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    Fresh idea.

      Fresh idea.


      I deleted previous posts, it always helps me to clear mind.

      I hadn’t strength to delete my all plays. I made them, it’s my work and I not ready to forget this part of life. Problem is I am not ready to write next hundred of theater plays. I need something new.

      I am really interested in idea of stories with different possibilities in plot. I had few ideas to start with that. Which is better? Difficult decisions among drafts and that idea to refuse my previous creative life was depressing. I love characters which created, too much love them to say goodbye, even to plays not staged for now.

      Today I have fresh idea, I always have bunch of them – this is how I work. My idea was to give my characters second chance in new genre. Not novels or short stories, like tried before, but in new genre of text games.

      To know person is complicated, to create new characters is even harder. And here I have my little army of different characters who could live further after “curtain”. I moved characters from one play to another, now I need only to add reader in worlds which already exist.

      I can’t refuse to try it, because it will give new level to my creativity.

      And with place at site, I remade pdf of “Sunset in LA” and left only one photo, it makes file smaller in three times. Sunset in LA. pdf


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