Kate Aksonova. Torture of hope.



    Gladys – old woman, which was very beautiful.

    Annabel – middle-age woman, pale and nervous.

    GLADYS: I’m listening.

    ANNABEL: It will be not such short.

    GLADYS: How is Irene’s health?

    ANNABEL: Again it’s not answer for yes or now.

    GLADYS: It will bring more pain to Tim.

    ANNABEL: Positive.

    GLADYS: Why you came?

    ANNABEL: To tell a story. Such story which you tell in dark bars or in the train in the middle of the night. Story which you tell for stranger, to person you will never see in your life before or again.

    GLADYS: Why are you so sure?

    ANNABEL: Because I already planned this. With painkillers is worse daily.

    GLADYS: You know why I agree to listen to you.

    ANNABEL: Yes, because I told you that I am doctor of Irene. Irene is wife of your beloved son Tim and everything is connected with him important to you.

    GLADYS: Do we still have a hope?

    ANNABEL: It depends not on me. Of course it never depended on Irene.

    GLADYS: What it means?

    ANNABEL: I will tell you my story. It had to have beginning somewhere.

    GLADYS: Why you convinced that I will listen to you?

    ANNABEL: Because you will want to listen story about evil. To make sure that you were right about your daughter-in-law. You like to be right. Like everyone. But I will tell you story about good and you will find out that you were right.

    GLADYS: Tell.

    ANNABEL: I was married three times. For me wedding it’s like working day. I feel nothing. Before third time. He broke my heart, I fell in love.

    GLADYS: How it connected?

    ANNABEL: Everything connected. I choose reproductive medicine to solve my problem. I wanted to have children. It’s not fair when you want something and can’t get. There is someone who receives even without trying.

    GLADYS: Irene...

    ANNABEL: She is trying. She is working, not in field that you are hope, but she works hard.

    GLADYS: What?

    ANNABEL: I wanted to have children, so I choose reproductive medicine. I visited all conferences, talked with all successful doctors. Nothing helped to me. I became best in that field. Consultation with me booked for five years ahead. I felt pity to them, but my work is everywhere, someone else could help them, using my experience. I am doctor and I don’t want to suffer this pain.

    GLADYS: What about Tim?

    ANNABEL: You know, I was thinking how to tell you. It’s my confession, work with sins. At first I wanted to tell you that I loved your son, he choose Irene for me. Like refused, I want to tell you ugly truth. But than I was afraid that you won’t believe me. So I will tell who I am, why I came here, without shadows and mysteries.

    GLADYS: You want that Tim will suffer.

    ANNABEL: He already does it. It’s his choice, not mine.

    GLADYS: Hope can’t be named suffering.

    ANNABEL: Torture of hope, to be exactly. So I was married three times. I wanted children. Especially I wanted kids with my third husband, I loved him.

    GLADYS: Did you divorce?

    ANNABEL: No. He will be my widower.

    GLADYS: Why you say all in the past?

    ANNABEL: Because everything connected with me in few hours will be in the past. I used new medicine, tried everything and didn’t notice. Yes, he said that – didn’t notice. I became very ill myself. Terribly ill. All time I spend learning and finding answers to new disaster. Transplantation, legal, fast, costed a lot of money. I needed that money.

    GLADYS: Does it help?

    ANNABEL: For a while. Until my body refused part of body of another person. Painkillers and new medicine destroyed everything. So I will poison myself to finish that process.

    GLADYS: You such simply tell horrible things. Do you wait that I will stop you?

    ANNABEL: No. And I won’t listen. I needed money, lot of money, they ended all the time. It is horrible torture when you haven’t enough money for medicine. I choose only wealthy clients, I was wrong. But every weekend I went to christening of children which were born because of my knowledge.

    GLADYS: Because of that Irene find you.

    ANNABEL: No. She find out about my despair. Gladys, do you know well story of marriage of your son.

    GLADYS: Annabel you won’t tell me it.

    ANNABEL: I will. Many years ago, near ten, your son had short romance with Irene. They broke up. Nothing serious. Then he had long relationship with another woman, till Irene didn’t return.

    GLADYS: It was old feelings.

    ANNABEL: Tim became wealthy, even rich. Irene wasn’t such successful.

    GLADYS: If she can’t make money it doesn’t mean that she is with Tim only for money.

    ANNABEL: You still hope. Irene came for me like good, like everything you wish for. I think she choose the same behaviour with Tim. You hate Irene.

    GLADYS: I don’t like her.

    ANNABEL: You hate her, like everyone who likes Tim. They see that she is evil, she is cruel, she is bad. But not for Tim.

    GLADYS: He doesn’t love her.

    ANNABEL: I know. Irene doesn’t need his love. She needs control over him, money and had time to time make love with him, not her favourite activity, like she told her friends.

    GLADYS: Why?

    ANNABEL: Irene is best for Tim. She brings him hope and he melts, forgets about everything and everyone. She gives him what he wants.

    GLADYS: Child.

    ANNABEL: Yes. You was just once in a while suspicious that child came in story when Tim is ready for divorce. When he tired of complains about Irene, when he started to listen people around him. Little magic with my help and he again her slave till pain which she will bring him.

    GLADYS: Do you have proves?

    ANNABEL: All in that files. Daily. Monthly. If you will need them at court.

    GLADYS: For divorce.

    ANNABEL: Maybe. But I prefer to came to you, because I am afraid that Tim will try to kill Irene. Or kill himself, so you, Gladys, will have time to save him or convince him not to do it.

    GLADYS: My son will never...

    ANNABEL: Why you didn’t finish – hurt a woman? You suspected, or Irene told you herself...

    GLADYS: What is in this file?

    ANNABEL: Truth about Irene. I think it’s good that in my confession I had just one sin like that.

    GLADYS: There are stories about children ...

    ANNABEL: You still cry about death of your two grandchildren and now afraid of destiny of third. You shouldn’t.

    GLADYS: Why?

    ANNABEL: Because you can’t cry about lost of someone who never exist.

    GLADYS: What are you talking?

    ANNABEL: Irene never wanted to have children.

    GLADYS: She came to you, it was her idea.

    ANNABEL: Irene never wanted children, many years ago she made an operation to be childless.

    GLADYS: You are wrong.

    ANNABEL: It is in that file, you will read everything when I go away.

    GLADYS: How?

    ANNABEL: It all could be prove once more, with different doctors.

    GLADYS: Why?

    ANNABEL: Irene married Tim. She received life which wanted. I will tell you everything and you will hate me, later you will understand that hate deserve Irene. Tim wanted children, his own children, everything else he has in life. Irene can’t give them to him. Three years ago Irene find me.

    GLADYS: If it’s true. Why she didn’t tell all Tim? They could together...

    ANNABEL: Surrogate motherhood. I suggested her. No, any children. And to surrogate mother you don’t trust, you check her. In some countries it’s illegal and here will be easy for Irene. Tim will never check, because it’s crime. And there Irene could take all responsibility on herself, in that case he will be grateful for her sacrifice. But even this story she can’t do. Everything by her own. With my help.

    GLADYS: This children in black and white on photos.

    ANNABEL: I am good doctor. I had such photos daily, we just choose one.

    GLADYS: Why?

    ANNABEL: Like I told you – divorce. Irene needs that money. Every time when Tim made decision, she accept it mute. To tell in few weeks that she is pregnant, he will have a baby. She was nervous and evil, because doctor wasn’t sure. Now she has proves.

    GLADYS: And Tim washes her with money.

    ANNABEL: Exactly. Lot of money, it was enough for me for every medical research and drugs.

    GLADYS: You are selfish.

    ANNABEL: I was. Than she was in hospital for few weeks. Was not everything good with baby. Than child was dead. Sorrow. Few month of recreation house to Irene.

    GLADYS: Tim died with every child and you tell me...

    ANNABEL: That Irene watched it with pleasure. She told me that was wrong when stopped him after suicide after first child’s death. Irene was afraid that couldn’t convince him with same story twice.

    GLADYS: What will be with that child?

    ANNABEL: I have no idea. I hadn’t time to help her this time. She invent something.

    GLADYS: Why not adopt?

    ANNABEL: You can’t get it. Power of Irene didn’t give Tim what he wants. When he receive child, her kingdom will disappear.

    GLADYS: If Tim can’t have children?

    ANNABEL: I have no idea. We never did such examination, it wasn’t our aim. Irene gives a child, Tim is not important. With child Tim will focus on baby, all plans, hopes. Irene will disappear.

    GLADYS: My poor boy.

    ANNABEL: Sorry, but I am not agree with you. With money he used to delegate everything, even children to someone else.

    GLADYS: You didn’t regret that you do this.

    ANNABEL: I helped Irene. You hate me like Cassandra, but I can’t change it, because it’s not my fault.

    GLADYS: You think my son deserved it.

    ANNABEL: No, but he agreed to her lie. He wanted to hear this, he was afraid to check. Tim received what he wanted. He is ready to accept death of kid, but not believe that all three times wasn’t his baby.

    GLADYS: He looks horrible.

    ANNABEL: Till next time, when she gives him hope and kill him later with bad news.

    GLADYS: How you helped?

    ANNABEL: He never came. It was just her words, few photos, once was video. That child was born, healthy girl.

    GLADYS: You will die and want that our family will die with you. Everyone deserve this, because your suffering.

    ANNABEL: I see this differently. I open truth to you. You could begin from start. It doesn’t dry all previous tears. But Tim could begin his life. Now check everything himself, pay attention. Not every time be such stupid. I believe that he is not honest in his business...

    GLADYS: It was one mistake with taxes.

    ANNABEL: As I predict. Such people never believe that could be victim for someone else.

    GLADYS: For that you can’t be prepared.

    ANNABEL: And you haven’t suspicious or gut instinct.

    GLADYS: From where?

    ANNABEL: You are amazing, Gladys. Irene’s father all his life played in cards, he was professional cardsharper. What you could wait from her?

    GLADYS: They just for fun won all money to wedding on cards.

    ANNABEL: I am glad, that you believe in fairy tales.

    GLADYS: You insist that won’t be any child.

    ANNABEL: Any child which I proved that exist. I could tell that I am sorry, but you won’t believe me.

    GLADYS: Did you do this with someone else?

    ANNABEL: No. Torture of hope it’s not my hobby. I killed hopes of people. I know it ended few marriages. For me main was that child will born. With every child I was happy, as it was mine. With every not born child I died, it’s not professional for doctor. I understand what feels Tim. I just want to give him new beginning, without ghost of death. It’s ridiculous, I wait for it and want to give chance the other one.

    GLADYS: Why you didn’t come to Irene?

    ANNABEL: I come.

    GLADYS: And?

    ANNABEL: She gave me lot of money for quietness. It was the day before yesterday. All money I gave to fund of future research based on my works. I won’t return money, Tim wanted that for his money will born children, so it will be in such way.

    GLADYS: Why not to Tim?

    ANNABEL: If not counting preventing a murder... He won’t believe me. I think he is a little bit crazy, or desperate, that believed her in third time. You know that feeling of hope, he won’t refuse it on his own will.

    GLADYS: He used to receive everything he wants.

    ANNABEL: Good habit, but sometimes you need to work and check all personally.

    GLADYS: Are you sure that you haven’t feeling to Tim?

    ANNABEL: We never met. Irene told a lot about him. He is such a person who lives in dreams and believe that somewhere waits for him better, bigger. Tim forget about beauty of simple things, he don’t believe people who tell him truth. He think that everyone jealous to him and want make worse. He couldn’t understand that people just want to help because they see situation differently and find another solution.

    GLADYS: I knew it, Irene was evil.

    ANNABEL: Not for him, remember, if you choose to tell him everything... For him she is good, blessed messenger, hope and everything what he wants. Yes, she is evil, who behaves like answer for all prayers.

    GLADYS: What I will do with this?

    ANNABEL: It’s not my part of story.

    Annabel exits.

    Gladys opens folder.


    August 2016.

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