distracting for other participants. Like I presume, officer, your wife...

    Ian Davies: Felicity.

    Mark Smith: Yes. You have a smart boy.

    Ian Davies: I can’t argue.

    Krista Smith: Felicity was also nervous, but she was quiet, even when in final won this Eva Edgar.

    Mark Smith: Maybe, we weren't prepared for everything.

    Krista Smith: It's our first private tournament.

    Cecelia Mood: Why you do it?

    Mark Smith: We propose more money.

    Ian Davies: Why?

    Mark Smith: It's our way to give sponsor’s help.

    Krista Smith: To attend all tournaments all over the world people need money.

    Mark Smith: They not always won.

    Krista Smith: We gave money for different people.

    Mark Smith: It was Krista's idea.

    Cecelia Mood: To start a tournament?

    Krista Smith: To support people who plays scrabble. We with Mark are wealthy people. Mark is.

    Mark Smith: I don't believe in charity. After three years, when everyone who received our help even didn't enter to final. I told – I want to spend money on the best.

    Krista Smith: My parents play in scrabble. I played in it all time. Instead of dolls I had scrabble board.

    Mark Smith: All our children play scrabble. I haven't excuse.

    Krista Smith: And Mark made this contest. Not for charity, but for best potential players.

    Ian Davies: Is Eva Edgar leading?

    Mark Smith: She won, she is.

    Krista Smith: She lost her first game with Joe. Joe showed himself like outstanding player at start. At first game he used “Quizzify”. 419 points. Theodoro used “Quartzy”, 164 points in second game.

    Mark Smith: Wasn't it in the same game, dear.

    Krista Smith: We have one Q in scrabble, dear.

    Mark Smith: Because of this I never play scrabble with her.

    Ian Davies: In your opinion, why Joe stole money from Eva's room.

    Mark Smith: What? I have no idea.

    Krista Smith: You found a money.

    Cecelia Mood: In Joe's room.

    Mark Smith: It's impossible. He is dead.

    Krista Smith: Where?

    Cecelia Mood: He could took cash when he still was alive.

    Mark Smith: Of course. But it's impossible.

    Krista Smith: Did his girlfriend connect with it?

    Ian Davies: Why you ask?

    Krista Smith: Because she didn't arrest. She should be involved, shouldn’t she?

    Cecelia Mood: For now it's too early...

    Mark Smith: Money should be return to Eva Edgar, winner, without doubts.

    Krista Smith: Don't be ridiculous, it's evidence for now.

    Ian Davies: You are correct. And we will check fingerprints.

    Krista Smith: You will find there mine, Mark's, Eva's, Joe's.

    Cecelia Mood: Why his?

    Krista Smith: If he assigned it. Or cash was still in the box.

    Ian Davies: Box still is in Eva's room.

    Krista Smith: In this situation I'm right.

    Ian Davies: Did Joe ask for money before?

    Mark Smith: He won our on-line tournament to take part in this.

    Krista Smith: We saw him only here, like everyone else.

    Ian Davies: Krista, do you still participate in tournaments?

    Krista Smith: Only as fan of my children. I try to check most results, daily learn new words. And members of this tournament not such famous, to me hear about them before.

    Ian Davies: When you plan next event?

    Mark Smith: I didn't plan.

    Krista Smith: Mark wanted to see how will perform winner and than choose if it worth it.

    Cecelia Mood: Someone else from partakers could...

    Mark Smith: Kill Joe and not stole money. If it's stupid person.

    Krista Smith: Mark!

    Mark Smith: What? I comment what I think. If someone killed Joe because he stole money, clever would be to look for money.

    Krista Smith: And where were money?

    Cecelia Mood: Hidden in his bed.

    Mark Smith: Under pillow?

    Krista Smith: Why?

    Ian Davies: Because all children hide something memorable under pillow.

    Krista Smith: I am sure it's unhealthy habit, toys could be dirty.

    Ian Davies: We can't spend more time on you. We have more people to talk.

    Mark Smith: It was private tournament, legal, but private...

    Cecelia Mood: We will try that this story won't be in newspapers.

    Mark Smith: I always believe that better to spend money on support of dancers.

    Krista Smith: Strippers not count.

    Mark Smith: It's the same charity.

    Krista Smith: We will talk in our room.

    Mark and Krista Smith exit.

    Scene 24.

    Cecelia Mood: Who will be next?

    Ian Davies: Nora Eikenboom.

    Cecelia Mood: Why she? Something suspicious?

    Ian Davies: I saw how she talked with my son. I want to know more about her.

    Cecelia Mood: Why? Sorry.

    Ian Davies: He won second place here, I promised to gave him money to the national championship.

    Cecelia Mood: You want that he will think about game.

    Ian Davies: I saw Nora’s name in list of his group. I want to find out what kind of player she is.

    Cecelia Mood: Yes, sir.

    Scene 25.

    Enters Daniel Richards.

    Daniel Richards: Sorry to interrupt. But no matter what, you will ask me now or later.

    Cecelia Mood: Can we help?

    Daniel Richards: Yes, you can. What's going on?

    Ian Davies: You are?

    Daniel Richards: Daniel Richards.

    Cecelia Mood: What do you want to know?

    Daniel Richards: Someone told murder, than robbery.

    Cecelia Mood: Both accidents are truth.

    Daniel Richards: Who killed Joe?

    Cecelia Mood: Robbery doesn't interesting for you.

    Daniel Richards: Person who wanted to kill Joe didn't need this money. It's unusual.

    Cecelia Mood: Why money wasn't on the play?

    Ian Davies: Why you convinced?

    Daniel Richards: Money were at Joes' room.

    Cecelia Mood: How? Why?

    Daniel Richards: You searched all rooms. You didn't arrest person for the robbery. One solution – robber is dead. Dead is Joe. Why person who killed him didn't need his cash?

    Ian Davies: How long you play scrabble?

    Daniel Richards: Since childhood. Kindergarten, first letters. I was terrible in them and someone suggested to parents.

    Ian Davies: Could you take a money?

    Daniel Richards: Definitely not. But I need this money.

    Ian Davies: For scrabble.

    Daniel Richards: I want to be first who put on board “Oxyphenbutazone”.

    Ian Davies: 1778 points.

    Cecelia Mood: Sir?

    Ian Davies: What? I have a Theodoro. It's Moby Dick for them.

    Daniel Richards: You son was not bad. “Quartzy”, 164 points

    Cecelia Mood: What about Joe?

    Daniel Richards: “Quizzify”, 419 points. I postulated that he will win.

    Cecelia Mood: He lost.

    Daniel Richards: He was nervous.

    Cecelia Mood: Because of his girlfriend.

    Daniel Richards: What is with his girlfriend?

    Cecelia Mood: She was noisy.

    Ian Davies: Didn't you notice?

    Daniel Richards: I had notes of games, I think, I don't notice anyone. It called concentration.

    Ian Davies: Why you said that Joe was nervous?

    Daniel Richards: He used in most games two letters words.

    Cecelia Mood: And only this?

    Daniel Richards: We learn them at first place. I use them when visualize something else.

    Cecelia Mood: He could plan robbery.

    Daniel Richards: He could win them without robbery, if he thought about game. I will tell you about every participant, I just need my notes from game.

    Ian Davies: We will do it a little bit later. You will need time to analyse games by players.

    Daniel Richards: You are right. I will start to do it now.

    Cecelia Mood: Should I call Nora Eikenboom?

    Ian Davies: Would be good.

    Cecelia Mood and Daniel Richards exit.

    Scene 26.

    Cecelia Mood and Nora Eikenboom enter.

    Cecelia Mood: Nora.

    Nora Eikenboom: I didn't kill Joe.

    Ian Davies: Fine, we just talk. Why you take part in this tourney?

    Nora Eikenboom: You already checked that I don't need money.

    Ian Davies: Other reasons?

    Nora Eikenboom: To see potential contestants. Not all, but best.

    Cecelia Mood: And what you think?

    Nora Eikenboom: They are inattentive and too many time spend on thinking about words.

    Ian Davies: You are different.

    Nora Eikenboom: I lost to Eva because she, on luck, had two ten. In final she put ten, one, one, ten.

    Cecelia Mood: Quiz.

    Nora Eikenboom: Correct. Before that, on first game, best my game here I had – ten, one, one, one, one, ten.

    Cecelia Mood: Quartz.

    Ian Davies: Cecilia, are you speak scrabble?

    Cecelia Mood: A little. I was best in school, at University, in police station...

    Nora Eikenboom: Two last games, I had eight, one, five, four and eight, one, five, one, four.

    Ian Davies: And...

    Cecelia Mood: Joky and Jokey.

    Nora Eikenboom: Exactly.

    Ian Davies: Why numbers?

    Nora Eikenboom: I am accountant. I remember numbers which made words, not meaning and their sequence. It takes less time to figure out what I need. I didn't spend time on proper spelling of words, I never wrong. All depends on numbers which you receive or letters it's for you more usual.

    Ian Davies: Which player was Joe?

    Nora Eikenboom: Who could kill him for the game? Everyone, he was boring, what he did with great numbers. Three, four, than one, eight and finished with eight, one.

    Cecelia Mood: By, ox, xi.

    Ian Davies: How?

    Cecelia Mood: Two letters words with heigh score, it's basic.

    Nora Eikenboom: He estimated something else.

    Ian Davies: Any ideas?

    Nora Eikenboom: Even if he was short of money, he don't care about that during game.

    Ian Davies: Your ideas. Who could kill him?

    Nora Eikenboom: I think he was planning to make some action or tell something.

    Ian Davies: Why?

    Nora Eikenboom: He all the time shuffled his letters.

    Cecelia Mood: It could be to find new word.

    Nora Eikenboom: No. He used most awful combination, he rearranged thoughts.

    Ian Davies: Do you think he found solution of problem?

    Nora Eikenboom: No.

    Cecelia Mood: Why you are so sure?

    Ian Davies: He lost games.

    Nora Eikenboom: Yes. This idea still was on his mind.

    Ian Davies: Could he stole money?

    Nora Eikenboom: Cash from bank. Difficult to trace. Smith choose small denominations.

    Ian Davies: How do you assume, why?

    Nora Eikenboom: Lot of cash looks impressive.

    Ian Davies: Could Joe thought about robbery?

    Nora Eikenboom: He could win, at first game he was impressive.

    Ian Davies: Thank you for your time.

    Nora Eikenboom exits.

    Scene 27.

    Cecelia Mood: If one more person will insist that for Boy was easy to won money, than stole them, I start to believe in suicide.

    Ian Davies: Why?

    Cecelia Mood: You have other ideas.

    Ian Davies: I need more time to figure out everything.

    Cecelia Mood: You plan to wait for confessions.

    Ian Davies: No. We are in police and we need to know everything before making conclusions.

    Cecelia Mood: Problem that in this case too many families. Sir, I didn't mean...

    Ian Davies: That I can't see clear what's going on. Bring Trevors here.

    Cecelia Mood: Mr Davies, I...

    Ian Davies: We need to finish our work.

    Scene 28.

    Enter Raul and Leo Trevor.

    Raul Trevor: I and Leo are last with whom you didn't speak.

    Leo Trevor: And we came here.

    Ian Davies: For how long do you play in scrabble?

    Leo Trevor: Years.

    Cecelia Mood: Why in tournament take part only Mr Trevor?

    Raul Trevor: We haven't choice.

    Leo Trevor: Yes. In other way we should play with each other.

    Ian Davies: And it's unprofessional.

    Raul Trevor: She is cheating.

    Leo Trevor: He is cheating.

    Cecelia Mood: In scrabble?

    Leo Trevor: He invents words.

    Raul Trevor: She count her grammar errors as different way of British and American spelling.

    Leo Trevor: You just can't agree that I won.

    Ian Davies: How do you met?

    Raul Trevor: During game of scrabble.

    Leo Trevor: He proved me all night that I was wrong and such words didn't exist.

    Raul Trevor: As prove she proposed me to show vocabulary.

    Leo Trevor: In one word I was right.

    Cecelia Mood: And in others?

    Raul Trevor: I excuse to her others and since that time we are together.

    Ian Davies: Strong feelings.

    Leo Trevor: Yes. To my husband, Raul, from the first sight I feel the same what he felt for me.

    Ian Davies: Love?

    Raul Trevor: We didn't trust each other. It was basic of our relationships.

    Ian Davies: And?

    Leo Trevor: We get married.

    Raul Trevor: I try to trust Leo, she also try to trust me.

    Ian Davies: How is going?

    Leo Trevor: Now we are united in love for our baby.

    Ian Davies: Which player was Joe?

    Raul Trevor: Concentrated.

    Leo Trevor: Even with girlfriend which whispered, said, hysterically repeated “Count your letters”.

    Cecelia Mood: But he played bad.

    Leo Trevor: Yes, but he was thinking about something and concentrated on it, not at game.

    Ian Davies: Why you choose tournament? Problems with money?

    Raul Trevor: Scrabble it's hobby. I searched easy money. I don't want to play on money which we prepared to university for our child.

    Ian Davies: How old is baby?

    Leo Trevor: Two years and three month.

    Cecelia Mood: Did Joe look like he plan a robbery?

    Raul Trevor: I have no idea which impression it should be on face. Leo?

    Leo Trevor: Why you convinced I should know it better?

    Raul Trevor: You insist that everything know better.

    Leo Trevor: I didn't experience.

    Ian Davies: But?

    Leo Trevor: What if he just had that opportunity and couldn't resist?

    Cecelia Mood: Of what?

    Leo Trevor: When Krista Smith asked Joe help her to bring box with money to Eva's room.

    Ian Davies: Seduction of money.

    Cecelia Mood: Why it wasn't done by Mark Smith?

    Raul Trevor: He was drank.

    Ian Davies: And you?

    Leo Trevor: Raul also was tired.

    Ian Davies: Was Eva with them?

    Leo Trevor: Definitely, yes.

    Ian Davies: Could Eva gave money to him?

    Raul Trevor: Did she pay for what?

    Leo Trevor: She won money, she wished them.

    Ian Davies: Did you know someone from tournament?

    Leo Trevor: I talked with Felicity, your wife, like I understand.

    Ian Davies: Theodore is my son.

    Leo Trevor: We chatted about habits of children and was unpleasant moment.

    Ian Davies: Which one?

    Raul Trevor: You are ready to make drama from everything, Leonora.

    Leo Trevor: Could be?

    Ian Davies: Please, tell.

    Raul Trevor: All attention on you, dear.

    Leo Trevor: Your wife will repeat to you the same. We talked about that children put their favourite toy with them in the bed.

    Ian Davies: Theodore had elephant. It's was daily tragedy.

    Leo Trevor: Joe heard this and told that mother also put his favourite toy under his pillow.

    Ian Davies: His girlfriend told to us the same.

    Cecelia Mood: What was unpleasant?

    Leo Trevor: We had tea and with us was Krista Smith. Joe asked her, if she put toys under her children's pillows. Krista answered that's unhealthy. Like we all live wrong.

    Ian Davies: Joe was adopted, after mother left him.

    Raul Trevor: Krista tried to spoil mood of probable winner.

    Leo Trevor: Why?

    Cecelia Mood: For someone else who could won.

    Raul Trevor: Eva?

    Ian Davies: Everyone said that she was weakest and then one excellent game after other.

    Raul Trevor: It could be with everyone. You start to feel the game later.

    Leo Trevor: I know that shy flower type.

    Ian Davies: We ready to listen.

    Cecelia Mood: Nothing to worry about.

    Leo Trevor: Yes. You played, sergeant, with them. First game she almost stupid. You want to gave her advices, protect her and she is not on place.

    Cecelia Mood: As soon as from result depends next level she show strategy, difficult combinations and didn't make mistakes.

    Raul Trevor: I played with Theodoro, he is smart, but too much in literature. He uses interesting words, but almost ignore suffixes and plurals, he will usually lost to people with strategy.

    Ian Davies: Thank you, I will tell him.

    Cecelia Mood: Who could kill Joe?

    Raul Trevor: Girlfriend?

    Leo Trevor: She was disappointed in him.

    Ian Davies: It's not the reason.

    Leo Trevor: She is girlfriend, not wife.

    Ian Davies: Thank you, you are free.

    Raul and Leo Trevor exit.

    Scene 29.

    Cecelia Mood: Now we should call Eva again to found more information.

    Ian Davies: We already have lot of information.

    Cecelia Mood: But experts not came yet.

    Ian Davies: I phoned, less than hour.

    Cecelia Mood: What do you propose, just wait?

    Ian Davies: I recommend to think.

    Cecelia Mood: Do you need few minutes to be alone?

    Ian Davies: Would be great.

    Cecelia Mood: Wonderful.

    Cecelia Mood exits.


    Scene 30.

    All are on stage except Cecilia Mood. Every character brings chair with himself/herself, sits in the circle. Last chair in the middle puts Ian Davies. On this chair sits Joe Boy. When everyone starts to talk above them is light. Noisy sound of ticking clock accompanied every end of speech line.

    Ian Davies: And now, Joe, it's your time to speak.

    Joe Boy: You saw my room, I have nothing to hide.

    Ian Davies: Fifty thousands in pillowcase.

    Joe Boy: They were given to me.

    Theodore Davies: He could won them by himself.

    Bernia Red: If he want he could rob Eva on the way home.

    Adalard Red: Bernian, stop to plot crimes.

    Ian Davies: Bernia has a reason.

    Adalard Red: Everything lost, now she will believe in it.

    Mark Smith: Cash is seductive.

    Patricia Kendrick: He was prepared to won that competition.

    Eva Edgar: If I am woman, I can't be smart.

    Raul Trevor: I play with my wife, most dangerous opponent.

    Leo Trevor: All depends on letters which to put on board.

    Joe Boy: If you want to know vis-a-vis better, choose two letters words and see how she or he will manage with it.

    Nora Eikenboom: Check only numbers, words could bring association and you will lost time.

    Ian Davies: You opened door to killer.

    Joe Boy: To person who I trust.

    Ian Davies: With whom you was ready to lay in bed?

    Patricia Kendrick: Joe wasn't with me.

    Raul Trevor: Leo makes drama from everything.

    Felicity Davies: It was unpleasant moment.

    Theodore Davies: Mother always tell about my early life to everyone.

    Joe Boy: I was adopted.

    Felicity Davies: Put favourite toy under pillow.

    Daniel Richards: Why killer didn't take money?

    Joe Boy: I didn't think where to put money.

    Ian Davies: I heard you Joe.

    Felicity Davies: It's not good, you know. In Halloween eve, yes, but during investigation.

    Bernia Red: He asked for another pillow.

    Krista Smith: Toys are dirty.

    Daniel Richards: A lot of cash.

    Joe Boy: With whom could I lay in bed?

    Nora Eikenboom: I didn't sleep with him.

    Eva Edgar: It's against my principles.

    Leo Trevor: Money for University.

    Joe Boy: You lost, detective.

    Ian Davies: I didn't pay attention.

    Theodore Davies: Money were in victim's room, if you searched in all others.

    Krista Smith: Money now are evidence.

    Ian Davies: Why you said Joe about toy?

    Felicity Davies: She wanted to make him upset.

    Ian Davies: Why him? Why not others participants?

    Joe Boy: Because I was adopted.

    Patricia Kendrick: He remembered mother.

    Ian Davies: It wasn't first time when someone say something about your mother.

    Nora Eikenboom: He wasn't ready.

    Ian Davies: Why?

    Bernia Red: Because thought about something else.

    Mark Smith: Krista taught children to play scrabble.

    Krista Smith: I hadn't dolls.

    Daniel Richards: You shuffle letters, officer, you can't see new word.

    Joe Boy: I was in bed, asleep.

    Ian Davies: Drowse.

    Theodore Davies: Mother always tell stories from my childhood.

    Leo Trevor: Love to baby united us.

    Ian Davies: Woman. Mother. Who checked your pillow, Joe?

    Felicity Davies: Don't even think, Ian.

    Bernia Red: If it was my son, I will gave him all money which have.

    Krista Smith: You can't put dirty toy under pillow.

    Ian Davies: Krista, you like control or had memories.

    Patricia Kendrick: I am Joe's girlfriend.

    Eva Edgar: I could be only his older sister.

    Leo Trevor: No. And only with police order I will tell you my age.

    Krista Smith: We are wealthy people.

    Ian Davies: Joe, who teach you to play scrabble? Who will lost more than fifty thousands?

    Light above all women, when Ian names them and says no, light off, stays only above one character in the end.

    Ian Davies: My wife, Felicity, you have an alibi – your character. I don't believe that you could be quiet, especially about son which you gave to adoption.

    Felicity Davies: You were such in love with me, that if I had children you could accept them all.

    Ian Davies: Leonora. No, even with your age. Your relationship with Raul. No, you couldn't kill your son. Could you think about took some money?

    Leo Trevor: No.

    Ian Davies: Maybe you are right. You won't give reason to Raul which prove that he was right when had doubts in you.

    Bernia Red: What about me?

    Ian Davies: Nice try. Bernia, don't prevent police work.

    Krista Smith: What?

    Ian Davies: If Joe is your son. Mark is wealthy, not you. You teach Joe to play scrabble.

    Krista Smith: Why kill?

    Ian Davies: You were afraid that only money as protection is not enough. He started from fifty thousands. You could charge him in robbery.

    Krista Smith: And change my mind?

    Ian Davies: You were angry, very angry. You took letters from the game board in the hall. You were outraged and didn’t notice, at first, that they were in your fist. And letters fell when you suffocated Joe... For everyone it will look like connected with scrabble and you put letters in his mouth.

    Krista Smith: Could I?

    Ian Davies: Too dangerous, he could start to talk.

    Krista Smith: You haven't prove.

    Joe Boy: Your blood could be evidence. Our blood.

    Ian Davies: Good. Now all out, I need to start investigation. I know motive, opportunity and weapon. Out! Long work is in front of me.

    Everyone leaves with their chairs. Ian is alone on the stage.


    Scene 31.

    Cecelia Mood enters.

    Cecelia Mood: Experts will be here in two minutes time.

    Ian Davies: Good.

    Cecelia Mood: Reasoning helped.

    Ian Davies: Always.

    Cecelia Mood: What we are looking for?

    Ian Davies: Blood.

    Cecelia Mood: Victim wasn't stabbed.

    Ian Davies: Blood which will match with victim’s blood.

    Cecelia Mood: You found a killer.

    Ian Davies: I found a motive, opportunity, weapon and main suspect.

    Cecelia Mood: And money.

    Ian Davies: It's connected.

    Police sirens.

    Cecelia Mood: Our job is finished.

    Ian Davies: It only begins.


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