Kate Aksonova. Jealousy as adviser.


Sarah and Dorothy, wear fluffy pyjamas with funny faces on clothes, sit on sofa and talk.

SARAH: Like in old times.

DOROTHY: We are not so old to have nostalgia.

SARAH: Do you remember our long talks at Uni?

DOROTHY: Unforgettable. I’m glad that you could came.

SARAH: I insist that only my visit as consultant is important.

DOROTHY: And did you mention your old friend Dorothy, who lives in that town.

SARAH: Sarah Thompson is professional and never use work for own curiosity.

DOROTHY: Did they believe you, Sarah?

SARAH: It was my internal not external soliloquy, Dorothy.

DOROTHY: You was convincing.

SARAH: As usual. How is your personal life?

DOROTHY: At which point we stop?

SARAH: Before you start avoid that question, Joe.


SARAH: You can’t hear his name.

DOROTHY: Name it’s the name, he doesn’t own it. There are a lot of good people, different people with that name.

SARAH: So you will read a book with main character Joe.

DOROTHY: Yes, I’m not seven year old.

SARAH: Don’t evoke it. How is with Joe?

DOROTHY: All ended, thank you.

SARAH: I put on this fluffy pyjama not for hear that answer.

DOROTHY: Short story, I’m complete idiot.

SARAH: Long story.

DOROTHY: You won’t be surprised, when I’ll tell you that jealousy is not best adviser.

SARAH: Don’t remind me about my first marriage.

DOROTHY: You mentioned it.

SARAH: Fine. I know that Joe came after your broken heart because of Henry. Or Henry’s name I also can’t say aloud, no matter that it was almost two years ago.

DOROTHY: Now Henry is all I could think about.

SARAH: You still have a chance, congratulation.

DOROTHY: I don’t know.


DOROTHY: I will tell you situation in which I am and you will predict, if I have a chance.

SARAH: I’m here to listen you. But won’t it be better if you talk with Henry about that.

DOROTHY: I’m ready to that conversation, but for everything will be clear I have at first put on hat with “donkey” sign.

SARAH: And I am ready for your stupidity.

DOROTHY: I feel better after your words.

SARAH: Always ready to help.

DOROTHY: Did I reported you how we cross roads with Joe?

SARAH: Of course, something at work.

DOROTHY: Hhh. It was. Only professional interest, the same field of work, similar projects.

SARAH: But than...

DOROTHY: He was best friend of Henry.

SARAH: You didn’t tell.

DOROTHY: It wasn’t important, I think so.

SARAH: Joe was very caring to you.

DOROTHY: Absolutely. He knew that I like Henry, but I haven’t idea how to get his attention. And only with Joe's interest I believed that is possible to be noticed by that kind of man. You know, before him it was like sweets in candy shop, when you're on diet - you can't have it. Joe showed that is affordable.

SARAH: And Joe proposed his help, classical trap.

DOROTHY: No, Joe is best in intrigues. At beginning he told me first secrets of Henry.

SARAH: For example?

DOROTHY: That Henry is secretly engaged and soon will marry his girlfriend.

SARAH: But he is still single?

DOROTHY: I noticed.

SARAH: About their relationship everyone gossiped, but it end in zero. Much ado about nothing.

DOROTHY: Here was real priority, Joe told me about that story months before everyone knew.

SARAH: Exclusive.

DOROTHY: Perfect story. Than Henry wasn’t denied. I was in depression.

SARAH: Joe was near.

DOROTHY: Daily. At first he told me more about Henry.

SARAH: It was painful for you, listen about man, who you never could get.

DOROTHY: Joe continued his work.

SARAH: Did he described that Henry is happy? You have to be understandable for man who you like.

DOROTHY: Joe quickly get that I won’t be glad about that, he made him disgusting to me.

SARAH: Strategy of little dirty secrets.

DOROTHY: Near it. Interpretations of facts, his.

SARAH: Would be pictures to the story?

DOROTHY: No way.

SARAH: He has secret family with two children.

DOROTHY: We don’t talk about your first marriage.

SARAH: I remember.

DOROTHY: He opened about him what is not suitable for me and I never accept that person.

SARAH: Does he hate chocolate?

DOROTHY: Not such awful. It just not my level of practical experience. He has some private preferences...

SARAH: How Joe know about what Henry likes in bed?

DOROTHY: Because Henry has private preferences in both sexes.

SARAH: And Joe?

DOROTHY: No, but he knew about that and about lot more.

SARAH: It’s slander.

DOROTHY: I haven’t proves that I heard that from him. In any possibility it will look like my sick imagination. I have nothing against that people, they will do what they want. Not everything is legal. It’s not my story.

SARAH: Glad to hear, after I agreed to stay at your home for night.

DOROTHY: Always optimistic.

SARAH: What else I had as weapon? And after that you understand that Joe interested in you.

DOROTHY: It was simultaneously. Joe told words to me, which wants to hear every woman.

SARAH: With broken heart and problems at work, lost, in depression.

DOROTHY: Thank you, for describing that clear. And I became stupid and decided, if not with Henry, no matter with whom.

SARAH: Prince on white horse, amazing beard, lovely wavy hair, magnificent voice, tall...

DOROTHY: Hey, you were happy married with love of your life to that time.

SARAH: I have eyes, not only ring on finger.

DOROTHY: And now Henry has short hair. He was gorgeous like prince from fairy tale.

SARAH: And today he is...

DOROTHY: Just hot and sexy.

SARAH: Bearable problem.

DOROTHY: Every girl wants a prince, and only as adults we understand, what we really want to do with that prince.

SARAH: Wise words. And Joe was...

DOROTHY: Complicated. Sometimes supported me, or I think so than.

SARAH: What did he think about Henry?

DOROTHY: He knew my feeling to Henry. But I and Joe believed that it will pass.

SARAH: Was Joe jealous?

DOROTHY: When I did something wrong, from Joe’s point of view, he shout at me, that I still want Henry.

SARAH: And you enthusiastically proved him wrong.

DOROTHY: Not often. I just silently was agree with him.

SARAH: Not surprising, that Joe marry another woman, after proposed you.

DOROTHY: He deserves her.

SARAH: In good or bad?

DOROTHY: At everything.

SARAH: Don’t you were jealous for Joe?

DOROTHY: I was angry. I believed that could be with him, I was sure that all love words and his feelings for me was real.

SARAH: And now you are not sure.

DOROTHY: I was poisoned by Joe. I never check all that amount of information what he said to me. I was too tired for this. Some details were true, so I trust everything. Were information not only about Henry. He tried to prove that lot of people had secret motivation for their doings. And when he told it in front of big audience, I believed, like all listeners, that he knew about what he tell.

SARAH: Which another motive did he had?

DOROTHY: When I woke up form that nightmare with him, when I started to check what he told...

SARAH: Let me guess, at moment, when didn’t happen Henry’s wedding.

DOROTHY: It was big surprise for me. You are right. After Joe gave me detailed predictions or inside information.

SARAH: What for?

DOROTHY: You know, that question costs me a river of tears. Why Joe was so cruel to me?

SARAH: He told that loves you.

DOROTHY: It was pleasant attention for me, but not suitable for his behaviour.

SARAH: You came to his trap, like innocent lamb...

DOROTHY: Foolish, of course.

SARAH: Did you invented revenge?

DOROTHY: I was thought about that. But most of all I want to forget about his existence in my life. Like was nothing at all.

SARAH: Hello, nice to meet you.

DOROTHY: Ideal way.

SARAH: You could cross roads with him at profession.

DOROTHY: I know. And this is my guess of his motivation.

SARAH: Similar projects.

DOROTHY: Yes. And because I was busy with my emotions...

SARAH: He won.

DOROTHY: Yes. I didn’t take part in race, so I can’t win.

SARAH: Joe should be monstrous, if he made that to you only for his career.

DOROTHY: Should be.

SARAH: Do you want to ask him?

DOROTHY: Absolutely not.


DOROTHY: To find out that I’m naive idiot, in my age.

SARAH: Every woman need ugly past, you’ll have yours.

DOROTHY: It can’t be named a past. It’s story for which I haven’t proves. And you know in my situation, it will look like I had bad intention, not he, because he had power priority at the beginning.

SARAH: And you want to tell this story to Henry?

DOROTHY: I like him, he likes me. He should know.

SARAH: Are you sure that he will believe you?

DOROTHY: You think will be better if he will invent own version or even worse, Joe will tell him another lie, like told me all that time.

SARAH: As argument, you could insist, that you were out of mind, because jealousy to Henry.

DOROTHY: You think it is good explanation.

SARAH: Fine, tell that you an idiot, who believed man with perfect reputation, who helps everyone and make water from vine.

DOROTHY: Vine from water.

SARAH: Joe has to be unique.

DOROTHY: Yes, I listened. Yes, I was wrong.

SARAH: And now? If Joe will want to receive your back.

DOROTHY: You still hope for passion.

SARAH: Maybe not. But hypothetically.

DOROTHY: I wasn’t sure when I agree to be with him. Now I will never return to him. Too many times it was humiliating. You never say such words to women, who you love. And now I learned that’s important with whom I’m ready to be.

SARAH: And if it was business.

DOROTHY: He received time, which he needed and left me, as he think, in trash connected with him, from which I will never clean myself.

SARAH: And you insist to tell everything Henry.

DOROTHY: At least he should know how it was in reality.

SARAH: If he doesn’t believe you.

DOROTHY: My lost, because I haven’t another story, only truth.

SARAH: If Henry believes and wanted revenge from Joe. What will you do.

DOROTHY: Ask him not have connection with Joe.

SARAH: He won’t listen to you.

DOROTHY: Probably. But I hope that at first Henry calms down and that make a decision.

SARAH: And id not?

DOROTHY: Joe will use him to humiliate...

SARAH: You...

DOROTHY: Henry himself at first place. Joe is jealous to him.

SARAH: Because of you?

DOROTHY: Old romantic.

SARAH: Romantic, but not old.

DOROTHY: This story began not with me and I was just one more event in it, not main or important.

SARAH: Joe is his friend, you will lost everything.

DOROTHY: It’s not a game. I want to be with Henry, especially now.

SARAH: What does it meant, especially now?

DOROTHY: Now, when I start to look at him without Joe’s filter. Listen to Henry, believe him.

SARAH: Lost soul.

DOROTHY: I was wrong, I didn’t fight, I never made a step, never show that I care. What do you suggest, when I see him? Just be quiet and drown myself in shame because of my stupid trust to Joe.

SARAH: If you not try to explain Henry, Joe won. He will destroy you. Hope it isn’t too late now. I don’t want that his plan was right.

DOROTHY: Me also.

(phone rings)

DOROTHY: Henry! What I do?

SARAH: Answer with text that you need time for long conversation.

DOROTHY (texting): I did it.

SARAH: Beginning without shadows of the past.

DOROTHY: About revenge, I made something.

SARAH: Thank God, my dear friend is still with us. Tell!

DOROTHY: I won’t confess to you.

SARAH: And to Henry?

DOROTHY: Will have to.

SARAH: Such bad?

DOROTHY: Not much, dirty, childish. Hope Henry will understand me.

SARAH: And...

DOROTHY: Will laugh at my behaviour.

SARAH: Remember my advice, explain all your actions, that you was out of mind.

DOROTHY: “Donkey” sign.

SARAH: I don’t think it’s best outfit for date, only if he will insist on it after tête-a-tete.

DOROTHY: I have more ice-cream in the fridge.

SARAH: You could be persistently seductive when you wish.

DOROTHY: If all will be the same easy with Henry.

SARAH: When he will accept you, like I, he will used to it, no other way to bear you.

Women laugh and exit.

The end.


May 2016.

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