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    idea 12.09.2015

    Scene 1.

    Giraffe and Elephant enter.

    GIRAFFE: Another sunny day. It’s good to be tall, I see everything.

    ELEPHANT: I like sunny hot days. It’s good to be big, everyone walks away from your path.

    GIRAFFE: Yes. It’s good to be big.

    Parrot is on the tree.

    PARROT: It’s not important to be big in life.

    GIRAFFE: Is it you, parrot?

    PARROT: Yes, it’s me. Another hot day.

    ELEPHANT: What is important in life than?

    PARROT: To fly.

    GIRAFFE: To fly?

    PARROT: I could be everywhere, above everyone.

    ELEPHANT: Not useful trait. Better to be big.

    SNAIL: (tiny voice) Better to be big.

    GIRAFFE: Who whispers that?

    SNAIL: It’s me, snail.

    ELEPHANT: Where are you, snail?

    SNAIL: Down there, I’m little.

    Giraffe and Elephant notice Snail.

    GIRAFFE: Really little. Even tiny. I could never notice you.

    ELEPHANT: I could step on you.

    SNAIL: I know. And I am not so quick.

    PARROT: You can’t fly.

    SNAIL: I know and my life is sad, because I am so little.

    GIRAFFE: What will change if you were big?

    SNAIL: Everything. I wish I was big and I’ll be happy.

    Flash, magic fog.

    Scene 2.

    PARROT: What was that?

    ELEPHANT: I don’t know.

    GIRAFFE: What is that?

    Snail is the same size as Giraffe and Elephant.

    SNAIL: I am big. I am big. It happened. No more fears that you’ll step on me. I am happy. Everyone run from my way. I am big. I am big.

    Snail exits.

    PARROT: I will fly and watch how he will be as big snail.

    Parrot exits.

    GIRAFFE: What’s now?

    ELEPHANT: Snail became as big as we, or we became little as he.

    GIRAFFE: It can’t be possible.

    ELEPHANT: Why?

    GIRAFFE: Trees stay the same size as were.

    ELEPHANT: If tree didn’t became the same size as snail.

    GIRAFFE: It couldn’t be true.

    ELEPHANT: Remember about snail. It also can’t be.

    GIRAFFE: I know. What we do now?

    ELEPHANT: Better to find and play with him, if he became as big as we are.

    GIRAFFE: It’s good idea. We all have to be together.

    ELEPHANT: I told you, it’s good to be big.

    Giraffe and Elephant exit.

    Scene 3.

    Giraffe and Elephant enter.

    GIRAFFE: Where is he, why he is so slow?

    ELEPHANT: I don’t know. He is big, but slow. Why is that?

    Parrot enters.

    PARROT: He will come, soon he will be there. I saw him above.

    GIRAFFE: I hoped it always fun with such big animals.

    ELEPHANT: Not with everyone.

    Snail enters.

    SNAIL: Here I am. It was fun. It’s good to be big.

    GIRAFFE: Good, but you are slow.

    SNAIL: I am not.

    ELEPHANT: You are.

    PARROT: And you can’t fly.

    SNAIL: I am big. I always wanted to be big. I am and now you won’t play with me.

    ELEPHANT: We like to run.

    SNAIL: It’s lie. It’s me. If I was bigger. If I was bigger than you all.

    PARROT: Bad idea.

    Flash, magic fog.

    PARROT: Too late.

    Flash, magic fog.

    Scene 4.

    Snail bigger than Giraffe and Elephant.

    SNAIL: Now you’ll play with me. I am bigger than you.

    GIRAFFE: You can’t say to us, which friends to choose.

    SNAIL: I am big.

    ELEPHANT: You are big and you didn’t notice anyone near you.

    SNAIL: Because I am big.

    PARROT: You still can’t fly.

    SNAIL: Quiet, all of you. You are jealous I am big.

    Snail pushes Giraffe and Elephant.

    GIRAFFE: If you are big you can’t be like that. We could be hurt.

    ELEPHANT: You didn’t notice anyone above you. It’s not fair.

    SNAIL: I know. Now you feel what I feel. It’s dangerous to be little.

    Flash, magic fog.

    Scene 5.

    PARROT: What’s now? Where is snail?

    SNAIL: I’m here. Tiny on the ground.

    GIRAFFE: Here you are.

    ELEPHANT: Why you again so little?

    SNAIL: It’s not good to be big if you not notice little one. I want to be me.

    ELEPHANT: We are sorry, we didn’t notice you. Now we could play together.

    PARROT: He is little and slow.

    GIRAFFE: It doesn’t matter.

    Giraffe takes Snail on his head.

    ELEPHANT: Friends don’t depend on size.

    PARROT: He still can’t fly.

    GIRAFFE: It didn’t make him worse.

    SNAIL: Friend is not a size of a body.

    ELEPHANT: Friend is size of a heart.


    October 2015.

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