Kate Aksonova. OLD SINS.

©Катерина Аксьонова

    More about play Play after play.

    Girl - teenager.
    Mother - woman 40 years.
    Aunt - woman near 40 years.
    Grandma - woman over 60 years.
    Rufus – man 40 years.

    Act 1.

    Scene 1
    Living room in an apartment. On stage rushes Girl, after her runs Mother.
    Mother: How did you behave? What did you allow yourself?
    Girl: It's not my guilt. I just told the truth.
    Mother: You were rude to grandmother.
    Girl: I said: Not your problem.
    Mother: She just asked you - which lessons are you have today?
    Girl: I said to her – back off, it is me, not you go to school.
    Mother: Did you not ashame? I brought up you well. I have to call your father.
    Girl: So, you know how to find him?
    Mother (in the heat of the argument): Sure.
    Girl: My aunt Tacy was right. You did not take child support from him because of your own choice.
    Mother: How dare you? You discussed me …

    Scene 2.
    From a side door enters Aunt.
    Aunt: What a scream. You didn't give me a chance to sleep.
    Mother (switches her anger to Aunt): Who give you the right to talk about me? Yes, especially with my daughter.
    Aunt: Val, are you out of your mind? I just woke up because of your cries. And you already had blame me in something.
    Mother: It is not your business, if I received child support for my daughter or not. It is not your worries.
    Aunt: It is not my business. Exactly! But if you took money from her father, maybe it would be different.
    Mother: Do not poke your nose into my life!
    Aunt: I am not. Stop yelling and you can solve all problems by yourself.
    Mother: What do you know? Your life did not work. So you chose to taught me.
    Aunt: Val, that's enough! You make a row with your daughter, I happen to come across you. Let's stop.
    Mother: I did not start. (turns to Girl): You have to explain me what is happening.
    Aunt: It's for long.
    Aunt passes through the scene, goes to opposite direction from where she cames.

    Scene 3.
    Girl: Nothing happened.
    Mother: And your behavior?
    Girl: Everyone in family have problems and confusions. And you all took it out on me. And then you all want something from me.
    Mother: I'm your mother, I brought you up and demand respect.
    Girl: I'm your daughter and I am asking for truth.
    Mother: What do you need from me?
    Girl: Why you did not give me father's phone number?
    Mother: This is not your business. It is my decision.
    Girl: You decide, you demand. Have I the right on something?
    Mother: Behave appropriately. And you must ...
    Girl: I must go to school.
    Girl quickly leaves.

    Scene 4.

    Mother: They're all crazy. I keep this house alone, and they treated me like this. Ann is completely out of control. Mum with claims. More, Tacy returned. I can't stand it.

    Scene 5.
    Aunt enters.
    Aunt: Yes, I came back. When you agree to live with it?
    Mother: Never. We had normal life.
    Aunt: Of course, money to medicine for mother was gone, you had the debt for the flat.
    Mother: Yes, I would have coped!
    Aunt: And then I returned and didn’t let you became a martyr.
    Mother: It's okay. Nothing happened with you. You once helped family. Don’t wait for appreciation. You live here, you should ...
    Aunt: Do not explain me what I should do and what I should not do. Better tell me what is it with your beloved Ann.
    Mother: Nothing, with Ann all is fine.
    Aunt: Because it's all good, she went out and slammed the door so hard that the hanger felled down.
    Mother: This was a draught.
    Aunt: Val, she is teenager.
    Mother: Difficult age? She is still a child.
    Aunt: Ann had a quarrel with her boyfriend. For several days she went alone to school.
    Mother: Tacy, what you say. Ann is not interested in boys.
    Aunt: Val, she has interest in boys, that's fine. Not normal is that you do not want to see changes in daughter's life.
    Mother: There are no changes. And do not put her against me. Do you hear, you have no right!
    Aunt: Scandal in the morning it's not the best. I still have a job, you too. Come on, better silently gather to work.

    Scene 6.
    Girl is walking around the room, talks to herself.
    Girl: To say or not to say. Did she know or not know, I must consult with someone. Maybe my grandmother? Only she is at home now. But we argue all the time. I'll try. I don't think that work...

    Why he puts the choice on me? Why should I choose, and not he? Why I cannot tell him or - or? In what I can threat him? Even if I tell everybody, they will say: You have to blame yourself too.

    What to do? And if ... no, alone is scary. I need to ask anyone. I can't talk with the girls... Mother will generally explode.

    Aunt gets mad, but helps. It is true, after that aunt will completely break up with mum, but I am not worry of their problems, I have to sort out mine.

    Scene 7.
    Enters Grandma.
    Grandma: Did you come back?
    Girl: Yes.
    Grandma: I hadn't heard. When you left, everything fell down.
    Girl: This was draught.
    Grandma: What's happening?
    Girl: Nothing.
    Grandma: Why do you quarrel with all of us?
    Girl: I do not. Everyone need something from me. I owe to all.
    Grandma: And you cry as the answer.
    Girl: I try to explain, somehow, what is happening. No one want to listen.
    Grandma: Maybe you could tell the truth, what actually happened.
    Girl: Nothing. You complain at my every word.
    Grandma: To whom are you crying on the phone: You are involved too.
    Girl: You are intercept me. I don’t have my life. How's that possible! After it you still offended, how in these conditions ...
    Grandma: If you do not want – be quiet. But please, stop fuss with all.
    Girl: I'm not the one who start scandals. Why you all not leave me alone?
    Grandma: After you left, mother swore with aunt.
    Girl: What I have in common with it? They always argue when they start to live under one roof. I have nothing to do with it.
    Grandma: Good. Do you want to eat?
    Girl: I'm not hungry.
    Grandma: You need to eat, you're pale. Come on.
    Girl: Why you don’t tell that I owe something to you?
    Grandma: You know it yourself. And shout at you senseless, it makes no reason.
    Girl: From where is such faith?
    Grandma: I have two adult daughters.

    Scene 8.
    Girl is alone on stage. She waits for someone, nervous. Aunt enters.
    Aunt: What's the mystery?
    Girl: Are mum and granny still talking there?
    Aunt: Yes, your mother prepares the meat and watches with granny show on TV. What do you want? You try to show me something, but I do not understand.
    Girl: We need to talk.
    Aunt: Let's go to my room and close the door.
    Girl: No. We can't. We will be here, I want to see when someone is coming.
    Aunt: What's wrong with you?
    Girl: Nothing. Nothing special or unusual.
    Aunt: Good. You sound convincing. What do you want?
    Girl: I had thought for long time with whom to share... I think you are only candidate.
    Aunt: And your mother?
    Girl: This possibility only in extreme cases.
    Aunt: Have you now not such situation?
    Girl: Not yet, I hope so.
    Aunt: Are you sure?
    Girl: I really count on it.
    Aunt: Good. I'm listening.
    Girl: I have a certain kind of problem.
    Aunt: What's the problem?
    Girl: Can you listen till end?
    Aunt: Fall silent.
    Girl: One problem. In general, I know how to get out of this situation. I even have two choices. I need not help, but rather support. I decided almost everything by myself. I scare, I scare to go alone. And I look forward to your support.
    Aunt: You can count on my help and support. Only I did not understand nothing from your words.
    Girl: I was put against a decision.
    Aunt: By whom?
    Girl: It's not so important.
    Aunt: So, more important is the choice.
    Girl: Yes. The fact is that ... I do not even know how to say.
    Aunt: As you wish. If I do not understand, I can't help.
    Girl: I need your help. In reality I …

    Scene 9.
    Mother enters.
    Mother: Why do you need help? Why you do not want to talk to me?
    Girl: Mom, it has nothing to do with you.
    Mother: How it is? You asked for help not your own mother.
    Girl: Do not worry, I will decide myself. Leave me alone.
    Girl exits.

    Scene 10.
    Mother: What's wrong with my daughter?
    Aunt: How I know?
    Mother: She talked to you. Do not defend her.
    Aunt: I have no idea, she mumbled something, but did not say anything clear.
    Mother: It is better not to hide anything from me and get between a mother and daughter.
    Aunt: I do not get between anyone. She tried to say something, you came, she changed her mind.
    Mother: And you did not bother that she turns to you and not to me.
    Aunt: It's your personal problem with daughter. I'm not the one to blame.
    Mother: When you moved here she became reserved. It is hard for her.
    Aunt: Val, for God's sake. If I would hinder her, she will say it me in plain text. Your daughter does not know how to choose words.
    Mother: Do not blame my daughter.
    Aunt: No critique for you nor your daughter. Live for yourself, do not interfere me in your scandals.
    Mother: Nobody asked you. You enmeshed yourself everywhere.
    Aunt: I'll go to my room, drink the medicine. I've got a headache because of you.
    Mother: If Ann something share with you, you’ll tell me?
    Aunt: She will not tell.
    Mother: You must promise me.
    Aunt: I will decide myself.
    Mother: You have no right.
    Aunt: Come on.

    Scene 11.
    On backstage is shouting, yelling, “Oh, clot”, crying. Girl runs to the scene. After her runs Mother, beats Girl with a towel. After them run Grandma and Aunt. Grandma overshadows Girl. Aunt catches Mother's hands.
    Grandma: Val, enough!
    Mother (yells): What is enough? Such embarrassment.
    Aunt: Come, sit down. You give me a towel and we all just talk.
    Mother: I show her.
    Aunt: Maybe give her opportunity to put in a word.
    Mother: Why? I already had heard all it. Such humiliation.
    Girl (through tears): You are the same. You are not concern about it.
    Mother (tries again to hit the Girl but Aunt keeps her away): I do not care. How dare you? Rotter.
    Grandma: Stop both. Scream is nothing changes there.
    Aunt: Yes. Nothing. You have to calm down and I'll know what's going on.
    Grandma: Tacy, what are you talking?
    Aunt: What am I? I came home from work, tired, by the way. I opened the door, and my sister is running after her own daughter screaming "you clot". My mother tries to separate them.
    Grandma: So you did not understand what is happening.
    Aunt: No.
    Mother: Why then you meddle in?
    Aunt: I decided at first to prevent infanticide, and then knew what is happening.
    Mother: This airhead have brought shame to me, but you knew that already.
    Aunt: What did I know?
    Grandma: We know that Ann consulted with you.
    Aunt: Oh, she did not tell me. She mentioned about problem and that she was scared to go alone.
    Mother: Did you not guess?
    Aunt: No.
    Mother: You need direct text, at a glance you do not understand. You have no tact.
    Aunt: Val, that's enough, I have a towel and if you do not stop ...
    Mother: This fat-head work up a child.
    Aunt: What?
    Grandma: That's true.
    Aunt: Ann!
    Girl: Yes. Leave me alone. (Tries to leave)
    Aunt, Mother, Grandma: Sit down.
    Girl returns to her chair.
    Aunt: I listen. Tell us what happened.
    Mother: When I went to work, I met her classmate's mother. And she said to me, I would not advised you as a doctor, at this age could be complications.
    Aunt: What kind of classmate's mother? Why she advised?
    Mother: Mom of her classmate – she is gynecologist. And this sassy went to her for advice.
    Aunt: And there you knew that you are pregnant. Ann, I'm asking you.
    Mother: No, she consulted about abortion.
    Aunt: That meant that you do not want to go alone to abortion. Ann, I'm waiting for an answer.
    Girl: Yes.
    Grandma: Oh, my heart is aching. I will go to lie down.
    Mother: Look what you've done, yuck.
    Aunt: Mom, now you go to bed.
    Mother and Aunt take Grandma by hand, they exit. Girl stays alone on stage.

    Scene 12.
    Returns Aunt.
    Girl: How is Grandma?
    Aunt: I think now she will be better. She is too nervous. What was here before I came?
    Girl: Better not ask ... Mom rushed and generally ...
    Aunt: How long you were going to be silent?
    Girl: So far, till all this will be settled down.
    Aunt: And then?
    Girl: No one would know.
    Aunt: Yes, that's why you went consult your classmate's mother.
    Girl: I didn't know what to do. I could not spoke with my mother or grandmother. What would you did in my place?
    Aunt (shudders): I? Me?
    Girl: Yes, you are.
    Aunt: I went to seek advice from my loved ones.
    Girl: And then?
    Aunt: I did as they advise.
    Girl: I would not able to.
    Aunt: I could, and have lifelong regret.
    Girl: What about you're talking?
    Aunt: It's not important. We have to deal with you.

    Scene 13.
    Mother enters.
    Mother: Once again gathered, plotters.
    Aunt: Val, calm down. How is mum?
    Mother: She rests. This trash will brings us all into the grave.
    Aunt: Let's look at what happened.
    Mother: There is nothing - everything is clear.
    Aunt: Not for me. Can I ask your daughter a couple of questions?
    Mother: I listen to your ideas.
    Aunt: Please.
    After a pause Aunt begins to speak.
    Aunt: Ann, you know who is the father of the child.
    Girl: Yes.
    Mother: Are you calling my daughter a whore? I do not let you.
    Aunt: A couple of minutes ago you labeled her how you want. Do not interrupt me.
    Mother: I have the right to call her anyhow, she's my daughter. And you have no right.
    Girl: After how you named me, Mum, I do not care.
    Mother: I'm telling you, plotters. It's all your influence, Tacy. My daughter went on an inclined way as you.
    Aunt: Val, shut up! Now our subject is your daughter. And, if you want to know, you're also not see through it all. You didn't see that something wrong with your daughter. You did nothing.
    Girl: I can go, you swear to each other. You do not need me.
    Aunt: No, you sit down and listen to everything.
    Girl: Who are you, that I have to listen to you?
    Mother: Do not argue with aunt, I'm not let you to speak with adults like that.
    Girl: Fine. You are united again.
    Aunt: Does he know?
    Girl: Who?
    Aunt: Father of the child knows that he will be father of your child.
    Girl: Yes.
    Mother: So what?
    Girl: What?
    Aunt: What was his reaction?
    Girl: We had a quarrel.
    Aunt: Good. What did he say?
    Girl: That I should solve this problem.
    Mother: And you?
    Girl: I burst into tears.
    Aunt: And he?
    Girl: He said that I should choose by myself.
    Mother: And you made a choice without consulting me.
    Girl: Yes.
    Mother: How could you?
    Aunt: Val, your advice did not always lead to good. Believe me.
    Mother: You're again back to the old. How can you compare yourself and my daughter? She is still a child, and you could make your own decisions.
    Aunt: I'll go and see how is mother.
    Aunt exits.

    Scene 14.
    Girl: About what advise aunt speaks all the time?
    Mother: Not your business. There are her past mistakes. There are her old sins. Her sins lie heavy on her, because it she loose her temper. She can't live with husbands. And then she comes back here to have revenge.
    Girl: Why?
    Mother: Do not change the topic of conversation. You are more important now. You said that he knows.
    Girl: Yes.
    Mother: Who is he, tell me?
    Girl: No.
    Mother: I still want to know the truth.
    Girl: I can't say, we broke up. Now it does not matter.
    Mother: Why it does not matter?
    Girl: It does not matter.
    Mother (in horror): You've already done! Speak.
    Girl: No, but I firmly decided.
    Mother: I will not let you.
    Girl: Why not let? You said - a shame.
    Mother: Well, that's if you do not marry.
    Girl: Marriage?
    Mother: Yes. How old is he?
    Girl: Seventeen.
    Mother: Fine. A good age. At first you stay with us. You will need help with a child. And then ...
    Girl: Mum, you're raving.
    Mother: How you talk to me?
    Girl: Kirk will not going to marry me.
    Mother: I see, the future son-in-law name is Kirk. And you was so afraid to tell.
    Girl: Whose son-in-law? You did not heard me, there will be no baby, no marriage. Neither I nor he did need it.
    Mother: You say so now, then you will be sorry.
    Girl: I will not regret anything. I will not. I have my life, everything will be fine.
    Mother: If he doubts, we connect to this situation the father.
    Girl: Whose father?
    Mother: Yours. He should somehow participate in the life of his daughter.
    Girl: You do not hear me. I will not live as you want.
    Mother: You will!

    Scene 15.
    Aunt enters.
    Aunt: Why do you again become uproarious?
    Mother: How is mum?
    Aunt: Fine. She sends me here to separate you.
    Mother: I just talk with my daughter.
    Aunt: Yes, the walls are shaking. What is final decision?
    Girl: Do not listen. I had all agreed, and she did not want to accept.
    Mother: You're stupid, I know better.
    Aunt: Tell me.
    Mother: Ann marry Kirk. At beginning they will live here, because she needs help with newborn.
    Aunt: So, father is Kirk.
    Girl: Yes.
    Aunt: And you're planning to get married. You changed your mind and keep the child.
    Girl: I'm not going to get married. Any child, it's all my mother's imagination.
    Mother: It's not fantasy. It's right.
    Aunt: For you everything is right when it's your choice.
    After a tense pause, starts Aunt.
    Aunt: Ann, I have a question for you. Which choice had you?
    Mother: Tacy, what are you talking about?
    Aunt: Well, what did you said - one problem. And you know how to get out of this situation. That you need not help, but support. And you had all agree with yourself. What was it?
    Mother: It does not matter.
    Girl: Yes. It does not matter.
    Aunt: And...
    Girl: We have just quarreled with Kirk and he said ...
    Aunt: Choose me or the baby.
    Girl: How do you know?
    Mother: Your aunt is expert in slippery situations.
    Aunt: You chose him.
    Girl: Yes.
    Aunt: And then he promised to return to you.
    Girl: We'll be together.
    Aunt: It is naive and foolish. He lied to you.
    Girl: You did not know.
    Aunt: He lied twice. If you leave a child - he will not go anywhere, he has to admit child.
    Mother: Yes, we will tell your father. And now there are special analysis. He did not relieve of responsibility.
    Aunt: And he lied second time when he said that will stay with you if you decide to get rid of the child.
    Girl: He's not...
    Aunt: In any case, he will change his mind.
    Girl: Why do you set up against him?
    Mother: Because that's your aunt knows from her personal experience. For a start we will force him to marry you on an amicable way.
    Girl: Do you want this baby?

    Scene 16.
    Enters Grandma.
    Grandma: You should keep this child.
    Mother: Mum, are you feel better?
    Grandma: Not so. I can take part in the conversation.
    Girl: Have I keep this child?
    Mother: Yes, of course, Kirk will marry you and you will have a child.
    Aunt: If she does not get married?
    Mother: What are you talking about? He had no other choice.
    Aunt: But if she does not get married? What to do with the child?
    Girl: Yes, mother. What should I do? I am trash and scandal will be...
    Mother: Shut up. (After a pause.) Anyway, you will born a child. I'll help you.
    Grandma: We'll help you. Even if you not deserve it.
    Girl: And I'll be alone with baby.
    Mother: Do not worry, you have a family. We'll not leave you in trouble.
    Girl: I do not want to be a single mother.
    Mother: The doctor said, it can be bad for your health.
    Girl: I do not want so ... why nobody listen to me.
    Girl runs out in tears.

    Scene 17.
    Mother tries to run after Girl, Grandma stops her.
    Grandma: Let her cry. Let her think. She will understand that we are right.
    Mother: Are you sure?
    Grandma: Yes. She accepts the idea of responsibility about child. With that she had no other choice.
    Aunt: Abortion. Always a way out.
    Mother: What are you talking about?
    Aunt: Really?
    Mother: You know, the doctor said. And you have no beliefs.
    Aunt: Did I have no morals? I repeated word to word advice of my mother, which she gave me fifteen years ago.
    Mother: What are you comparing? With whom do you compare yourself?
    Aunt: You used to talk in different way.
    Grandma: What do you denote?
    Aunt: He's not worthy of you. You can keep the child, we'll help you. Everything is different now.
    Mother: What do you mean?
    Aunt: Do not pretend that you remember nothing.
    Mother: You? It was your decision.
    Aunt: Truly?
    Grandma: Do not stir up the past. We did not come back to this affair for so many years.
    Aunt: You did not come back. Now you have an opportunity to give once again advise in the same situation.
    Mother: It was your conclusion.
    Aunt: Yes. And it was supported by my close people. And now - we will not return to this subject for so many years! I wake up and fall asleep with this concern every day. You didn’t worry about your responsibility.
    Grandma: What do you want?
    Aunt: Fairness, justice!
    Mother: You want to break up my daughter's life, to have retaliation for what you had not for yourself.
    Aunt: Yes, your daughter, your granddaughter! Previously, everything was unlike.
    Grandma: You've had a very different situation.
    Aunt: In what?
    Mother: In all.
    Aunt: What was dissimilar?

    Act 2.

    Scene 1.
    The same room. Curtains and tablecloth are in different color. Fifteen years earlier.
    Actresses are the same, but behave like younger. Enters Aunt, she is in good humor. After her enters Mom, she is tired.
    Aunt: Why are you so sad?
    Mother: Did you just come?
    Aunt: Yes. What happened?
    Mother: We called a doctor to Ann.
    Aunt: Is it something serious?
    Mother: No. Teeth are cut.
    Aunt: She is growing.
    Mother: Tacy, I did not sleep at all. Will you sit with baby? I can take a nap.
    Aunt: Yes.
    Mother: Only troubles with children.
    Aunt: And joy?
    Mother: Disturbance.
    Aunt: Did he call?
    Mother: No, for three days.
    Aunt: Val, for how long are you going to torture yourself?
    Mother: He's tired, not enough of sleep.
    Aunt: Do not defend him.
    Mother: Sit with my child and do not read morals to me.
    Aunt: If you say so.
    Mother leaves.

    Scene 2.
    Enters Grandma.
    Grandma: Is Val lay to rest?
    Aunt: Yes, Mum. Now I sit with Ann.
    Grandma: No, I looked, she was asleep.
    Aunt: Is she teething?
    Grandma: Yes.
    Aunt: Did you get use to the role of the grandmother?
    Grandma: Already. I worry about Val's relationship with her husband.
    Aunt: She said that he did not call for three days.
    Grandma: I do not know how he could behave like that when he has a wife and daughter.
    Aunt: Val told me that it is hard for him, he hadn’t enough sleep.
    Grandma: Who said that is easy with a baby? But it is his child and he should not get tired of her.
    Aunt: I think, Val protects him.
    Grandma: What do you mean?
    Aunt: She is always agrees to any of his complains. She proposes him to relax and not takes part in all that.
    Grandma: Do you want to say that the idea about rest from the child is Val proposal? This is silly.
    Aunt: No. But Val did not mind.
    Grandma: From where did you get such conclusions?
    Aunt: The last time when he was gone for a couple of days, I saw him on the street.
    Grandma: With whom?
    Aunt: Val.
    Grandma: And why not?
    Aunt: He did not come home. They just walked around like in a date.
    Grandma: You think that she isolates him from daughter.
    Aunt: I think she isolates him from the problems and worries.
    Grandma: If this is true, won’t wait nothing good from such marriage. And how are you with Rufus?
    Aunt: It's okay.
    Grandma: He did not come here any more.
    Aunt: More important that I see him often.
    Grandma: Well, well, most important do not miss him. He is a prominent man.
    Aunt: Mum.
    Grandma: I say what I know.

    Scene 3.
    Mother sits distraught, Grandma calms her. Aunt enters in good humour and does not immediately understand what happens.
    Aunt: Why is so quiet here?
    Grandma: What is you joy about?
    Aunt: I have a reason for that. Or I do not have a right? What happened again?
    Mother: He took the things and left.
    Aunt: Anew? It's okay. He comes back soon. Ann is already quite grown up, we sleep all nights.
    Mother: He says that this situation prevents him from work.
    Aunt: Everything is always bad for him.
    Mother: And you're both in our live!
    Grandma: Val, we're watching your child.
    Mother: It is hard for us to live all together.
    Aunt: Rent a flat, live separately.
    Mother: Oh, maybe you better rent a flat. Or you will move to Rufus. It's time for you and he get married.
    Grandma: And where to go me?
    Mother: You could live with us while Ann is little.
    Grandma: And then?
    Aunt: Val, you should be ashamed.
    Mother: Me? You are guilty. Because of you my family life fell apart.
    Aunt: Solve your own problems yourself, not at my expense. I'm leaving. I don't spend the night here, do not wait for me.
    Aunt exits.

    Scene 4.
    Grandma: Val, why you say so.
    Mother: She has to know. To her is easier to leave. I can't rent an apartment with a small child.
    Grandma: Do you think that this brings back Eugene?
    Mother: I do not know, but she will not disturb me.
    Grandma: How can you quarrel with sister all the time? First for the doll, then the dress, now about a place to live.
    Mother: I can lay down conditions, I have a small child. And I have my family to be saved.
    Grandma: Calm down. Save the family, but don't you think that he leaves too often.
    Mother: And you with her together! Both of you want for me to have it all wrong. No way.
    Mother leaves.

    Scene 5.
    Grandma: Where I made mistake? They are in no way agree. One says white and another says black. Eugene feels hard with us. I can talk with Rufus. Why do they pull it all away? Tacy will marry, would be living with him. Val would calm down, and I will look after grandchildren here and there.

    Scene 6.
    Aunt straightens her hair.
    Aunt: What to say? I do not know. Just found out today. Will he be glad? I should ask Val how Eugene responded. What did he say?

    Val now is a bad adviser, she is angry to all world. Yesterday he went out again. Five years of go away and come back. No, for me this will not happen. Rufus is not like Eugene, he will not periodically go away.

    He will be overjoyed, I suppose. And we are planning to get married. But here such an occasion. Yes, probably so, and I say simply. We will have a child. Easy, without further words, I will say it.

    Scene 7.
    Mother enters.
    Mother: To where you go such well-dressed? To Rufus?
    Aunt: Who else?
    Mother: Rejoice, run, then you will cry a lots like me.
    Aunt: To me all be unlike.
    Mother: No one will have anything different. You will howl as wolf, wash your face with tears.
    Aunt: Shut up! Don't try to spoil my mood.
    Mother: And what kind of occasion for the joy you have?
    Aunt: I don't tell, now I nothing tell you. You're heartless.
    Mother: You think you're good. Rejoice. I had a lot for rejoicing. Now above Ann I am crying.
    Aunt (plugs her ears with her hands): I do not listen, do not listen. I'll be fine.
    Mother: Rejoice, rejoice, you will have your tears.

    Scene 8.
    Aunt walks around the room, upset.
    Aunt: No, this can not happen. It's just a mistake. How he changed in face. Scared, surprised. Now this is the wrong time ... How do I know when is proper time. His plans. And the child? He has to travel a lot, now is not suitable time to it. Where to go? Why not he told me? The increase, opportunities.

    He said like it only touch me. Make decisions by yourself, what I think about it - you know. What I am supposed to think? And my feelings, plans. What to do? How to behave? How I could choose here. It is not normal. He was as stranger, I had never hear such words from him.

    Scene 9.
    Enters Grandma.
    Grandma: Tacy, you're already home.
    Aunt: Yes.
    Grandma: Val's husband had gone again.
    Aunt: When it all be over? He comes and goes. I am exhausted.
    Grandma: He leaves. He filled documents for divorce.
    Aunt: It can't be.
    Grandma: May be.
    Aunt: But why?
    Grandma: He says Val linked world with baby. He had plans, increase. Before he didn't agreed to promotions, now no one propose it to him.
    Aunt: How can he says that?
    Grandma: Val told me that Eugene asked to wait with the child, to postponed. There will be better opportunities. But Val became obstinate: the child is not a hindrance to anyone. He proposed to live only for each other.

    Aunt: It's easier to move from place to place.
    Grandma: Yeah. You see, Val told you this too.
    Aunt: It's not Val. What now?
    Grandma: Nothing. Val agrees to divorce and she did not take single penny from him to Ann.
    Aunt: She was fond of him.
    Grandma: Now she hates him.
    Aunt: What might have been different?
    Grandma: I do not know, if she had not insisted on the child. Only now, guess it's too late. It's over.

    Scene 10.
    Mother enters.
    Mother: You are talking about me.
    Aunt: Val, I'm sorry.
    Grandma: Val, still everything may be fine.
    Mother: What? It's over.
    Aunt: It may still be reconciled.
    Mother: I do not know, after what he had done.
    Aunt: And Ann?
    Mother: I did not explain anything to her. I cry, she cries. And he does not care.
    Grandma: Is Ann still crying?
    Mother: Yes, I can't calm her down.
    Grandma: I'll go and I'll try.
    Mother: Nothing helps.
    Grandma exits.

    Scene 11.
    Mother: Tacy, why you not glad about it?
    Aunt: What?
    Mother: I have divorce with my husband. You will not have to move out and find a place to live. Everything remains the same.
    Aunt: Why do you think that your trouble is pleasure to me?
    Mother: I've always cheered your troubles.
    Aunt: Well, then you quickly lift your spirit.
    Mother: Do you have problems? Did you finally make a mistake?
    Aunt: Yes. I decided to share with you.
    Mother: Why listen to me? Husband accused me that I ruined his career. I did not agree to go from one place to another with a small child. And what could I do with a child?
    Aunt: Left her to mum.
    Mother: Are you kidding? You had been against it.
    Aunt: How do you know? You never asked me.
    Mother: Who needs someone else problem?
    Aunt: Did Eugene ask you to wait with the child?
    Mother: Mum said. Yes, he asked.
    Aunt: What about you?
    Mother: I was sure that can cope with it. He said that at first we have to live for ourselves, make a career.
    Aunt: And you?
    Mother: Now, I divorced, I have a child, she went in kindergarten. Several years of scandals behind me.
    Aunt: If you knew that this would happen, what would you do?
    Mother: I do not have a time machine. You too.
    Aunt: What would you do differently?
    Mother: Stupid question.
    Aunt: I know that you think about it. What?
    Mother: I'll tell you now a terrible thing. No, I would not do it now, I love Ann.
    Aunt: What?
    Mother: I could wait with the child. He could has a couple of years for his career, and then in a calm atmosphere ...
    Aunt: Do you put on same scales the child and man?
    Mother: No. Yes. I put a calm and deadlock. I do not know what I can give her. I will be a single mother. It will be very difficult. And just because it is seemed to me so easy to start a family.
    Aunt: I do not believe you.
    Mother: I do not believe myself either, but in these circumstances, it now looks like the right way.
    Aunt: Must be another way.
    Mother: I've done everything right, look at me now.

    Scene 12.
    Enters Grandma.
    Grandma: Ann felled asleep.
    Mother: Have you calm her down?
    Grandma: I did.
    Mother: Did she say something?
    Grandma: Val it is not necessary.
    Aunt: What?
    Grandma: Ann said she didn’t want to see her father.
    Mother: Why?
    Grandma: He's angry and yelling all the time.
    Mother: That's better.
    Grandma: What is finer? Why?
    Mother: I do not have to explain it all to her. And I don't have to discourage her from meeting with her father.
    Grandma: That's not right.
    Mother: Why he can do that to me, and I can't?
    Aunt: I need to talk to you!
    Mother: You again. You only think about yourself.
    Aunt: I am very sorry for you Val, but we really need to talk.
    Grandma: Tacy, is this important?
    Aunt: Yes.
    Grandma: What happened?
    Aunt: I am expecting a baby.
    Grandma: Are you sure?
    Aunt: The doctor confirmed it.
    Mother: That's interesting, you are fine. And you're looking for attention. (Mother wants to leave).
    Aunt: Val, not everything so good.
    Mother: Really? (Stays)
    Grandma: What is it - health?
    Aunt: No. Rufus said that now is the wrong time for birth a child.
    Mother: Kids are always are at the wrong time for them. He is the same as my ex.
    Aunt: Not true, not like him.
    Grandma: Do you defend him? He does not want a child.
    Aunt: I do not protect. Just Eugene, sorry Val, always behaved like a bastard. And Rufus ... (she stops, tears pours)
    Mother: And your Rufus showed his face just now.
    Grandma: Stop, do not quarrel. What's the problem?
    Aunt (says, but sobs): He does not want a child now, does not want. He suggested to postponed a baby, and then when we stand up on our feet ...
    Grandma: Did he left you?
    Aunt: No, if I put off the child.
    Grandma: And if you leave a child?
    Aunt: He says that he will not have time to pay attention to baby.
    Grandma: And what do you want?
    Aunt: I do not know. What to do?
    After a pause.
    Grandma: You must decide.
    Aunt: I'm pregnant, but he insists on an abortion. Then he will stay with me.
    Grandma: Do not ruin your life. Do as he wants. He leaves you and where you will go with child.
    Aunt: What about you?
    Mother: We will not replace husband to you. He said himself that he would marry.
    Aunt: He told.
    Mother: What to think then?
    Aunt: I have no choice.
    Grandma: Abortion. Always a way out.
    Aunt: What do you suggest to me?
    Mother: An exit. Do you want to be a single mother like me?
    Aunt: Eugene married you.
    Grandma: Rufus is also marry, but then goes away.
    Aunt: If he's gone, what's the point to get rid of the child.
    Grandma: You doesn't break your life. Rufus leaves you, you’ll find another. Who needs Val with the child?
    Mother: That's right, this burden is not needed. Are we going to live with small children and alone? Do you want to live like me?
    Aunt: No. Not like you, I do not want to live like you.
    Grandma: So you have already chose. But remember - it's your decision. Independent and correct.

    Scene 13.
    Mother and Aunt enter. Aunt is depressed.
    Mother: Oh, how soon. Quickly they do all.
    Aunt: Yes. Fast.
    Mother: That's good. And I have day-off. Still have time to laundry. Can I bring something to you?
    Aunt: No, thank you.
    Mother: You better lie down. The doctor said, you might be weak, dizzy.
    Aunt: I feel hollow in my soul.
    Mother: It will pass. How did he react?
    Aunt: Calmly. He said that now we will build the plans.
    Mother: Why then did you tell him?
    Aunt: I do not know.
    Mother: You know, you know. You had another week in the stock. You thought that he repents to your feet with tears of sorrow. And you say to him in tears of joy, you will say that it is not resolved yet.
    Aunt: Val is not necessary.
    Mother: It is not of my malice. I just understand how you feel. You do it right.
    Aunt: Remind me about this often. I have already hesitated choice.
    Mother: It will soon pass.

    Scene 14.
    Grandma and Mother in the living room. Aunt enters.
    Aunt: He's gone.
    Grandma: Who, where?
    Aunt: Rufus left me.
    Mother: Why?
    Aunt: He marries another woman.
    Grandma: You missed such a man.
    Mother: What happened?
    Aunt: Another one is pregnant.
    Mother: You was also.
    Aunt: He said that she will not kill his child, and I could.
    Grandma: But we told you.
    Aunt: I did as you say.
    Mother: You had to keep a head on yours shoulders.
    Aunt: That's enough, I never, and for nothing ask your advice.
    Grandma: Do not blame everyone around, you are responsible for your actions yourself.

    Scene 15.
    Aunt is alone on stage, then enters Grandma.
    Grandma: I asked you pick up Ann after school.
    Aunt: I do not care.
    Grandma: How cruel you became. You only think about yourself.
    Aunt: I do not think about myself. I do not think about you.
    Grandma: In what we did not pleased you?
    Aunt: In everything.
    Mother enters.
    Mother: Again Ann not taken in time, what is it?
    Grandma: Tacy did not come.
    Mother: Once more. It's already cross the frontier. The next time ...
    Aunt: It won't be next time.
    Mother: What?
    Aunt: I did not take your daughter, I was busy.
    Grandma: What is it?
    Aunt: I pick up my things.
    Mother: Where are you go?
    Aunt: I'll live with my husband.
    Grandma: Your husband, a husband?
    Aunt: Husband. I can show you the document.
    Grandma: For how long have you been married?
    Aunt: It's not important. I'm leaving. And I can’t pick up the girl after school, I have other worries.
    Mother: Who is he? Rufus?
    Aunt: Who is Rufus? My husband – it is not you concern. You do not know him, he does not know you, maybe now we will live peacefully. I'm leaving.
    Grandma: That's not right.
    Mother: Let her go. She always thinks only about herself.

    Act 3.
    Scene 1.
    Stage is same as in the first act. Near table sit distraught Mother, Aunt, Grandmother.
    Aunt: So. Was everything different before? You look at reality unlike now.
    Mother: You cannot compare yourself and my daughter. You were older.
    Aunt: She is younger. Where did she go, with a child?
    Grandma: We'll help her.
    Aunt: It seems to me that you are going to replace a husband for her.
    Mother: If she could, if not for her health. Although, we can talk to another doctor ...
    Grandma: Val, what you are talking about.
    Mother: She's so young. Why ruin her life? Who will need her with the child?
    Aunt: You want to break her life as mine.
    Mother: Your life had broken? You're free as a bird. Twice married.
    Aunt: Now I'm alone and divorced.
    Mother: You'll rest, take time off and you'll find yourself another guy. It is crowded for you here, you can't stand it.
    Grandma: And what is good in this life?
    Aunt: Nothing.
    Mother: You're wrong, you could escape from it, you have options. And I all my life here, alone. Now daughter organized me grandson. Who needs me?
    Grandma: Come on, Val.
    Mother: I want to live for myself, for myself. As she had lived all her life.
    Aunt: There is nothing to envy. You have a daughter.
    Mother: Daughter. All poked daughter to me. I wanted to get married, get married! Live, live.
    Grandma: Val, but you must help your daughter now. And we'll help her.
    Aunt: She will, she won’t leave her. It's just out of despair.
    Mother: Can you understand me?
    Aunt: I always try to empathize.
    Mother: I'm not.
    Grandma: Let's all stand up together to fight the new scourge.
    Aunt: Child is happiness.
    Grandma: Children is the great work. I know it. And looking at you, it is Sisyphus labor.

    Scene 2.
    Girl enters.
    Girl: Why are you all so upset? Is this because of me?
    Aunt: Ann, calm down, our family had always enough reasons for frustration.
    Girl: I called Kirk, he is not responding to the phone.
    Mother: It does not matter.
    Girl: He avoids me.
    Grandma: I'm sure he's have to think a lot.
    Girl: What about?
    Aunt: Changes in his life too, he should face them.
    Girl: Does he accept it?
    Mother: He has no way out.
    Girl: I do not want forced him.
    Grandma: Your mum had in mind that he will take the right decision.
    Girl: Mum, you've already called my father?
    Mother: Yes.
    Girl: How did he react?
    Mother: He was surprised, but he will express his opinion to you personally.
    Girl: When?
    Mother: He promised visit you today, if he manages.
    Grandma: Does Eugene come here?
    Mother: Yes.
    Aunt: And you... he was not allowed to cross the threshold of this house.
    Mother: This is a special case, it has nothing common with our disagreements.
    Grandma: How you say.
    Aunt: I need to lie down, I have a headache.
    Grandma: Can I give you my pills?
    Aunt: Mum, don't. I have mine.
    Aunt exits.
    Girl: Why aunt is so sensitive to everything that is happening to me?
    Grandma: Why did you say that?
    Girl: I see, I'm not a baby.
    Mother: The fact that you are adult, we have already noticed.
    Girl: What's going on with my aunt?
    Mother: Nothing. She worries about you like all of us.
    Girl: What will happen to me?
    Mother: We hope for the best, but if Kirk does not recognize... I mean confess, but not marry. It will be difficult for you.
    Girl: What's hard?
    Mother: You're so young. And you will have a baby, and life would be different. You will have other worries.
    Girl: What do I do? The doctor said ...
    Mother: Doctors always prefers to insure.
    Grandma: You are very young. And it's a big risk for you.
    Girl: What an abortion or childbirth?
    Mother: Both, if something goes wrong.
    Girl: Mum, do not scary me. Did doctor say something else to you?
    Mother: No, my child, not Ann. I'm just worrying about you.
    Girl: Do you think that with abortion is easier?
    Grandma: You had already decided to keep the child.
    Girl: Yes. Can I ask?
    Mother: Not easier, but there will be no problems with the baby. And then, when your body will gets stronger ...
    Girl: Do you think that now it is better to get rid of the child?
    Mother: Why get rid of? Better postpone idea of childbirth for a while.
    Girl: And then nothing bad will happen. I finish school and be able to live as I want.
    Mother: Well, yes.
    Girl: Do you insist?
    Mother: I do not insist, you make a decision.
    Aunt enters in a rush.
    Aunt: Val, stop. What you are sending her for?
    Mother (frightenes): I'm not doing anything, she makes the choice.
    Aunt: I will not let you do it twice.
    Grandma: Tacy tells the truth, the risk is great.
    Mother: It does not happen with everyone.
    Aunt: What if this will happen with your daughter?
    Mother: She decides by herself.
    Aunt: Val you squash her!
    Mother: I just opened her eyes to the truth.
    Girl: It's because of me?
    Aunt: You have nothing with it.
    Girl: If you think it would be better ... I can go to an abortion. Child? There will be more.
    Mother (relaxed): This is your thought, you're an adult.
    Aunt: Val, stop.
    Mother: What again?
    Grandma: Val, stop.
    Aunt: Ann, do not try to do anything with yourself or with your child. For our family enough of unhappy and lonely. True, Mum? True, sister?
    Girl: What does this mean?
    Aunt: If you do not want to live like me - choose the child.
    The doorbell rang.
    Mother: That's probably Eugene.
    Grandma: Come, open.
    Girl: I'd better go.
    Aunt: He is your father, he will not do anything to you.
    Grandma: And we're here.
    Mother: Then I open.
    Mother leaves.

    Scene 3.
    Girl: I'm scared.
    Grandma: You should be ashamed.
    Aunt: Mum, that's enough.
    Girl: Yeah, my fault. It just happened.
    Grandma: If you thought about something else, nothing would have happened.
    Aunt: Mother, that's all. She has to meet with her father whom she had not seen for several years.
    Girl: Months.
    Grandma: What do you meant months?
    Girl: We see each other from time to time.
    Aunt: You're do not even think about tell it to your mother, she will tear you to pieces.
    Girl: They're too long in the hallway.
    Grandma: They are discussing strategy.

    Scene 4.
    Mother enters, followed by Rufus.
    Mother: Tacy, it's for you.
    Aunt: Who?
    Rufus: It's me. Good evening everyone.
    Dumb scene.
    Girl looked puzzled at the man. Grandma pulls the tablecloth in search for pills. Mother is behind Rufus, frightened. Aunt dumbfounded. Rufus is uncertain.
    Aunt is coming to Rufus, as if to makes sure.
    Aunt: You?
    Rufus: I'm glad to see you all in good health.
    All come to life and begin to act.
    Grandma: Thank you. You have not been here for long time.
    Rufus: Too long. Can I talk to Tacy?
    Girl: What's happening? Who is he?
    Aunt: Nothing happens. This is my mistake from past. Old sins. I'm listening.
    Grandma: Ann, go to your room. Val, come with me.
    Grandma, Girl, Mother exit.

    Scene 5.
    Aunt: What do you want?
    Rufus: I do not know.
    Aunt: Why you come?
    Rufus: To speak.
    Aunt: You come after so many years, and just want to talk. As if this life was not at all?
    Rufus: Now, I see - things have changed.
    Aunt: Do I look older?
    Rufus: Absolutely not. Tablecloth in the living room is at different colour.
    Aunt: What do you want?
    Rufus: I'm not on time?
    Aunt: Must I be tactful and say everything is perfect?
    Rufus: I do not need your lies. I'm not on time.
    Aunt: On time or not, what's the difference. What do you want?
    Rufus: Talk.
    Aunt: That I heard already. Have you something to confer about?
    Rufus: About us.
    Aunt (breaks down to cry): About us? No, we do not have any us!
    Rufus: I'm not exactly on time. I better go.
    Aunt: No, you do not. Today I had a very hard day. And this day still not finished.
    Rufus: I can come later.
    Aunt: It's all hype.
    Rufus: What?
    Aunt: If you do not say now - why you have come, you will never come again.
    Rufus: I promised that I would come and come.
    Aunt: After fifteen years? Speak.

    Scene 6.
    Girl rushes.
    Girl: Maybe I'd better hide, to put off. And then ...
    Aunt: No. You now go and listen to everything. You can't all your life run and hide.
    Girl: Well, a couple of days. I will stay in your room.
    Aunt: It's your life, wherever you are hiding, it all will be the same.
    Girl: Later, if they call me ...
    Aunt: Come. You're an adult now. And do not try to change your mind.
    Girl: Fine.
    Girl leaves.

    Scene 7.
    Rufus: Is there something going on?
    Aunt: Nothing new, I assure you.
    Rufus: I think I can.
    Aunt: What?
    Rufus: All my life I am running and hiding.
    Aunt: What from?
    Rufus: From you, from us, from the past.
    Aunt: Why did you come?
    Rufus: I thought I could return to you our not lived life.
    Aunt: What life? Do you left your wife?
    Rufus: Yes.
    Aunt: And you remembered about me, who is always on the place and will wait as tethered dog.
    Rufus: No. I just start all over again and wanted, what if you ... we could be together again.
    Aunt: What beginning? What new life? All in the past. You have marital shipwreck. Not me.

    Scene 8.
    Mother rushes.
    Mother: Eugene comes. He wants to talk privately with Ann. Mum is still in the kitchen.
    Aunt: Good.
    Mother: If anything. She is certainly deserve to blame, but ...
    Aunt: Nobody will hurt her. He is her father.
    Mother: Yes, I know. Are I interfere? You probably also need to talk.
    Aunt: How delicate.
    Mother: I am leaving, but I can count on your help.
    Aunt: Yes.
    Mother leaves.
    Aunt: What the day?

    Scene 9.
    Rufus: Are you married?
    Aunt: You have curiosity at the wrong time.
    Rufus: I'm sorry, I just thought. All are on their places and you're there.
    Aunt: Nothing has changed. Married? Even twice ... I was. Now for six months in divorce.
    Rufus: Have children?
    Aunt: Because of you not and never will have.
    Rufus: I'm sorry. I was punished for that.
    Aunt: Of course, now I will hear your sorrowful and grief story.
    Rufus: Yesterday I ended with a divorce with my wife.
    Aunt: Congratulations. But you have a daughter.
    Rufus: Yes, although no.
    Aunt: Did she stay with mother?
    Rufus: Yes, and I was deprived of parental rights.
    Aunt: How old is she?
    Rufus: Fourteen.
    Aunt: It's all right, a couple of years you will not pay child support. And then make it up. I do not wish to be involved in your life.
    Rufus: You have problems yourself.
    Aunt: Are you about Ann? She has parents. They will help her sorted out everything.
    Rufus: And you.
    Aunt: I can not help here. I can only prevent a greater harm.
    Rufus: A month ago my daughter gave birth to a child.
    Aunt: What?
    Rufus: Yes. We insisted that she did not have an abortion.
    Aunt: How this topic bothered me.
    Rufus: I'm sorry. You're hurt.
    Aunt: You have no idea how!
    Rufus: Wife and daughter signed a waiver of the child.
    Aunt: Why?
    Rufus: In order not to spoil my daughter's life. My wife and I divorced.
    Aunt: I do not understand.
    Rufus: I did not sign the waiver. I took custody of the child myself. I could not lose this child. It's like ours not born. I was again faced with a dilemma. And I could not refuse a second time.
    Aunt: It's grandson.
    Rufus: Granddaughter. It does not matter. I can not return to you our child, but with me you can do... we can start a family. And we will have a child.
    Aunt: It's not possible.
    Rufus: I thought you forgave me.
    Aunt: In life there is no way back.
    Rufus: Think. We can start all from the start.
    Aunt: It's pointless.
    Rufus: This is providence. Of course, it will be hard. But not everyone had a second chance.
    Aunt: Too late, and senseless.
    Rufus: Think about what I told you.
    Aunt: Where is the granddaughter?
    Rufus: Down, in the car, asleep.
    Aunt: Do you left child alone?
    Rufus: She's sleeping.
    Aunt: Idiot. You left baby alone. Bring her here.
    Rufus runs out of stage.

    Scene 10.
    Girl enters.
    Aunt: Father, did he yelled at you?
    Girl: No. Dad said that would help. It is another one.
    Aunt: What had happened again, tell me.
    Girl: Kirk phoned.
    Aunt: So what?
    Girl: He said that in the upcoming school holidays we will be able to marry.
    Aunt: That's fine.
    Girl: He said that had a lot of thinking. And will not leave me or the baby. He really loves me.
    Aunt (hugs Girl): It is true love. I'm so happy for you.
    Girl: Me too. And this ...
    Aunt: Rufus?
    Girl: Yes. What is this?
    Aunt: It's my fault. My mistake from the past. Old sins.
    Girl: I saw how he looked at you.
    Aunt: What do you know?
    Girl: You would not let me make the biggest mistake. Thank you.
    Girl runs away.
    Aunt: Why I wasn’t so wise to myself?

    Scene 11.
    Rufus returns with a bundle. Aunt takes the child out of his hands.
    Aunt: She does not sleep. Eyes blinks. How can someone leave such a miracle. How can you abandon your ...
    Rufus: I wanted to ask. I was scared. Child, ours child, who was it?
    Aunt (shakes bundle): Girl. We had a girl ... She smiled at me, did you see?
    Rufus: Yes. She feels that you are good. Could you love her?
    Aunt: Her? Yes.
    Rufus: And me?
    Aunt: Love you? Did you think that I am ever stop loving you?

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