Kate Aksonova. Mice and bat.


    Stage is glade. Black Bat is inside bushes on the corner. Bat is squeezing.


    BAT: It is morning. I am lost. I never find my way back home. Mother told me to be on time. I just want to see the sun. It is so shiny. And now I lost. What happen to me at day? I can’t help myself. Oh, my wings. They stuck. I am unhappy.

    Bat squeaks.

    On stage comes Green Mouse, she is happy.


    GREEN MOUSE: Day is very nice. Sun is lovely.

    BAT: Help!

    GREEN MOUSE: Who is crying?

    BAT: Me. I’m in the bush.

    GREEN MOUSE: I see you.


    BAT: Help me.

    GREEN MOUSE: Who are you? You are black and big. Are you a cat?

    BAT: No. I’m bat.

    GREEN MOUSE: Bat or cat?

    BAT: Bat. Did you hear about mice who could fly?

    GREEN MOUSE: I heard this story from my mother many times.

    BAT: It’s me.

    GREEN MOUSE: Can you fly?

    BAT: Yes.

    GREEN MOUSE: Do you always have wings?

    BAT: As I remember.

    GREEN MOUSE: I wish I could fly.

    BAT: I also can’t now.


    BAT: Mother told me not to fly in the morning. And I want to see sun. And here I stuck in bushes.

    GREEN MOUSE: Sun is wonderful!

    BAT: Yes.

    GREEN MOUSE: I try to help you.

    BAT: Please!

    Green Mouse pulls few twigs on self.


    GREEN MOUSE: Can you fly now?

    BAT: No. Wings in twigs.

    GREEN MOUSE: I know what to do. I ask my friends and we could help you.

    Green Mouse goes away.


    BAT: Strange bat without wings. But she is good and she has friends who could help me.

    Green Mouse returns, with her Yellow Mouse and Red Mouse.


    GREEN MOUSE: Here we are!

    YELLOW MOUSE: Bat is real!

    RED MOUSE: Bat exists!

    BAT: If you about me... Yes. And I need your help.

    GREEN MOUSE: I told you!

    RED MOUSE: We see.

    YELLOW MOUSE: You can fly!

    BAT: Yes, but not now.

    GREEN MOUSE: We try to help you.

    Mice try to pull on self twigs.


    BAT: Not enough.

    RED MOUSE: We try.

    YELLOW MOUSE: One more time.

    BAT: It didn’t work.

    GREEN MOUSE: We will do that.

    Blue Mouse runs on stage.


    BLUE MOUSE: When I heard! I run, I run. And I’m here now.

    GREEN MOUSE: We need your help.

    BLUE MOUSE: I need to breath. Is bat a real mouse who could fly?


    BAT: Yes. But now I need your help.

    YELLOW MOUSE: The more mice the better.

    RED MOUSE: We will help you.

    BLUE MOUSE: Yes. Now me with you and we do all.

    GREEN MOUSE: All now!

    Mice pull twigs.


    BAT: And me!

    Bat pulls last twig.


    BAT: I’m free!

    Mice help Bat to come from bush.


    YELLOW MOUSE: You are real!

    BAT: Yes.

    GREEN MOUSE: And now we are friends!

    BAT: Forever!

    RED MOUSE: Can you teach us to fly?

    BAT: You haven’t wings.

    BLUE MOUSE: Is it necessary?

    BAT: I think.

    YELLOW MOUSE: That’s life.

    BAT: Without you I will stay in that tree forever. Thank you.

    RED MOUSE: Not a problem.

    YELLOW MOUSE: We could help you when we are together.

    BLUE MOUSE: It’s pity that we can’t fly.

    BAT: Yes and I can’t teach you.


    All mice are sad.

    BAT: I can’t teach you. But I can fly with you on my back.

    GREEN MOUSE: Hurray!

    BAT: The more mice the better!



    March-June 2014.

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