Kate Aksonova. Trip to Paris.


    Scene 1.

    Cosy kitchen. Wendy absent-minded chops carrot, already are lot of carrots on kitchen table.

    Enters Nick.

    NICK: Wendy, since when we have rabbit as home pet?

    WENDY: Nick, sorry, I didn’t hear. What did you say?

    NICK: About rabbit.

    WENDY: Which rabbit?

    NICK: I have no idea, you tell me.

    WENDY: Why I have to tell you about rabbit?

    NICK: Who else could eats so many carrots?

    WENDY: Oh, dear. I didn’t notice. I was thinking...

    NICK: It’s after yesterday’s dinner with Mary and John.

    WENDY: Why I should fancy about them?

    NICK: Not about John, I hope so, but about Mary’s story.

    WENDY: It’s your imagination.

    NICK: Remember how they met. John in bank was working with Mary’s debt after her wonderful trip to Paris. And this story is still on your mind.

    WENDY: Perhaps. Only perchance you could be right.

    NICK: Of course, you never admit aloud that I was right in something. You always want to have own mistakes from which I warned you. And after this sit quietly and never agree that my advices, tiny advice could help you.

    WENDY: I am independent woman. Every independent woman sometimes needs to explore by herself deepness of swamp in which she wants to fall.

    NICK: It was instead of - you could be right Nick. In our profession you know more. Your personal experience could be helpful and educational if I at once will listen to you and don’t think that you want worst for me, Nick.

    WENDY: In this moment I just don’t want to interrupt your supposable dialogue with me. It’s curious to listen what you wait I’ll tell you.

    NICK: It’s stupid idea.

    WENDY: Listen to you, Nick.

    NICK: Trip to Paris.

    WENDY: We could afford it.

    NICK: It’s not about money.

    WENDY: What about than?

    NICK: You demand romantic trip, memories. You want to create a story. Our story is not enough for you. You wish album with photos, which show to your giggling girlfriends.

    WENDY: Children and grandchildren.

    NICK: What?

    WENDY: I want that album, but for children and grandchildren to show it, not to girlfriends. By the way all of my girlfriends already had own trip to Paris.

    NICK: Are you about sightseeing tour: seven capitals in three days?

    WENDY: It was seven capitals in five days.

    NICK: How wrong I was!

    WENDY: I spend this time with you.

    NICK: Wendy, you told me that such tour is stupid, you can’t feel the city.

    WENDY: I did.

    NICK: Because of this you require this special trip to Paris. To have different recollections.

    WENDY: To have romantic reminiscences with you.

    NICK: Why you became such stubborn?

    WENDY: It’s fate. I saw signs everywhere.

    NICK: Nostradamus, help me. I listen.

    WENDY: Woman, from which I bought this carrots...

    NICK: Which will be enough for us for year, if you don’t plan to buy a rabbit.

    WENDY: Nick?

    NICK: All attention.

    WENDY: Woman wears T-shirt “Je t’aime Paris”.

    NICK: I wore T-shirt “I hate books” when I received first prize at poetry competition at school, it doesn’t prove...

    WENDY: Than in souvenir shop...

    NICK: You never visit souvenir’s shops. You live in this city.

    WENDY: Was sale and earrings with Eiffel Tower were with eighty percentage discount.

    Wendy shows earrings.

    NICK: You could wait till ninety percentage discount.

    WENDY: They are lovely.

    NICK: Cheap. You had taste. I think you were akin to literature, art and than you bought this. What to wait next - country music, piercing?

    WENDY: It were just earrings. Literature! How many writers found their inspiration in Paris. You again could start to write poetry.

    NICK: Life insurance agents don’t create poetry.

    WENDY: I painted good watercolours at school.

    NICK: Do you know how many artists and writers didn’t found encouragement in Paris?

    WENDY: I don’t.

    NICK: Exactly, because history didn’t save their names.

    WENDY: When we met you quoted poetry to me.

    NICK: Where is connection?

    WENDY: You had romantic sparkle.

    NICK: When we met, you told me terrible stories, how you hate French lessons. How difficult for you was to repeat sounds. That native speaker all the time corrected your phonetic and you never finished that course.

    WENDY: It doesn’t count.

    NICK: How you could picture to spend time in Paris and don’t order croissant in restaurants?

    WENDY: Today you have to came early to work. New apprentice will came.

    NICK: Yes. I remember. You know, how attentive I am to new staff.

    WENDY: I remember, Nick.

    NICK: Coffee I will have at work and buy cheeseburger. Carrot for breakfast is not suitable for me. Bye.

    WENDY: Have a nice day.

    NICK: See you at work.

    Wendy turns head for kiss in cheek. Nick exits without hug.

    Scene 2.

    WENDY: Nick is upset. Mary made debt, after trip in Paris. Why should I?

    Shops, attractive temptation. But if plan ahead every day. Visit historical places, exceptional restaurants. I need for this different clothes. Not something expensive, but classic. Little black dress. That’s all.

    For little black dress I will need little black bag and new pair of shoes. Today’s lunch I will be free. Nick didn’t kiss me, I will have own plans.

    I will make romantic dinner at home in the evening. I want to apologise. And one more, I must check for which dish could be used such amount of chopped carrots!


    Scene 3.

    On kitchen table are blue table clothes, red plates and white vine glasses.

    Wendy in little black dress, black shoes on heels.

    Enters Nick.

    NICK: Bonsoir!

    WENDY: Good evening, Nick. I just offer a compensation for my behaviour at morning.

    NICK: Because of this you decorated table in colours of French flag.

    WENDY: It just random colours, I could change everything.

    NICK: Pas de probleme.

    WENDY: I can’t deduce, why you don’t want to stop.

    NICK: I just amused, that you didn’t put bunch of lavender on table.

    WENDY: At last moment remembered that you have allergy for that smell. Bon appetite!

    Wendy angry exits.

    NICK: Wendy! Merde!


    Scene 4.

    Wendy cleans table, Nick helps her.

    WENDY: Sorry, I was wrong, I put too much effort. You noticed I never insist at something in our relationship. I am sured that man should make a first step.

    NICK: Because of that you were the first who told that you like me, no matter that I’m inexorable jerk.

    WENDY: You insisted that I checked that paper five times.

    NICK: Every time you found a new error.

    WENDY: Why I agree to live with you?

    NICK: I never figured out your real motives, but my version that it was easy for you to have dispute with me in your spare time.

    WENDY: That’s all.

    NICK: Maybe some more things which you wanted to do in private.

    WENDY: Check insurance papers?

    NICK: Touche.

    WENDY: Why you think that I all the time want to prove something to you?

    NICK: Because you rarely agree with me.

    WENDY: I? I use all your advices.

    NICK: Did you inform me about that?

    WENDY: What I did now? And you, you never said thank you for everything that I made for you.

    NICK: I was sure that you also don’t mind and receive pleasure.

    WENDY: Not only about that... When I made something good. I know that I do my best. You know that I do my best. And you just is in mute regime.

    NICK: I realize that you could do better than best - great.

    WENDY: But before that, you could approve my attempts.

    NICK: And for great you think about trip in Paris.

    WENDY: Why on earth this trip?

    NICK: Because you will look gorgeous in that black dress in café on Montmartre.

    WENDY: Are you think so?

    NICK: You insist that I will visualize and say it aloud, you manipulate my feelings.

    WENDY: I? Because that new dress?

    NICK: It’s new.

    WENDY: Yes. New. I wanted to look fabulous for you. And remember that now you won’t discover new lace lingerie covered by that dress. I will go in bar, with my girlfriends and we will giggle over their photos from Paris.

    NICK: Wendy!

    WENDY: Bonne nuite!

    Wendy exits.

    Scene 5.

    NICK: Fiery. Changes her mind like wind. Windy Wendy! Last time, when we were arguing, jealously thing. Young apprentice at work. I walked in that bar. I found her there flirting with younger man. What she said to me as excuse? She felt the same when I was with that girl, she just planned to make me jealous, because believed that I’ll came and see her. And if I spend more time on searching for her, she could die from boredom.

    Trip to Paris. If she wants. I was in Paris, few times, she remembers it. Wendy looks for special memories with me. Maybe it’s her way to show how she cares. Like put my favourite sweets in briefcase at important meeting, left tiny note “You were wrong, but I still love you” in the pocket.

    If she received what she wish, she wins. If I try harder not to depicture lace lingerie, I will be sick. She on purpose said that. The same like don’t think about violet camel who plays on saxophone, you concentrate on it all the time.

    I’ll call her.

    Nick calls by phone.

    NICK: Didn’t answer. Again her games.


    Scene 6.

    On kitchen table are blue table clothes, red plates and white vine glasses, red candles.

    Nick checks everything on table. He is in white shirt.

    Enters Wendy in casual dress.

    NICK: I am glad that you came.

    WENDY: You asked. Wait for someone?

    NICK: It’s for you. For us. I want to apologise. You ignored my calls.

    WENDY: I can’t answer.

    NICK: I understand, you was angry with me.

    WENDY: I really can’t.

    NICK: Why?

    WENDY: Because I left my phone here. Than was weekend at friend’s house. And only today you suggested me to came.

    NICK: I phoned to you lot of times. Forty a day. I could hear.

    WENDY: I put it on mute regime, because planned special evening.

    NICK: Than you’ll need at first charge your phone. I was so wrong.

    WENDY: I agree.

    NICK: Wendy!

    WENDY: I recognize that you were wrong. I also was stubborn when wanted such trip with you to Paris. We live different love. It’s not essential stupid romantic proves like in advertisement. I learned. We could argue every day. How I missed our argues, hell. I wanted too much. Sorry. We don’t need romantic trip to Paris. I don’t demand it. I love you, no matter that you was right.

    Wendy kisses Nick.

    NICK: You are conscious that your behaviour adds grey hair on my head.

    WENDY: You’ll look more mature with it.

    NICK: Did you think about me at 3 o’clock in the morning?

    WENDY: Yes.

    NICK: And what about?

    WENDY: Different thoughts.

    NICK: Oh!

    WENDY: Not only oh, I’m afraid.

    NICK: You always say that I never concede you.

    WENDY: Truth. You never like my ideas. I didn’t start new fight. I just admit things which are correct.

    NICK: I want to ask advice from you in difficult situation in which I am now.

    WENDY: I don’t be proud that at least once you asked me for help. It means that deep inside you are agree that I am smart. I just say: What can I do for you?

    NICK: What I should do with two tickets for week romantic trip in Paris which are between plates on table?

    Wendy rushes to table, puts away plate, takes two tickets.

    WENDY: You did it. You did it for me.

    NICK: I wait for advice.

    WENDY: I think you really are right in most of decisions which I iniciated.

    Nick kisses Wendy.

    NICK: What next?

    WENDY: Trip for a week. I’ll need more dresses and you will need something new in your wardrobe.

    NICK: You are unstoppable and unpredictable.

    WENDY: In other way you’ll became bored with me.

    NICK: My secret fantasy.

    WENDY: What did you prepared for diner?

    NICK: Poison et frites. (Fish and chips).

    WENDY: How surprising.

    NICK: I’m foreseeable.

    WENDY: Yes, and I love you for that.

    NICK: I love you no matter what, it’s more difficult. Paris, nous attend!

    Wendy jumps with tickets, than kisses Nick.


    July 2016.

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