Katerina Aksonova. Parrot's interrogation.


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    Mrs. Mighty

    Mr. Duty

    Mr. Gentle

    Mr. Right

    Mr. Order

    Scene 1.

    Room in the jewellery shop. On walls are lot of posters with jewellery advertisement from different years.

    Enters Mrs. Mighty, owner of the shop, wears all black and any jewellery. Talks gentle, with intonation of respect and loyality.

    After her comes Mr. Duty in uniform “Security”, he carries big cage, above cage is fabric.

    MIGHTY: Mr. Duty, you could put it there, no better there, not there.

    Duty walks around the room, for few moments stays still at every direction which she choses. At the end puts cage on table.

    MIGHTY: Yes, here would be better.

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    MIGHTY: Again.

    DUTY: Could he shut up?

    MIGHTY: It’s parrot. If he had brain. I spend two years to teach him this phrase.

    DUTY: And now what?

    MIGHTY: Now. “Philip, my tiger, you came home!”

    DUTY: And that bird didn’t understand new circumstances.

    MIGHTY: Absolutely. I told that he was gift from my aunt who was blind.

    DUTY: Why blind?

    MIGHTY: If she was deaf, how she could speak with parrot.

    DUTY: Madam, if you don’t mind to me tell so, you’re smartest chef with whom I could work.

    MIGHTY: I believe you.

    DUTY: Any clients in this room.

    MIGHTY: Yes. Even if it will be fire in whole building... Fire, good idea. But I liked this parrot, before.

    DUTY: You could keep him till renovation and some cruel worker could...

    MIGHTY: I am against murder.

    DUTY: As you say, Mrs. Mighty.

    MIGHTY: Parrot have to be alive, Mr. Duty. Tomorrow I’ll have friendly lunch with Mike. So parrot have to be alive, at least, till the end of next week.

    DUTY: Your wish is my duty. I’m Mr. Duty.

    MIGHTY: I appreciate your sense of humour and for now, please, shut up.

    Mighty exits.

    Scene 2.

    DUTY: I will take care of you, bird. I will take care. I know what does it mean to be in the cage. Long two years and that woman. She believed in me. You know, what is bad and you can see evil in someone’s else eyes. You will work as security man in my jewellery shop.

    Every man adore her. Lovely woman. Lovely.

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    DUTY: Yes, it’s me. I’ll bring you some water and ask what else you could eat.

    Duty exits.

    Scene 3.

    Enter Mr. Gentle and Duty.

    GENTLE: I told you it is good idea.

    DUTY: I can’t believe, she is smartest woman who I knew. How could she?

    GENTLE: If she take you for job. She won’t check my story careful.

    DUTY: She believed me.

    GENTLE: The same will be with me.

    Enters Mighty.

    MIGHTY: Gentlemen, you are here. Mr. Duty told you about your duties, Mr. Gentle.

    GENTLE: In few words.

    MIGHTY: Is everything suitable for you.

    GENTLE: I completely agree with you Mrs. Mighty for such shop you’ll need security man for night and weekends.

    MIGHTY: Everything is so dangerous at our days.

    GENTLE: Criminals everywhere.

    DUTY: People could made mistakes in the past.

    MIGHTY: Mr. Duty, all is fine. I don’t think that Mr. Gentle told about you.

    GENTLE: I haven’t such intention.

    MIGHTY: Why you want to work in our industry?

    GENTLE: To be honest with you.

    MIGHTY: I hope for it and will appreciate.

    GENTLE: It’s a concentrated form of wealth.

    MIGHTY: I have such thought. And?

    GENTLE: If I could work here energy of rich will come to me.

    MIGHTY: Interesting, but money didn’t come from nowhere.

    GENTLE: Stock-market. I’m little player, but few times I played good.

    MIGHTY: Nice hobby.

    GENTLE: You agree that with this atmosphere...

    MIGHTY: You won’t work with clients. Do you understand this?

    GENTLE: Energy of prosperity here is in the air.

    MIGHTY: You’re romantic and dreamer. I like it.

    GENTLE: I’m more down to earth, than look like.

    MIGHTY: Now, Mr. Duty you bring cage with parrot to my car. (whispers) He needs to see a vet. (normal voice) Our bird need little journey.

    Mighty exits, Duty takes cage and exits.

    Scene 4.

    GENTLE: Not bad. Not bad. I know why Mike chose her. All world for her is in pink, no matter that she wore black.

    Which plan has Mike? Hope he will be ready to cooperate with my ideas. He knows a lot about me, as I know a lot about him. We will find a compromise.

    Jewellery is new business to me.

    Scene 5.

    Enters Mr. Right, smart suit, handsome, too handsome and underline it in every pose and gesture. Wide smile, appraising glance.

    RIGHT: Sorry, to disturb you, I thought Mrs. Mighty came here.

    GENTLE: Now she at back door with her parrot. Can I help you more, Pretty Phil?

    RIGHT: Sorry, did we know each other.

    GENTLE: Robbery of President suite at St. Tropes.

    RIGHT: Devil.

    GENTLE: Good memory.

    RIGHT: There were my money also.

    GENTLE: There were money which you planned to receive.

    RIGHT: I have to go.

    GENTLE: Interests in business.

    RIGHT: You think I’m here for pleasure.

    GENTLE: I plan to have all, not what she could give you.

    RIGHT: It’s risky.

    GENTLE: You know that is worth it.

    RIGHT: Where you put all this?

    GENTLE: I have a buyer.

    RIGHT: Really.

    GENTLE: With market price.

    RIGHT: I will think about it.

    GENTLE: And you’ll receive your percentage from St. Tropes if find out codes of safe from her.

    RIGHT: Half.

    GENTLE: Thirty-five.

    RIGHT: Will see, how I could help.

    GENTLE: Pretty Phil, remember I have buyer with market prices, not you. Without silly jokes.

    RIGHT: I could...

    Scene 6.

    Enters Duty.

    DUTY: Mr. Right, Mrs. Mighty waits for you in the car.

    RIGHT: Thank you, I just wanted to help her with cage.

    DUTY: Already done.

    RIGHT: Have a nice day, gentlemen.

    Right exits.

    Scene 7.

    GENTLE: Who is he?

    DUTY: New boyfriend of Mrs. Mighty.

    GENTLE: And what about him.

    DUTY: It’s not my business.

    GENTLE: Tell.

    DUTY: I don’t know.

    GENTLE: Do you know him?

    DUTY: My ways and his never crossed. He is not from our style.

    GENTLE: You know him better.

    DUTY: I don’t know is it all for long with him.

    GENTLE: Why?

    DUTY: Parrot.

    GENTLE: What about parrot?

    DUTY: She didn’t start to teach him a new man’s name, she brought bird here, that’s all.

    GENTLE: He has few days or weeks.

    DUTY: That is my idea also.

    GENTLE: What is your plan? When you plan robbery of this shop?

    DUTY: Never.

    GENTLE: I don’t recognize you.

    DUTY: I worked there for two years. I managed everything.

    GENTLE: What?

    DUTY: I have all important information.

    GENTLE: Listen to you.

    DUTY: First, list of top 30 clients. Their address, preference, everything. Next, 300 whom she calls “clients”, they storage here jewellery.

    GENTLE: And first 30. Are they clients?

    DUTY: They are “fans”, they bought here on every occasion. Wedding, birthday, Christmas, everything.

    GENTLE: And you have all address.

    DUTY: I told you.

    GENTLE: What for?

    DUTY: Grand robbery. With rob list for years.

    GENTLE: And you spend on it two years.

    DUTY: I’m smarty.

    GENTLE: You’re stupid.

    DUTY: What?

    GENTLE: Better rob this one jewellery shop and solve your problems once.

    DUTY: You know I just didn’t think about it.

    GENTLE: I noticed it.

    DUTY: It’s my shop, I work here for two years...

    GENTLE: Insurance police and bonuses.

    DUTY: I used to it. She will be upset.

    GENTLE: Dream big.

    DUTY: Why I collect all addresses?

    GENTLE: Don’t be disappoint I’ll sell them to proper people.

    DUTY: You know what to do with everything.

    GENTLE: That’s me.


    GENTLE: Again you have to think about security.

    DUTY: I told you hundred times, I have no idea how she changes cipher for safe.

    GENTLE: You could stay near her at that moment. She thinks you are harmless.

    DUTY: Is it good or bad?

    GENTLE: Depends what you want. If you told her “Hands up, it’s robbery” she will laugh into your face. If you stay near her she could be less discreet when change codes.

    DUTY: It will be too obvious. I stayed near her and next morning shop is robbed.

    GENTLE: You still could think like police.

    DUTY: I told you that. It’s called analytical mind.

    GENTLE: As you wish.

    DUTY: That way think all people with brain.

    GENTLE: Terrible truth.

    DUTY: Why?

    GENTLE: If everyone think like you. We are in trouble.

    DUTY: You are in trouble.

    GENTLE: Who told me this? Man who plan to rob people from the list.

    DUTY: I wanted to create a gang.

    GENTLE: I always suspect that you are dreamer.

    DUTY: Don’t be rude to person who will help you in the future.

    GENTLE: I will remember that wise advice. Didn’t you dream to call yourself Don?

    DUTY: Not of your business.

    GENTLE: Really? Unbelievable.

    DUTY: Shut up. We have to open shop for visitors.

    GENTLE: As you say, Don.

    DUTY: Go.

    Gentle and Duty exit.

    Scene 8.

    Enters Duty, he brings cage, puts it on place.

    DUTY: You was scared. Now everything is fine. You could just relax and forget about it.

    Enters Mighty.

    MIGHTY: How is he?

    DUTY: Fingers crossed, everything will be fine.

    MIGHTY: Hope so. And this medicine won’t hurt him.

    DUTY: If all goes well.

    MIGHTY: I heard you teach him new phrase.

    DUTY: Yes. “I need drink”.

    MIGHTY: I always believed that he is smarter than he looks and knew more than he could tell.

    DUTY: Yes. But most of the time he works like tape recorder.

    MIGHTY: I know this. Sometimes he embarrassed me in front of guests.

    DUTY: I don’t think that you could do something embarrassing in your life.

    MIGHTY: Mr. Duty, just give me a chance and I’ll prove how wrong you are.

    DUTY: In any convenient to you time.

    MIGHTY: For now I have very important fan. Mr. Right could wait me here, as usual.

    DUTY: Like you said.

    MIGHTY: It’s not a problem for you that now you are working at day, not at night.

    DUTY: Everything is fine.

    MIGHTY: Mr. Gentle doesn’t sleep, stock market is working on that time.

    DUTY: Mr. Gentle loves money.

    MIGHTY: Atmosphere of rich. Odd, but impressive. Fan can’t wait.

    Mighty exits.

    Scene 9.

    Enters Right.

    RIGHT: You! Where is second?

    DUTY: Sorry, Mr. Right. I can’t understand you.

    RIGHT: Where is second security man?

    DUTY: Mr. Gentle. He will be only at evening. He works at night.

    RIGHT: I have an appointment.

    DUTY: Mrs. Mighty said that you can wait for her here, if it will be comfortable for you.

    RIGHT: In cage, near parrot.

    DUTY: Don’t be cruel to her.

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    RIGHT: He said name of her ex.

    DUTY: Can’t answer you.

    RIGHT: I know it by myself. Bitch. You deserved it.

    DUTY: It’s animal, he can’t know nothing. He hears what is repeat to him.

    RIGHT: Philip, tiger, what is she says now daily.

    DUTY: Bird is after medicine.

    RIGHT: Animal lover.

    DUTY: He is like tape recorder. He hasn’t brain.

    RIGHT: I understand. When yours Mr. Gentle come, tell him. Tell him...

    Scene 10.

    Enters Gentle.

    GENTLE: Sorry, I’m late.

    DUTY: No. You are awfully early.

    RIGHT: I don’t think you will be on time.

    DUTY: What’s going on?

    Voice from the cage “I need drink”.

    DUTY: Wait, I’ll bring you.

    RIGHT: Don’t go?

    DUTY: Why?

    RIGHT: He didn’t call you dear.

    DUTY: Amazing.

    Duty angry exits.

    Scene 11.

    GENTLE: What’s wrong with you?

    RIGHT: You were late.

    GENTLE: You are angry not with me. Tell.

    RIGHT: This bitch didn’t tell codes or system in which she chose them.

    GENTLE: You could try to be more convincing.

    RIGHT: Yes. Thanks for advice. Today in morning I was in pharmacy and than I was very convincing, believe me.

    GENTLE: I see it in your eyes, more than once.

    RIGHT: Shut up. What we will do?

    GENTLE: Robbery to this shop.

    RIGHT: How?

    GENTLE: Pretty Phil, she will tell us.

    RIGHT: How Mr. Gentle?

    GENTLE: When gun will be near her head.

    RIGHT: I never kill.

    GENTLE: And won’t do it now. She will be scared and tell all. Believe me.

    RIGHT: What about second security man?

    GENTLE: What is with him?

    RIGHT: Did he suspect something?

    GENTLE: It’s not our problem. He will be second victim.

    RIGHT: Really.

    GENTLE: Oh, yes.

    Voice from the cage “I need drink”.

    RIGHT: Shut up!

    Scene 12.

    Enters Duty with water.

    DUTY: How is he?

    RIGHT: Still alive, I’m afraid.

    DUTY: Thank God, Mrs. Mighty didn’t hear you.

    GENTLE: Everything is fine.

    Enters Mighty.

    MIGHTY: Philip! Mr. Gentle, you are early today.

    GENTLE: I just forget my phone. At evening I’ll be on time.

    MIGHTY: As always. Philip, we could go. I wait for next surprise from you.

    RIGHT: You won’t be disappoint.

    Mighty and Right exit.

    Scene 13.

    DUTY: What’s going on?

    GENTLE: Where?

    DUTY: You came here. Mr. Right asked about you? Do you know him?

    GENTLE: Yes.

    DUTY: From where?

    GENTLE: St. Tropes.

    DUTY: And this could explain everything to me.

    GENTLE: It’s all that you need to know.

    DUTY: What about our plans?

    GENTLE: When they will go on cruise?

    DUTY: Monday. Before that they will visit us.

    GENTLE: When?

    DUTY: I think on Friday after shop will be closed.

    GENTLE: Are you sure?

    DUTY: She is fan, but she is married.

    GENTLE: And?

    DUTY: She will decide till the end of working hours of shop what to bring with her. Than her husband will phone to us and asks to wait for a while. She will make decision, which she will change at Monday morning, before flight.

    GENTLE: You prepared well.

    DUTY: If you once talk with her, you’ll understand.

    GENTLE: Saturday.

    DUTY: Like we talk.

    Voice from the cage “When they will go on cruise?”

    GENTLE: What?

    DUTY: It’s parrot. He is on medicine.

    GENTLE: If he will tell one more word, he will be on the floor of his cage and any medicine will help him.

    DUTY: He hasn’t a brain.

    GENTLE: Now I understand, why you like him.

    DUTY: You... you...

    GENTLE: See you in the evening.

    Gentle exits.


    Scene 14.

    Mighty and Duty enter.

    MIGHTY: If she asked one more time to open a box.

    DUTY: You have huge patience.

    MIGHTY: I spoke with her husband. After my every complain he paid more, because no one else is ready to spend time with her.

    DUTY: “I didn’t decided jet”.

    MIGHTY: After tenth time.

    DUTY: “I need time to think”.

    MIGHTY: This time you’ll also receive bonus from her husband.

    DUTY: For what?

    MIGHTY: Protection.

    DUTY: Who?

    MIGHTY: Her.

    DUTY: Why?

    MIGHTY: Because I wanted to kill her.

    DUTY: It was clear in your eyes.

    Both laugh. Noise off-stage.

    MIGHTY: What...

    DUTY: Quiet.

    Scene 15.

    On stage come two men, masks on face, with guns.

    GENTLE: It’s robbery. Be quiet.

    DUTY: What’s the...

    Duty tries to hurt men, instead receive punch on head from Gentle.

    RIGHT: You give hands yourself or you want mess here.

    MIGHTY: No.

    Mighty holds hands which Right ties with a sellotape.

    RIGHT: Sit.

    Mighty sits, Right ties her legs to the chair. Gentle puts gun near Mighty’s head.

    GENTLE: And now you’ll tell me few numbers which safe your life.

    RIGHT: Code of safe.

    MIGHTY: One, one, one, one, one, one.

    GENTLE: You want to die.

    MIGHTY: I answered.

    RIGHT: One, one, one, one, one, one.

    MIGHTY: No one told that it won’t work with this numbers.

    RIGHT: You are the most stupid woman which I met.

    MIGHTY: This is robbery or IQ test.

    GENTLE: Shut up.

    DUTY: Don’t touch her.

    GENTLE: Awake.

    Right pushes Duty on chair and ties him, like Mighty. Than closes with sellotape his and her mouth.

    RIGHT: I dream about that day. Quietness and work.

    GENTLE: Go.

    Right and Gentle exit from stage.

    Mighty and Duty try to free themselves.


    Off-stage “Don’t move, police.”

    Scene 16.

    Enter Mighty and police officer Mr. Order.

    ORDER: Are you sure that you want to talk?

    MIGHTY: Of course, when memories are fresh.

    ORDER: We could wait till morning.

    MIGHTY: Never.

    ORDER: You didn’t recognize their voices.

    MIGHTY: No. I was shocked.

    ORDER: And now when you saw both of them.

    MIGHTY: Yes. I was shocked.

    ORDER: Are you fine?

    MIGHTY: How could he? Did I told you that Mr. Duty acted as hero?

    ORDER: At previous five minutes only twice.

    MIGHTY: Such rare quality of man.

    ORDER: What?

    MIGHTY: Honesty?

    ORDER: You knew about his criminal past.

    MIGHTY: Sure. I checked my workers.

    ORDER: And Mr. Gentle or Mr. Right.

    MIGHTY: I believed him. Gentle. And Philip. Mr. Right, usually we don’t talk much.

    ORDER: What you usually do with Mr. Right?

    MIGHTY: What can do woman and man in bedroom at day?

    ORDER: Watch films?

    MIGHTY: You have a boring life, police officer, Mr. Order.

    ORDER: Answer to question!

    MIGHTY: We are lowers. We were lovers. Now.

    ORDER: You heard, they deny everything.

    MIGHTY: But who else.

    ORDER: Did you recognize one of voices?

    MIGHTY: No. But now I see.

    ORDER: It won’t help our investigation. Do you believe that yours second security man was in the conspiracy with them?

    MIGHTY: Never.

    ORDER: We found addresses of all your wealthy clients in his belongings.

    MIGHTY: I asked him to buy Christmas cards.

    ORDER: He planned robbery.

    MIGHTY: Not of my shop.

    ORDER: Is this a big difference.

    MIGHTY: He safe my life.

    ORDER: He was injured and was unconscious.

    MIGHTY: Do you prefer that these monsters will injure me?

    ORDER: But.

    MIGHTY: We finished.

    Mighty exits.


    Scene 17.

    Enters Right.

    ORDER: Sit down.

    RIGHT: It’s a big mistake.

    ORDER: Do you want to tell something new?

    RIGHT: I told you, I told second officer. I came here simultaneously with Mr. Gentle, security man. We saw bags with jewellery on floor, we took them, to see what is inside. I don’t know what to think, any sight of Mrs. Mighty.

    ORDER: She didn’t hear how you call her.

    RIGHT: I didn’t, I was afraid that thief is still here and he could hurt her.

    ORDER: He. Did you see anyone?

    RIGHT: Not a person.

    ORDER: How you came in?

    RIGHT: Security man opened door with his key.

    ORDER: And alarm?

    RIGHT: I didn’t hear anything. It not suppose to be any alarm.

    ORDER: Why?

    RIGHT: Because Mrs. Mighty was inside.

    ORDER: How do you know?

    RIGHT: She said that will be late at work. Why? What? I’m innocent. You took the wrong person.

    ORDER: And security man, Mr. Gentle, was nothing strange in his behaviour.

    RIGHT: I have no idea. I don’t know him well. But he was shocked as I. Can I go now?

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    RIGHT: No. It’s Philip, the tiger. Stupid bird.

    ORDER: What is it?

    RIGHT: Parrot.

    ORDER: And you hate him.

    RIGHT: Is it illegal?

    ORDER: Why?

    RIGHT: He all the time said that sentence.

    ORDER: Who is Mike?

    RIGHT: Her ex.

    ORDER: And parrot here?

    RIGHT: In exile.

    ORDER: Didn’t she want to teach him new lines?

    RIGHT: Ask her, not me.

    ORDER: Call Mr. Gentle.

    RIGHT: Can I be free?

    ORDER: No.

    RIGHT: Fine.

    ORDER: What about second security man?

    RIGHT: What is with him?

    ORDER: You tell me.

    RIGHT: I have no idea.

    ORDER: Go.

    Right exits.

    Scene 18.

    ORDER: Any security cameras, victims are not good witnesses. I can hope only on parrot’s interrogation.

    Voice from the cage “What about second security man? What is with him?”

    ORDER: Now you repeat our talk. What is with him?

    Voice from the cage “Did he suspect something? It’s not our problem. He will be second victim.”

    ORDER: Hold on. It wasn’t in our conversation. He works like crazy tape recorder. How? How? How?

    Voice from the cage Pretty Phil, she will tell us. How Mr. Gentle? When gun will be near her head.”

    ORDER: Oh, dear. Parrot. Tell me more. What about second security man? Mike Duty.

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    ORDER: Oh, no. How he works? No. It can’t be evidence. But. (loud) Bring here Mr. Gentle.

    Scene 19.

    Enters Gentle.

    GENTLE: I’m listening to you, officer.

    ORDER: Did you have something new to tell me?

    GENTLE: No. Do you plan to make me free?

    ORDER: No.

    GENTLE: I told you. Bags were on the floor. I just wanted to see what is inside them.

    ORDER: What about second security man?

    GENTLE: He must be inside. You found him.

    ORDER: What about second security man?

    GENTLE: Mr. Duty. He works at day. I work at night. Any conflicts between us.

    ORDER: What about second security man?

    GENTLE: Are you ok?

    ORDER: Get out. Wait me behind the door.

    Gentle quickly stands up and exits.

    Scene 20.

    Order comes near cage.

    ORDER: What about second security man? What about second security man?

    Voice from the cage “Mike will be with that bitch. They will wait for jewelleries. I take control at everything, Pretty Phil.”

    ORDER: If you had camera in your brain? What about Mike?

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    ORDER: No. (loud) Bring me here Mike Duty.

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    ORDER: Shut up.

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    Scene 21.

    Duty enters.

    ORDER: How do you feel?

    DUTY: Scratch.

    ORDER: She can’t hear you.

    DUTY: Sorry.

    ORDER: Mrs. Mighty can’t hear you. You could stop to be a hero.

    DUTY: Painkillers help a lot.

    ORDER: When stopped your affair with owner of this shop?

    DUTY: Pardon me.

    ORDER: You were lovers, now you are security man. Or you were a security man with whom she had an affair.

    DUTY: Who?

    ORDER: Mrs. Mighty and you.

    DUTY: Never.

    ORDER: Don’t deny, parrot told me everything. Now you planned robbery to look like hero and save her. Nothing is stolen, everyone are fine. You receive her back.

    DUTY: Officer er...

    ORDER: Officer Order.

    DUTY: Yes, Mr. Order. Are you serious?

    ORDER: Parrot told (looks at his papers) “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    DUTY: No. It’s misunderstanding. It’s another Mike.

    ORDER: She chose your for name.

    DUTY: Mike, her ex. Now it’s Philip.

    ORDER: He made a robbery.

    DUTY: Perhaps, I don’t recognize his voice because I didn’t talk a lot with him before.

    ORDER: And another voice.

    DUTY: They punched me on head.

    ORDER: Are you sure?

    DUTY: Ask the doctor.

    Order’s phone rings.

    ORDER: Yes. Yes. No. Yes. With sound. Thank God. Yes. Yes. Get you.

    Order puts phone on table.

    ORDER: Thank God.

    DUTY: Officer.

    ORDER: What you did before robbery?

    DUTY: It was special client... Woman. She had... difficult mood... Horrible character to be honest.

    ORDER: She gave you an alibi.

    DUTY: Sorry. How?

    ORDER: She was near shop, because she changed her mind about brooch with emeralds.

    DUTY: Ruby with sapphires.

    ORDER: How do you know?

    DUTY: She changed her mind about it six times here. And ten times at home, as her husband told.

    ORDER: Camera in her car fixed how Mr. Gentle and Mr. Right put on masks and enters in the shop.

    DUTY: Unbelievable.

    ORDER: Miracle. I don’t have to propose as main evidence parrot’s interrogation. You are free.


    Scene 22.

    On stage are Mighty and Duty.

    MIGHTY: Now I must apologize to you.

    DUTY: Not a problem.

    MIGHTY: I was rude to you.

    DUTY: A little bit, when you remember about my criminal past and people who were friends with me.

    MIGHTY: I couldn’t imagine that Philip...

    DUTY: You never know who is around you.

    MIGHTY: And parrot save you reputation.

    DUTY: Animal witness is better than silent witness. But it was she.

    MIGHTY: I know, she took brooch with herself.

    DUTY: Again.

    MIGHTY: How blind I was! And you don’t switch off security system for them.

    DUTY: You never told me a code, madam.

    MIGHTY: But noise.

    DUTY: I learned how to make it quiet here. Than police called me and asked. “Duty, is it you bird?” I answered “Yes, it is”. And they switch it off. Or I called them.

    MIGHTY: You gave him opportunity to fly.

    DUTY: Daily.

    MIGHTY: Now I understand this smell in showing room.

    DUTY: He has wings to fly.

    MIGHTY: You was so heroic.

    DUTY: I was useless.

    MIGHTY: You are my shy hero.

    Voice from the cage “Mike, dear, pussy cat, is it you?”

    DUTY: I’ll bring him water.

    MIGHTY: You answered, when he call your Mike. It’s lovely.

    DUTY: When you agreed to take me as worker you could notice that my name is Mike.

    MIGHTY: Oh, sorry, Mr. Duty. I mean, Mike.

    DUTY: Not a problem. Mrs. Mighty.

    MIGHTY: I think parrot need to return back to my home. If you don’t mind, could you bring this cage at my home, now, tonight, Mike.

    DUTY: As you wish, Mrs. Mighty. It’s better than stay alone tonight at home.

    Duty takes cage. Mighty takes his other hand.

    MIGHTY: You are absolutely right, Mike and you could call me Dolores.

    Approving whistle from the cage.


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