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    Hot summer.
    Challenge: how to write plays.

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      Challenge: how to write plays.


      I promised myself to work less and to write less posts also. Today I announce that will be weekly Sundays posts only about play writing. That’s all. Creativity in work for now is on pause.

      August is lazy month, lot of holidays. And in Ukraine school and all other education’s semesters begin in September. Lot of school supplies everywhere. Amazing notebooks and thousands of office supplies which I couldn’t find a reason to have in my daily work.

      All this bring back thought about education. In education I hate test, exams, and any other activities which checks your knowledges. It has problem with level of stress, not of my preparation. I like to learn new, structure previous knowledge.

      My every project it’s research and learning new. If I liked theme I could return to it. But all that beginning from zero research could be not only exciting, but also bring disappointment. All the time beginner, all the time everything start anew for few weeks project and then change of subject.

      Since my Hamlet connected play in deep research and with scary abyss of French language I was thinking what else I could learn, research. And this should be subject which I still need after finished play. I spend a lot of days thinking. In Saturday I had maybe most unusual idea – how about how to write plays.

      After 60 with something plays it could be explained only with hot weather. But, I have my reasons. I read all the time about improvement writing, vocabulary and other stuff. It gives wrong impression of all the time thinking about craft. Not always.

      I read a lot about novel writing and short stories creation, because I wanted to try it. It had results of not finished dialogues. I read articles how to describe appearance, but hadn’t this in plays. Even landscapes I frequently draw, not write.

      Last time when I read how to write plays was before I submit my first play on plays content in Ukrainian language. I refreshed old knowledge about some rules, in what it different of my others writing. Since long-lists I only write new plays with different frequency. I read other plays, not only my own, which I could reach. But all this is not proper learning.

      I haven’t money to receive master degree or other educational level in writing plays.


      There are also lot of expensive courses, which promised 2 or even 3 finished 10-minutes plays after 10 weeks of learning. They are also not my option. But I thought about other ways to improve my craft. Not all knowledge depends from money spended.

      There are books, articles for playwright which I could study. It would be remembering old stuff, but also, I hope, I will notice new ideas, nuances which will help to improve my craft and it will be mainly in English. I want achive new level in my writing.

      I accomplished quantity and proper length. I know, I prefer tiny sketches because they could be with the same level of entertainment. Also they are much easy foir revising.

      I want to grow. I want to grow and improve as playwright. I want to stop thinking which possibility in writing deepness could bring me novels. I want to be better as playwright. I was every time too busy with next project research to have time for craft.

      I want to make at first 10 weeks challenge. This is usual time in lot of courses. I can’t promise, that I won’t put on-line new texts. It could bring lot of ideas, but I hope for deeper understanding of craft. Everyone need such time, where they could spend more time with their purpose of work.

      Hope you will understand my wish to be better in profession. For me it will be real challenge, because when I read new I have wish to talk and write about it every day without pause. But my results should be new plays, not daily blog posts, which are more easy for me to accomplish. Like I wrote before, create texts which won’t be deleted in the end of the month.

      Less public conversations, more inside work. It’s not obligatory that from every idea of post I could writer a play, but why don’t try.

      Of course, I already dream to make the same challenge connected with art, but for now playwright growth is in priority.

      At next Sunday I will try to write about what they promise to teach playwright and what playwright should learn.



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      Hot summer.


      Out of suddenly we have hot days which made impossible work in the evening or during day, only in the early morning.

      In ideal world you just work all the time on your projects and nothing distracts you. In real life factors are different and from them depends your future projects priority.

      My problem that in hot summer I wish to do as much as possible, because every attempt of researches bring new ideas for other stories.

      There is theory that you should plotting a story, like snowflake. Snowflake is too fragile to survive creative process. In my reality it’s not snowflake it’s snowball. Huge, heavy snowball. I wanted used idea of pearl, which became pearl from grain of sand. But it’s not proper in scale.

      I can’t do nothing till snowball is moving. Only when it stops, I could start to make it from it some sculpture, refusing everything in the aim of see the body of story. It’s not work in summer, it could melt, or brain need more time to think.

      I am not pay a lot of attention when make additions to story. Only when start to write it, I see that some inner stories deserve own text and I try to get this thread out and not destroying whole construction.

      Sometimes it will be creating a bridge. It’s when I know where is beginning and the end. I need to add story, steps, bridge which connect it. It’s also complicated for me. Because I would say that when you build a bridge, you know destination. For me it’s always some group of islands, and I don’t know at which island will be the end of the bridge and what to do with islands which are still in the water.



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      Time to time I visit sites of other writers and playwrights, also curious what they put in social media.

      One instagram of playwright I liked, because it gives me idea of today's post. I saw near notebook – wine, coffee, beer and Martini. I don’t know, maybe there are different sorts of wine and beer. And idea to write about beverages jump on my mind.

      First of all – I am boring person, I never write texts drunk. I never write after few sips of strong beverage. I have no idea if it bring more imagination, but I know what it will bring to my spelling, I won’t recognize single word.

      Beverages should bring relax. Or on my mind they could bring courage that what you write is amazing with big drop of talent and sparkle of genius mind.

      When I write I usually have bottle of water near me, with special top for sport – that it won’t spilled. I tried with cup, but too many papers around me. And such way I drink enough water daily.

      Definitely I don’t drink when write daily posts, it will be too much. And I all the time have what about to talk.

      When I am sober, I know that could control all characters from future projects. How the manage to get rid from them with alcohol? Or it’s easy to fight them.

      And with wine they write in notebooks. With my handwriting. It will be headache for reading, much more than after wine.

      I know, I write too much. Ideas just came to me. That’s it. I accept every possibility. I know, I should hone each previous play and bother about it’s marketing. But I have next idea and I am busy with it. When I wash window I invented mystery story with murder, connected with house cleaning activities, which I would like to write someday.

      Wine could give me full relaxation till sleep state, it’s not what I am searching for in writing. Maybe there is some tension before process of writing. And all try to make atmosphere more comfortable. Candles, wine – it’s already romantic story. Date with Muse. Sounds amazing, but for women it should be Pegasus or Muse like good friend.

      All that preparations and habit remind of romantic relationships. Not frequent, but beautiful. Writing is long time marriage, day after day in your worst and your best, with good memories and fights. You just choose that with writing, like with partner you still want to stay and have daily, I remind daily, relationships. And you choose that’s important for you and your life became different in shape and content. No matter with lot of beverage or without them.



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