Kate Aksonova. Person without a key.


    Characters from play Jealousy as adviser.

    Table on street near café. Time of Christmas shopping.

    Near table sits Sarah, drinks hot coffee, lot of bags around her.

    To her comes Dorothy, recognizes her and sits near.

    DOROTHY: Could I?

    SARAH: Yes, please. Oh my, God, Dorothy.

    DOROTHY: I am glad that you recognize me.

    SARAH: You didn't tell that you're in town.

    DOROTHY: At first shopping. I want to phone you in the evening, to have some coffee.

    SARAH: And here you are. Lot of presents.

    DOROTHY: Christmas time.

    SARAH: Some special presents?

    DOROTHY: What do you mean? Special presents?

    SARAH: Invitations for wedding.

    DOROTHY: Who is married?

    SARAH: I thought you.

    DOROTHY: I am glad that you told me, now I will know about that.

    SARAH: What about Henry?

    DOROTHY: I don't know.

    SARAH: Do you break up?

    DOROTHY: I don't know.

    SARAH: I am so sorry. How you don't know?

    DOROTHY: I was happy to think that could be wife for him, but it wasn't my main aim in life. I thought it was just easy way to be together. I didn't want to scary his freedom or spoil his life plans.

    SARAH: He has another woman.

    DOROTHY: I don't know.

    SARAH: But you suspect.

    DOROTHY: He is person without a key.

    SARAH: Sorry?

    DOROTHY: Where to begin?

    SARAH: When you notice smell of other woman?

    DOROTHY: Smell of other woman?

    SARAH: You know, not your aroma.

    DOROTHY: I understand, but it's not began such way.

    SARAH: Tell me. I need to know everything till cofee is still hot.

    DOROTHY: Once I came to his home without previous appointment.

    SARAH: You made a surprise.

    DOROTHY: I did.

    SARAH: How she looks like?

    DOROTHY: Blonde, age I didn't get, few years, not puppy.

    SARAH: Why puppy? Kitty I understand, but puppy.

    DOROTHY: Dogs has puppies.

    SARAH: Yes.

    DOROTHY: He has a dog.

    SARAH: I beg you pardon?

    DOROTHY: Henry has a dog.

    SARAH: Is it a problem for you?

    DOROTHY: No.

    SARAH: Why that all about?

    DOROTHY: He didn't tell me. That he has a dog.

    SARAH: Why?

    DOROTHY: Probably, I will repeat myself. I have no idea.

    SARAH: For such long time you have no idea that someone important is in his life.

    DOROTHY: Yes.

    SARAH: Don't you think, that he also...

    DOROTHY: Could have man, woman with three children. It already came to my mind.

    SARAH: Why it's important?

    DOROTHY: You know it became symbol of our relationship. I didn't sleep all night, I was thinking, remembering.

    SARAH: He could have other animals.

    DOROTHY: Sarah.

    SARAH: Dorothy.

    DOROTHY: You know he could be an actor. Talanted, handsome, everyone will be amazed of his deepness. How he played himself.

    SARAH: But you liked him.

    DOROTHY: I could swear that fall in love with him.

    SARAH: But now?

    DOROTHY: Where was he? It's my nightmare come true.

    SARAH: Which nightmare?

    DOROTHY: That I can't see properly his face, that dream was night after night. I know that it's he, but can't see his face.

    SARAH: Do you think that he?

    DOROTHY: I am not priest, he won't confess me. Sometimes I has feeling that there was wall after which I can't go.

    SARAH: And now?

    DOROTHY: It's circle of fire, water, wall and I don't know what else. He has a lot of doors, locks, but where to find a key.

    SARAH: You don't want to try.

    DOROTHY: All our relationship were probation of me.

    SARAH: You were honest.

    DOROTHY: I walk barefoot, blindfold by him on minefield. I made mistakes, I felt that by my wounds, but I never knew what made wrong.

    SARAH: If you tell him, he never forget you that.

    DOROTHY: Forgive also. I lost in his game. He never planned to be open with me.

    SARAH: You are wrong, it's emotions.

    DOROTHY: My emotions. In my greatest dreams I am like that dog for him.

    SARAH: You scary me, explain.

    DOROTHY: Henry likes me, he wants to spend time with me. But he is not... Embarrassed, not sure of his choice, because it's dear for him and personal. He don't want to show what is important for him. But it's in scenary when his feelings for me are true.

    SARAH: And here you also don't know.

    DOROTHY: I delete everything what he wrote me, all his photos.

    SARAH: You will regret that.

    DOROTHY: If will be together he'll tell me this in person.

    SARAH: Reasonably.

    DOROTHY: How he wore that mask. It fits him perfectly.

    SARAH: Why so dissapointed?

    DOROTHY: My big mistake that I was glad when noticed where he wasn't himself with others. I felt myself such clever.

    SARAH: You told him about that you noticed.

    DOROTHY: No.

    SARAH: That's my girl. What now?

    DOROTHY: We returned to beginning.

    SARAH: Don't tell me that Joe was right.

    DOROTHY: Joe? That Joe. You remember him, good.

    SARAH: And?

    DOROTHY: He didn't know him. Was right person who told that Henry is mystery and you never know what is on his mind.

    SARAH: He could turn to you with back.

    DOROTHY: And you never found out why.

    SARAH: Do you want to be with him?

    DOROTHY: Him, who. It's wrapping paper. I believed that found out what is inside, but I don't know him.

    SARAH: Want to know?

    DOROTHY: Problem, that yes.

    SARAH: Tell him.

    DOROTHY: What? That I want to meet him. Him like him, not like shining armour.

    SARAH: You could try.

    DOROTHY: I don't think that he choose me to be himself.

    SARAH: You think there are dark secrets.

    DOROTHY: I think it's him and he should trust me more than anyone in universe to unwrap himself.

    SARAH: Naughty past.

    DOROTHY: You such optimist.

    SARAH: What you wait there?

    DOROTHY: Wounds, lot of wounds, which he hide from everyone, but they not healed.

    SARAH: You had pity for him.

    DOROTHY: He is lonely with all his thought, he lost.

    SARAH: He is person who didn't want to be found.

    DOROTHY: No he desperately wants to be found.

    SARAH: And you volunteer.

    DOROTHY: Every person deserve a chance.

    SARAH: But...

    DOROTHY: I need at least first key, and explanation where is door to that key.

    SARAH: Now it's Christmas time, miracle happens.

    DOROTHY: Miracle happens. Merry Christmas.

    SARAH: To you also.

    The end.

    December 2016.

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