Kate Aksonova. Trap.


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    Idea 1.06.2016


    Hector – lift’s man.

    Edwin – writer.

    Victor – polyglot.

    Caroline – administrator.

    Warning for people with claustrophobia, play takes place in small space with no escape.

    Lovely quiet music.

    HECTOR: Good morning sir, at which floor?

    EDWIN: Conference room.

    HECTOR: Big conference room, green conference room, little conference room, red conference room, sir.

    EDWIN: I was there yesterday. After party I don’t remember, all sits where black.

    HECTOR: Red conference room.

    EDWIN: Perhaps.

    Sound: opens lift’s door.

    HECTOR: Good morning sir, at which floor?

    VICTOR: Green conference room.

    EDWIN: Victor, is that you?

    VICTOR: Edwin? I didn’t notice you yesterday.

    Melody stops.

    EDWIN: What’s going on?

    HECTOR: Keep calm, gentlemen. It’s little problem with electricity. It will be fixed.

    VICTOR: We are in the lift, without electricity.

    EDWIN: New lifts even without electricity not usually falls.

    VICTOR: How do you know?

    EDWIN: I wrote mystery about few people who are inside lift and I researched how long time had killer to murder another victim.

    VICTOR: Lift man, how is your name?

    HECTOR: Hector, sir.

    VICTOR: Hector, talk with us all the time. That we are certain that you are still here.

    HECTOR: Fine, but doors closed, I can’t walk away.

    EDWIN: I can’t switch on my phone, but I’m sure that put it on charge at night.

    VICTOR: The same problem is with me.

    HECTOR: Perhaps it’s because at night wasn’t electricity.

    VICTOR: How often it happens here?

    HECTOR: Rarely.

    VICTOR: And with lift.

    HECTOR: It’s unique problem.

    VICTOR: How long it could be?

    HECTOR: Yesterday, three woman spend here two hours.

    VICTOR: Unique problem?

    EDWIN: I predicted, organisers choose cheep hotel.

    HECTOR: We try to receive five stars.

    VICTOR: At which premises?

    HECTOR: It’s long process.

    VICTOR: Where is your administrator?

    HECTOR: My phone also didn’t work. I can’t report a situation.

    VICTOR: And how?

    HECTOR: They will notice and connect with us.

    VICTOR: When your administrator will pay attention?

    HECTOR: When someone will wait too long for lift.

    VICTOR: Amazing.

    HECTOR: It will be soon.

    VICTOR: Why are so sure?

    HECTOR: Mother don’t like when I’m late for lunch.

    VICTOR: And your mother?

    HECTOR: Administrator here.

    Sound of connection by radio transmitter.

    CAROLINE: Are you there, Hec?

    VICTOR: Yes, we are.

    CAROLINE: Who are you? Where is Hector?

    HECTOR: I’m here, mother! With hotel guests.

    CAROLINE: Again problem with electricity?

    VICTOR: Can you fix it?

    CAROLINE: How?

    EDWIN: Can you call someone who is capable in solving such problem, please. If it will be suitable for you, madam.

    CAROLINE: Hello, smarty. I will try to do my best.

    HECTOR: Mother!

    CAROLINE: I’m at work. Administrator Caroline will help you. Smarty, everything was all right with room service?

    VICTOR: In bar wasn’t water which I ordered, when booked a room.

    CAROLINE: Smarty, does that dreadful person bothers you.

    EDWIN: Everything is fine, thank you. My name is Edwin, if you please.

    CAROLINE: I’m pleased. Caroline, Edwin, don’t look at my boy, I began early and not too old.

    HECTOR: I hear all this.

    CAROLINE: You’re not deaf, I know.

    EDWIN: Today is my meeting with readers at 12 o’clock, and if you will please save us from here before this time, I will sign you my book.

    CAROLINE: You’re really fast, sweety. I will make impossible.

    Sound of disconnection by radio transmitter.

    VICTOR: What was that?

    EDWIN: I tried to be polite.

    VICTOR: I could speak 24 languages and you convince her at moment.

    EDWIN: Congratulations, when I last time saw you, it was 19.

    VICTOR: I try not to stop. How much you have for now?

    EDWIN: Only English.

    HECTOR: Administrator will help.

    VICTOR: Fine, we get it. What does it mean, English?

    HECTOR: Language at which we talk, it name is English.

    VICTOR: You won’t explain it to me.

    HECTOR: But you asked.

    VICTOR: You was most prospective among us. I’m so sorry, you have problems with memory.

    EDWIN: I have great memory, don’t worry.

    VICTOR: Nothing to be ashamed of, we are people. How is the name of lift’s man?

    HECTOR: Hector, I already told you.

    VICTOR: I know, I wanted to check him, not you.

    EDWIN: I’m fine, Victor, I recognized you. All is fine.

    HECTOR: We are in the dark lift between floors, not good.

    EDWIN: Except this trap. Nothing wrong.

    HECTOR: Trap is when you suppose to be there, but not accidentally...

    VICTOR: We know meaning of that world.

    EDWIN: Boy want to be helpful.

    VICTOR: You try to be friendly with boy, whose mother will save us, wise. Where is all your languages?

    EDWIN: In theory, they are somewhere inside my mind. On reality all study books are in basement and for years I didn’t open them.

    VICTOR: Why?

    EDWIN: I became a writer.

    HECTOR: Good profession, lot of fans, all want your signature.

    VICTOR: Hope, Hector, you will someday became a writer. All dreams come true.

    HECTOR: I write short stories.

    VICTOR: Good for you.

    HECTOR: Why?

    VICTOR: Because they are short.

    EDWIN: I also began from stories, and only after it came novels.

    VICTOR: Why English?

    EDWIN: When I start writing I came like in that lift, I came in language trap.

    VICTOR: You know vocabulary.

    EDWIN: It’s different way of live: writer and polyglot.

    HECTOR: Why?

    VICTOR: First time I agree with him. Why?

    EDWIN: When we learn all languages we find out more common words. All basic. We need quick results, simple sentence to speak.

    VICTOR: And writer?

    EDWIN: Writer explores language at which write, try to see treasures. And they all are beyond most common words.

    HECTOR: Can you repeat it after we will be outside? I want to make note of this words.

    VICTOR: You can remember it at once.

    HECTOR: Impossible.

    VICTOR: You brain was created like difficult mechanism and only your laziness won’t give it a chance to work on speed and levels that it should.

    HECTOR: That I also want to jot down.

    EDWIN: Hector, you could visit evening seminar about creative writing.

    VICTOR: Or better, improve your memory seminars, which I lead.

    HECTOR: I will think about it.

    EDWIN: By the way, Victor why are you monolingual now. Another challenge?

    VICTOR: Accents.

    EDWIN: Perfect research, in writing it’s more difficult to describe.

    VICTOR: Phonetic alphabet.

    EDWIN: My integrity.

    HECTOR: Are you racist?

    EDWIN: In language is not important colour of skin, or sex of person who talks, only in languages where ending changes depending of she, he, it.

    HECTOR: Why?

    VICTOR: Because it’s historically that ending changed depending of who or about whom...

    EDWIN: I think Hector means accents.

    HECTOR: Yes.

    VICTOR: If you refuse accent you make everyone equal it’s... boring.

    EDWIN: Perhaps, but if reader only connects with person depending of words which she, he choose I will make a bad book.

    VICTOR: You could put remark to line. (repeat four times with different accents). To read with recognizable accent.

    EDWIN: I’m novel writer. Where I should put remarks? It won’t be read by actors, but read by readers, it’s mute activity.

    HECTOR: I like to listen audio-books, when I am at gym.

    VICTOR: Where is your mother?

    EDWIN: Calm down, Victor.

    HECTOR: Mother? Caroline always free me from lift till end of working day.

    VICTOR: I will ask another way. When you work day ends?

    HECTOR: In four hours.

    VICTOR: Gorgeous.

    HECTOR: Yes, perfect timing is everything. At night is more hours, but...

    VICTOR: Thank you, we learned enough.

    EDWIN: Why you don’t stop at one language, Victor.

    VICTOR: Edwin, I forget about your present, such interesting was my conversation with Hector.

    HECTOR: All pleasure from my side.

    VICTOR: Saint Patience give me power.

    EDWIN: It will be more practical to mastering just one language.

    VICTOR: And this advice is from person who was married three times.

    EDWIN: In my life was period when I’m too literally understand advice of practice language with native speaker.

    VICTOR: It’s what everyone want, but not all receive.

    HECTOR: Is this life which live all polyglots?

    EDWIN: Definitely not.

    VICTOR: If you will be lucky, Hector. Why not, you are young...

    CAROLINE: Stop, don’t spoil him.

    HECTOR: Surprise! Mother?

    VICTOR: I knew, that you were listening.

    CAROLINE: I was curious.

    VICTOR: What about electricity?

    CAROLINE: Our specialist is still work on problem.

    HECTOR: Lary has nap after lunch.

    CAROLINE: Hector!

    EDWIN: It would be perfect if you could check, when Larry will be free from his another’s duty, Caroline.

    CAROLINE: I will do what is possible.

    VICTOR: Edwin. I don’t recognize you. Caroline, it’s not real name, listen to her.

    CAROLINE: What’s wrong?

    EDWIN: Not now, it’s inconvenient.

    VICTOR: Caroline? Carmen? Carita? Columbian’s accent, your favourite. Do you remember Isabel?

    EDWIN: It didn’t mean nothing.

    VICTOR: For you.

    CAROLINE: Hector, any fight inside lift, like I taught you.

    HECTOR: I do my best.

    EDWIN: I won’t be arguing.

    VICTOR: I also won’t remember past. I told to Bel it frequently.

    CAROLINE: You are now with her, I knew that you not such dork like sound at first.

    VICTOR: Thank you.

    HECTOR: Mother!

    CAROLINE: Don’t distract me, I need to help man who chose my sister in blood. I will return quickly.

    EDWIN: How is she?

    VICTOR: Ask her, when we will be free. She gave master-class on first floor.

    EDWIN: Still learn another language.

    VICTOR: She feels connection with what is important to me and it’s important to her. We work together it’s all I need.

    EDWIN: And another language every month, because it’s never enough. You know, it’s addiction.

    VICTOR: It’s curiosity.

    EDWIN: Drug, like every other, you are in trap, not here, but in your mind. You need to learn more and more and nothing previous will satisfy you.

    VICTOR: It’s what you feel, not me.

    EDWIN: Did you ever try to finish with it?

    VICTOR: What for?

    EDWIN: Because it is unhealthy, because you are afraid.

    VICTOR: Of what?

    EDWIN: You are eternal beginner, never it will be challenging, never completed.

    VICTOR: I learn new cultures, speak with different people. I’m happy.

    EDWIN: You never have all words to describe what is inside you. Not favourite colour, much more. Feelings which you feel, words for which you could find only in language which you know, native language. You will feel lost, mute and never Isabel will describe to you nuances of her soul and thoughts.

    VICTOR: What is her name?

    HECTOR: Whose? Your wife? His wife?

    EDWIN: It doesn’t matter.

    VICTOR: You remember her eyes, it’s in your voice. She changed you.

    EDWIN: You are right. Darkness is perfect for confessions. She came to my English course. I, you, every teacher asks why students need that knowledge. She said that like music, films, like every one. And than, on her language, after lecture, she told story of man of her life, not me, obviously... “I met him accidentally, but at first I didn't understand that is love, it was breathe in the stuffed room. I want to tell him that I don’t find name for that feeling, I just want son which will look like him. Is that enough for name it love? I came here to learn that words, to tell him.”

    VICTOR: Words of writer, not language student.

    EDWIN: Yes. And she said, that I knew language, my language in such quality that could describe everything. And she said, that I change languages and women because I don’t need to tell what I feel, because I don’t care.

    VICTOR: Interesting story of yours fourth marriage.

    EDWIN: I didn’t married her, hope she became happy with that man, I’m not sure. I had an idea to be writer, because I knew words to tell stories of all that people who came to me.

    CAROLINE (sobbing): It’s such beautiful story. Now will be electricity. I asked Larry to postpone repair, I need to know ending.

    VICTOR: I have to admit, Edwin, you are good storyteller. I will read your book, sure.

    HECTOR: Red conference room to Edwin. Have a nice day.

    EDWIN: I will wait you on presentation.

    Sound of lift’s door closed.

    HECTOR: Green conference room to Victor. Have a nice day.

    VICTOR: Think about memory improvement, Hector.

    Sound of lift’s door closed.

    HECTOR: If not forget.

    CAROLINE: This time also won’t be complains.

    HECTOR: Your trick with accents always works.

    CAROLINE: Do my best, dear. And maybe we will create not mother with stupid son story.

    HECTOR: They didn’t look at my face. It never fails. We tried everything.

    CAROLINE: I have one more idea.

    HECTOR: Like usual.

    CAROLINE: New lift.

    HECTOR: Unexpectedly. You always know how to surprise me, dear.

    Caroline giggles.

    The end.

    June 2016.

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