Katerina Aksonova. Endless conversation.





    Scene is big flat. Two enormous windows with closed curtains. One side of stage is for woman’s taste, second side simpler in man’s style.

    On stage from opposite directions come She and He. When they talk, walk, they never cross imagined line in the middle of the stage. Never touch each other.

    SHE: How was your day?

    HE: Could be better.

    SHE: Investors.

    HE: They need my blood as prove that everything will be on time.

    SHE: Poor you.

    HE: Thanks for support. What are your plans for evening?

    SHE: Like always, study books, later some TV.

    HE: Your English is better every day.

    SHE: It’s your opinion.

    HE: I understand you.

    SHE: And others.

    HE: Try to talk with polite people.

    SHE: Good advice. What are your plans for evening?

    HE: Bundesliga.

    SHE: Again will be additional time and series of penalty.

    HE: Hope, not. Tomorrow I need to wake up early.

    SHE: Strange. You’ll have evening, when I have day.

    HE: We used to it. Did you like film which I advised you?

    SHE: Yes. Wonderful. Someday I want to watch it with you.

    HE: It would be nice.

    SHE: Would be.


    SHE: Do you know what she said to me?

    HE: No idea.

    SHE: She said that what I propose is not suitable for them.

    HE: She could change her mind.

    SHE: I don’t think so.

    HE: Rejection.

    SHE: Not. They haven’t time for that.

    HE: One day everything will be different.

    SHE: I remember. They all will desire my works at any price.

    HE: You know. It’s always like that.

    SHE: I read yesterday in internet that artist better should be dead to make PR for work.

    HE: Are you kidding?

    SHE: I’m afraid, it’s not my way out. And I want to see my success. Why I need all that admiration on cemetery?

    HE: Reasonable. But many persons will write memoirs about you.

    SHE: You suggest to try that plan.

    HE: Of course not. Everything will come on time.

    SHE: Before it will come it could write a note about supposed day and month.

    HE: You are angry.

    SHE: I could yell, say bad words, just to get my anger out. It’s my way to forgive and accept. It will pass soon. In such moments I think to kill somebody. Than I change my mind and remember that even bad person doesn’t deserve death.

    HE: Not to talk about jail.

    SHE: Thank you, sweetie. I didn’t know that you already thought about plan of escape.

    HE: Everyone had bad days. Morning will bring you joy.

    SHE: You too. What about investors?

    HE: They think about change me as leading man in two projects.

    SHE: It was your work.

    HE: I know.

    SHE: I’m terribly sorry.

    HE: Fine. I also had sad thoughts during the day.


    HE: Since childhood I want dog.

    SHE: Really?

    HE: Yes. To play, go for a walk.

    SHE: In the rain. Cleaning hair from everywhere.

    HE: Trip to vet.

    SHE: And you want dog now.

    HE: Deeply.

    SHE: Do you have time for it?

    HE: No. I just want that somebody will be glad that I came home.

    SHE: Oh, dear.


    HE: It was wonderful evening. Everybody was excited. Lot of champagne.

    SHE: I saw photos on-line.

    HE: They are stupid.

    SHE: You look happy.

    HE: Drunk, maybe. My eyes are sad.

    SHE: You are a good dancer.

    HE: Not bad. How do you know?

    SHE: Tiny video from after party, when you dance with that woman.

    HE: Of course. I just didn’t want to show anyone how lonely I am.

    SHE: And your dance symbolized war between white and red roses You enjoyed yourself.

    HE: I tried. Are you upset?

    SHE: Not at all. I’m glad that you have good party.

    HE: I was thinking about you there.

    SHE: I appreciate your attention.


    SHE: How was your trip?

    HE: Expensive. But investors paid half of it. Not bad. You know that I like new countries, new people.

    SHE: Yes. Postcards are wonderful. And your new photo.

    HE: Don’t you think that I lost too much weight?

    SHE: Sleep and eat well and everything will be fine.

    HE: My old pal, he was my pal, said that I look terrible.

    SHE: You started to bother about your look.

    HE: I don’t know. Is he jealous or honest?

    SHE: You look acceptable. But your thoughts are stupid.

    HE: I wait something encouraging from you.

    SHE: Always welcome.

    HE: That journey abroad. Changing of time, food, it’s tiring.

    SHE: I believe you. I never was abroad.

    HE: Can’t be.

    SHE: Oh, yes. I even haven’t a document to cross the border.

    HE: Why?

    SHE: What for? I once made. Travel wasn’t made. Now papers is somewhere in the drawer, overdue. Nobody waits me outside my country.

    HE: I’m so sorry. I just feel asleep.

    SHE: Did I say something wrong?

    HE: No. No. My tiredness.


    HE: And you know what he told me?

    SHE: Have no idea.

    HE: You didn’t warned us that windows would be from glass.

    SHE: No.

    HE: Yes.

    SHE (laughs): It is most stupid thing which I heard.

    HE: And me, I can’t get what he wants.

    SHE: What did you do?

    HE: I asked him from which material he usually prefer windows.

    SHE: And he?

    HE: He said that I am obtuse person, windows have to be from glass.

    SHE: I can’t read text, tears are leaking from my eyes. It’s so fun.

    HE: I know and wanted to tell you.

    SHE: I could listen to you for hours.


    HE: Sorry, I was rude.

    SHE: I can’t complain.

    HE: If everything is not how you want, you could be pathetic.

    SHE: I know, but it’s not your duty to help me. I never asked for that. And if it looks like that.

    HE: You are exhausted. Relax.

    SHE: It’s not your fault. All my attempts. Sometimes I want to find strength to give up.

    HE: Your work is excellent.

    SHE: I know. I wish to hear it aloud.

    HE: Maybe, in another...

    SHE: Life...

    HE: Country...

    SHE: Digger on Klondike.

    HE: You could win.

    SHE: I know. I’m working day and night on my portfolio.

    HE: I also meet my pitfalls.

    SHE: Of course, you have your life and I’m just a burden with my problems.

    HE: I never think so.

    SHE: You did nothing for me to believe on that. Sorry, I have no right to tell this. If you want, write me. I’ll wait and understand if you won’t speak to me.

    HE: Oh!


    She rises curtain on the window view of Rio de Janeiro. His part of stage is in darkness.

    SHE: Welcome to the real world. I spoiled everything. Now I will speak in English with mirror. Mirror, mirror tell the truth, why I stupid like a goose?

    What he will think of me? Will he think of me? It looks like I wanted something from him. I could do everything myself. I need more time. It would be different story, perhaps without him.

    I felt useless and I wanted to blame, just at once, someone else. And blamed the one who didn’t deserve.

    Is it the end? I know that he is not saint. Everything was already bad before he came. When I found him on internet life became colourful. And our endless conversation. Things which are important only for two of us.

    I didn’t have to tell him. I didn’t have to tell him in such words that I want to see him in person, that I want to be near him. I can’t manage it myself. I can’t take a plane and came to his door “Here I am”. Does he need me? Did he need me? Or he was boring and this story was safe entertainment for him. I don’t know. Will I know?


    He talks on phone, opens curtain on the window. View of Munich. Her part of stage is in darkness.

    HE: Yes. Not for me. I don’t need. Thanks. Price for two. Discount. Do you listen to me? Not. Without personal tuition. Yes. After arriving. Documents? With me. It’s not your business. Yes, legal. How long? Month. Not fitting. Three. I don’t know. Yes. Semester. It would be enough. Not for English. I didn’t ask for your opinion. Thank you. Check or credit card? Yes, after arriving. Not beginner. How do I know? I have no idea. I don’t care. Do you want a client? Fine.

    Yes. Documents. End of week. Yes.


    Full stage in lights.

    HE: What are your plans for near future?

    SHE: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!

    HE: Right. Nothing particular.

    SHE: Why you ask?

    HE: Do you want to improve your English?

    SHE: I make it every day, like morning and evening pray.

    HE: What will you say about courses?

    SHE: Expensive.

    HE: Not for me.

    SHE: You don’t need. Your English is perfect.

    HE: I know. But I let myself to buy for you semester in English course.

    SHE: What?

    HE: In Munich. You know, next street from my home.

    SHE: English course in Munich.

    HE: Yes.

    SHE: No one go to Munich to learn English.

    HE: It’s first idea which pop into my mind.

    SHE: It will look ridiculous for everyone.

    HE: I know. But I tired from our endless conversation. I just want to see you.

    SHE: You... you...

    HE: You will thank me in person.

    SHE: I will.

    HE: Is it threat or promise?

    SHE: Both.

    HE: And you could use my English dictionary.

    SHE: Your generosity is without boundaries.

    HE: I want to see you.

    SHE: You know that you are crazy.

    HE: Do you mind?

    SHE: No.

    On Hers window changes view. It’s Munich.

    She and He holds hands.


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