Kate Aksonova. Fear of fox.




    Little hen





    Near hen house.


    ROOSTER: Today was awful night, again came our great enemy, the fox.

    TURKEY: It was so scared.

    CHICKEN: We need to do something.

    ROOSTER: About that I want to talk. We need care of oneself. Owner is always busy. At night he sleeps. We are alone with the fox from forest.

    LITTLE HEN: If we won’t sleep, such terrible things never happened.

    ROOSTER: I thought about it. This night I will wait for fox. Next night will be next of us. We will take care of ourselves.

    TURKEY: If only owner could do that for us.

    ROOSTER: If he could, we won’t talk about it.

    CHICKEN: I will wait for fox next night.

    ROOSTER: Right. In morning will be all fine. I won’t miss a drop of dew or any other sound.



    All birds look at Owl.

    LITTLE HEN: Who are you?

    OWL: Owl.

    TURKEY: Drop of dew, you won’t miss, rooster. Here is a bird. Bird which wasn’t at the evening here.

    OWL: Your owner brought me from forest. He saved my life.

    ROOSTER: Forest! Did you see a fox?

    OWL: I did.

    LITTLE HEN: Is it scary?

    CHICKEN: Is it big?

    OWL: I could fly and...

    ROOSTER: We all could fly.

    TURKEY: More or less.

    ROOSTER: We don’t like new birds.

    OWL: I could be helpful.

    TURKEY: In what?

    OWL: If you scared of fox, I could wait it, till you all wake up.

    TURKEY: One was tonight, at morning we have an owl.

    ROOSTER: I once closed eyes.

    CHICKEN: We need to think.

    Birds start to talk, noisy, Owl waits.


    TURKEY: We can’t choose what to do. You’ll stay one night.

    CHICKEN: Tonight I will wait for fox.

    OWL: I will be useful.



    Big fox’s head.

    CHICKEN (whispers): The fox, the fox. What to do? The fox.

    OWL: Don’t be scared, I’m near you.


    Owl throws himself on fox’s head. Fox runs.



    All birds are around Chicken.


    ROOSTER: I’m proud of you.

    TURKEY: Tonight we heard a fox and you was brave.

    CHICKEN: I... I...

    LITTLE HEN: I’m proud of you, too. Now we forget about scary fox.

    CHICKEN: Listen to me. Listen to me.

    ROOSTER: Yes, you want to tell this story on your own.

    CHICKEN: I wish I could. It wasn’t me.

    TURKEY: What?

    CHICKEN: Fox was at night, but I was so scared.

    ROOSTER: Fox run away, we heard it.

    CHICKEN: Yes. But I was scared and owl. Owl throw himself on fox. Because of it, fox run.

    TURKEY: You did it.

    All birds turns to Owl.


    OWL: I had to.

    LITTLE HEN: You are so brave.

    OWL: I don’t know. I just.

    ROOSTER: Don’t be shy. We understand your feelings. I will do the same on your place.

    TURKEY: If won’t asleep.

    ROOSTER: Owl, you are welcomed in our hen-house.

    OWL: Thank you, when I became healthy, I will fly away.

    ROOSTER: I won’t listen. If hen-house will have you and me, everything will be good.

    TURKEY: We need someone who won’t sleep at night, true.

    CHICKEN: Without you, I don’t know what could happen.

    OWL: Now you don’t need to think about it.

    Loud noise of bird’s greetings.


    The end.

    January 2016.

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