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      “Born that way.”


      Yesterday I read most inspiring quote about writing process, it can’t be say better. “It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way. Ernest Hemingway.”

      It will be perfect, you just do something, because you born that way. Not everything should be shown, not because it’s not worthy or wasn’t painful. It just not necessary.

      After week dedicated to organize remove from the register grandfather’s documents and receive all necessary documents after it, I wanted to write about all bureaucracy, standing in queues, receiving papers which you need few times give from one organization to other. It’s unpleasant experience, which I could describe colourful and with examples.

      It’s not the level “Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the entire street”. It’s level “What is IQ?” It lost or was never present in system. All people like in fantasy horror waits when clerk will change or not their destiny, by doing or not work like should.

      In reality it’s no one business how you fight when it’s not connecting with creativity. You are a writer, you are King or Queen of your world and no one will see your to do list which is near your crown.

      Inspiration, what about this sweet word? “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work. Stephen King.”

      Inspiration is hard work based on deep researches and inventive mind. Now I research for few different projects. Just all the time find ideas which will be helpful in other projects. It’s usual on every research project. I read about theatre and download reference pictures for cosy spaceships, it’s my solution against writer’s block.

      All that week, which started from weekend when were problems with web-site and later I couldn’t reach my e-mail, as result lot of spam. And all that walking from one government organization to other I could describe as this joke “Angry ... I did not stand on the right foot ... I did not sit on right broom ... I also flew in the wrong direction ...” (Original, before translation: Злая... Не с той ноги встала... Не на ту метлу села... Еще и полетела не в ту сторону...)

      I have a habit to put off mask, because when create, you need breathe free. Sometimes it makes me more vulnerable or weak, inconsistent. Like everyone I want to be professional and close that I am human.

      I like endless deep conversations, but it’s not public activity and when I write I sometimes forget about that. If you are not free in writing, why write at all? But I read a lot of advice for writers, mainly it’s about craft. Craft is what united us. Personal story make from craft uniqueness. And here we all “were born that way.”



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      New blog.


      Today I start new blog.

      English after advanced.

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      Guilty pleasures of addicted to languages.


      Today I upload new play. Not because it’s perfect, because now I finished work with it.

      This time I tried format of pdf, compressed it on-line how was possible. Lot of sketches. I didn’t solve problem with enough size on site, so experiments all the time. Text became very long. Maybe it will be better to have different files for each part. What done is done already.

      You know like in all movies on the middle of the room enters person and say something like that. “Hello my name is, I am addicted, like to drink or something else”. In that time everyone are applauds to his or her bravery.

      Now it’s time for me make such confession. “Hi, my name is Kate and I addicted to language learning. No matter how difficult for me are phrasal verbs or if sentences I like it. When I found some self-study book on my shelf I start to search more about this language and checked what else I didn’t have in bookmark. My grammar mistakes can’t stop me from this addiction. I even happy when circle next new world in the dictionary.”

      Even when I spend few hours daily to edit all pictures which I put in play I listened lectures about learning and teaching English, I know, it’s unhealthy, but I don’t find it boring.

      Italian woke up my bad habit and in next play will be other language. I have more longer plan for plays which will be after that play.

      Like I promised next play for adults will be 60th, about actor, playwright and director. Not only about them, I want to unite three ideas and it will take more time than I thought.

      I made document which already had 69 kilobits for 60th play. I started it. Everyone remember, that I talk about 60th play. Now will return to 59th. I change my mind and didn’t make dolls in costumes. I draw more sketches. What is the problem – I didn’t use properly one of the backdrops. I worked on it for few hours.




      I don’t like to just put it away. I invented story for kids where it will be in place, but remember, no matter when I upload kids play it will be on count after play which I started about actor. Deal?

      If this is clear, I will be back to languages. I put in text Italian to add flavour of Italy, tried to use simple sentences. I know it’s dangerous for writers, but it’s such guilty pleasure to add other language. I am ready that for Italian’s speaking people it will be lot of fun, I know what I do. I have the same experience as spectator. Ukrainian is not frequently used in films, such a pity, but Russian, it’s other story. For years it’s lot of fun listen how people try to sound like Russian.

      Best is when you see how painful is for actor repeat easiest sentences. Meaning of this sentences it’s always good for later tasting, some moment watch again and again. Because story and previous experience of character can’t bring him (usually, rare her) to such point in life when this hero could end with such sentence.

      In my English are lot of mistakes, I know I just storyteller. For me English is language not of countries, now it’s language of the world. World in general wants peace, love, respect, and other basic human wishes. I will experiment and search words, because I always be hungry for new knowledges. I am endlessly happy that in my life I have now art, no matter about it quality, it’s also language and I love languages.

      My story is about workshop at plein air. Be patient, final document is 163 pages.


      Play Plein air. pdf

      In text I put 97 pictures and added to them my sketches with Tuscany mood. Total 105 pictures, if I count properly.

      And one more. To work like that it’s too much pressure, I will try to write next text slowly. Result of it I return to post three days in a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I will see if it will work for me with new project.


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      З Великоднем! Happy Easter!



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      International level.


      How to know that your on-line presence touched real international level? Check your e-mail. Yesterday I receive such message “Dear Driver, This is the automatically submitted information circular of the Parking Service. Road cameras have detected the of your automobile. Due to that, you will have to pay the corresponding fine…” And details how to and were to pay this. It’s already international level of fraud.

      Before that were different ideas from Ukrainian and Russian sites, but our prefer to announce that “You won” something just send some money to complete request. Money for envelope in which you will receive documents for new flat or car. They have money to flat, but money ended when they needed other envelope. Mind they lost during inventing this fraud advertisement.

      It was kind from them to think that I could have car which now is live it’s own life in USA. What other could be if I can’t drive, of course, it can’t be parked properly.

      Something suggest me that all free books on writer’s sites and their private libraries, all with access with your e-mail, in reality sell their data base to someone else.

      Everyone knows that but we just make everything to receive some discount. In our big shopping centers is different politics. In beads shop they have discount on your mobile number. At the end of the month I received announces about discounts from all shops which are situated on that floor in same supermarket and any from second floor, they aren’t friends.

      Cybersecurity is best in our country – we haven’t money for such sites, were attempts to show statistics and regions, but our segment is such poor, that they stopped this. I don’t want to imply system which shows flags of other countries, it’s a little bit childish. I want to have more readers, not scarying them that I search and count them like some achievement.

      Achievement will begin when this texts will be on stage. Now it’s free samples to taste.

      In other news, few days ago was trailer of Thor:Ragnarok. I saw it more than five times. Than I stopped and found on-line Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song”. I fall in love with this song, even now I am listening to it.

      “We come from the land of the ice and snow,
      From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.
      ...So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins.
      For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.”

      Inspiring. Completelly.

      What I learned from trailer – Hela is not daughter of the Loki, I presume. (By the way Cate Blanchett had amazing consumes in Cindirella.) I liked positive of Thor.

      Of course, my interest to this “land of the ice and snow” is never ending. I wrote on Ukranian play “Інгегерда” (Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden, was a Swedish princess and a Grand Princess of Kiev.) Have fantasy in five parts on Russian and in next play want to use other Scandinavian language. Use language of the country helps me to better taste story. Advice not for everyone, but I like it.

      I know, that need more time to improve my English, this process is endless, so I could have fun with other languages also.

      I still work on play about artists, already started to work with pictures, I have hope that finish it in some future time.



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      Before post: After watching all news I ask myself – when world went crazy and why there wasn’t warning sights about it.

      Now is time for next post.

      Have you heard about bibleotherapy? I found it when searching something, it was article in New Yorker about benefits of reading. I never heard about it.

      In school and at University were reading lists. Even in English learning are reading lists, with level of text which is possible for you. And here is like with doctor – you say what bothers you and you will have book prescription. Amazing. I need something against depression of English spelling and improving my vocabulary acquisition.

      Books in my life always came without control. Read this, read that, box with books for amazing price, second hand books on weight. Not normal, usually it’s mental junk food which could bring to obesity with stupidity. Why? Who will refuse good book and put it in second hand store? Understanding of it much came later.

      Even now, as a writer I haven’t proper reading list. I notice name of book – read explanation online, few quotes which are possible. Quotes is my free sample of book. With contemporary writers it’s impossible to find.

      With choosing films is different story. There are advice from trusted people which TV serial to watch next, I now started new serial. Also at some sites is such option “film is watching now”. If I am interested I watch trailer and then choose a film. It could be anything for movie evening.

      On weekend it was “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” 2011. I can’t understand how I missed film which was connected someway with journalistic. I heard about that book, but it slip my attention. Story is horrible, with excellent actors work - breathtaking, not for entertainment, but sometimes were good jokes what is necessary for thriller. It’s unusual, but I watch till the end, no matter that figure out who is killer, I need to know how story ended, had idea, but wanted to check. I liked ending of the film, because it is honest and didn’t spoil whole story. I didn’t read the book, not with mine wild imagination.

      Serial killers it’s not my story for mystery, I spend a lot of time creating character which should be victim. And I try very hard that no one will miss this character. I don’t understand how writers with details picture this horrible things. Did they like it? I watch films closing eyes with hand. How I could write what can’t read again and again? Revision and checking details it could be even more difficult. Not my story. I even can’t add enough cruelty in describing details of story.

      Some films I choose with motivation “why?” Yesterday in some mail about writing was like example film “Cowboys & Aliens” (2011). Like example how you never should unite genres and aspiring writers never should do it. I watch at first a trailer and yesterday whole film. Now I am deep in thought if author thinks when on screen Harrison Ford is on the horse in Wild West it’s wrong, maybe I should unsucrsribe from that mailing list. Person could have other wrong perception of life and listen to such advices could be dangerous. Cowboys all the time had battle with everything, this time it were aliens. Film is still good, better to unsubscribe.

      When I felt luck of motivation or had tiredness to invent something as costumes, I watch cartoons. Not only because it fun, but for inspiration. Every character was created from nothing to move, made gestures and be part of story. After it I have a lot of energy to draw few costumes or some interior. It’s easy work comparing with cartooning, even now when there is computer programs to help. People steel invent every character.

      Totally I had 62 sketches for this play. This part of work is finished.

      Usually when I am not writing or revising my mystery stories I watch made by others or read them. It’s never ending process. With actions films I all the time think how it could be possible to put some action stage, so I start to add misunderstandings, tension and all this stuff which posibly could work for story. In novel I described fight scenes. In playwrighting I can’t put “And they start to fight”. For me it’s difficult, because I need to write dialogue which will be equal to fight or scene which in movie will need on whole screen eyes of actor or actress.

      I don’t make wish lists of books which I want to read. I know it will change with time. What is interesting now, will change it value. Maybe there is some book to solve this…

      Of course I have books which I read again and again to clear head from lot of troubles. Sometimes they bring different ideas. I always give a chance to every idea, left possibility that it could be really done. But for this I need opportunity to try and see what could be done. Before that it’s just random thoughts in my mind. About other ideas I will tell later, when start work on next play. It will have connection with other language to add. In comparison with Italian it will be choice which needs main character.

      Reading a lot about writing adds new ideas, but all this after that revision. Why I wrote such long text with such amount of mistakes? Good that I know best books to this illness – pile of vocabularies.

      Again, when I revise – I write a lot. There is no solution, I live in words.



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      ‘Grammar Pedantry Syndrome’ and why I will never have one.


      Reading different sites is my mind fuel. I need to know what is going on not in my head. I learned about ‘Grammar Pedantry Syndrome’, it’s wish to correct every grammar mistake in the text. I will never have one, it’s clear after every revision which I made. I didn’t notice mistakes which are crying to be notice. He and she I change for characters all the time, names and you with yours.

      Revision for me it’s some kind of indulging rituals which couldn’t help to get rid from previous sins-errors but helps when you think that did something with it.

      Surprisingly – when I took quiz in Telegraph it was 8 from 10 right answers. Maybe daily involving in improving English language use gave some results or questions were easy. But they wrote – congratulations, so it’s good sign.

      But I write not for correct grammar. First of all I write for myself. “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov.” I think it’s really true for me. When I want to figure out something, I write. I find out answers during creating text. At other time I spend time on research.

      Now I think how to unite for next play few stories. Hope it will be good solutions for all that boxes of ideas. If I learn how to unite them I could in future projects marry quantity of ideas with proper size of the text.

      Like with grammar, I can’t became proper artist in one day. I liked idea how to fake that I could draw, using all experience of you-tube inspired fashion designers.

      Than after long revise – I asked myself – why I should pretend. And I made this.


      Lot of copy and paste, but I found, changed and printed croquets which I want for this story. I want to have more than one costume and I did this. Drawing above lines, because what I need are colours, forms – not showing that I could draw. I already made 28 sketches. I think it’s best solutions, because my dolls are the same and won’t be difference who is who.



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      107 scenes are in my play. I counted when thought, after first revision, it’s endless.

      Big text is long run to write, but when I had to put all changes before next revision – endless size.

      Yesterday I gave myself rest from text. With this speed I revise one part of text in the day. Beautiful times was when I revised one text two times in day. It’s huge.

      Now I am not such optimistic or inspired. I count locations. Lot of work to do. Interiors will be creative, so it will be fun to make them. And I still didn’t solve how to decorate wine testing in play. From what make bottles – I don’t think that with beer will be easy.

      In this play I have a lot to do, not counting revision. But mind already is deep in next play. I already searched for more papers, now think how unite few different stories in one, instead of separate stories. I want make something big and colourful like snowman from my text “Snowmen united”.

      I have appetite for really big, impressive in size texts. I like that writing became slowly. I have time to understand every characters in play and add back stories. Without past person is not real, the same is true to characters.

      107 scenes, good, even a little proud, but a lot of mistakes. For now for me is difficult to unite story’s next step creating with using rules of English spelling. It’s two different process. Like emotions and rationalization. Because of this I change such frequently next project. At first I have idea, wish and after that I think how to accomplish that. And result could be unexpected but with own logic which will gave chance to do what I want with knowledge which I gathered.

      And what all the time bothers me – how writers manage with different names for characters. I struggle with different first letters with 24 characters. Good, that I have in this text opportunity to use Italian names it helps to be creative.

      P.S.: When news will be without announcing new deaths? When tragedies will left only for fiction usage?



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