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      Universe making.


      Idea for this post came from article in Guardian by Stuart Heritage. I agree that some stories need end not to be continued, because all characters will die, it’s too cruel world. At first it was his article about cleaning, then I read others his articles.

      I cleaned window and deep inside understanded that for me will be difficult to became passionate bird watcher.

      Making Universes is most attractive idea for writers. It should be such way. There are a lot of articles and advices about it. At the same time heavy gift volumes of other writers are very attractive with shadow of jealousy.

      To be honest, it’s much easy to work with the same character. You know s/he and just walk further or in different places. I even use it in writing plays. The same character walk from story to story. Or like with Hamlet I enter in the same story. Important here is to check yourself if you are in reality. Maybe here is deep meaning for spinners, to check if you are out of dream or game or fiction world, whatever.

      Creating Universe is time consuming activity also. But for this are maps and characters profiles. To invent new character it’s not repeat the same name – my most difficult challenge.

      To be honest I am glad that Universes didn’t work all the time. I should in other way build towns, countries and drag my characters to other stories to make them more friendly with all new and previous characters which I invented.

      Creating everything from first sketch it difficult. But if we ask child why he create sand castle if he knew that wave will destroy it tomorrow we will receive deep glance in which we understand that child always knew that he is smarter than any adult.

      So I am glad to that article. It helped me to understand that creating Universe it’s not solution for everything. Of course, if you could spend time creating lot of plannets instead. Habituated planets like in Little Prince. And you will receive B plan, where they could visit each other. Best solution ever.



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      From idea to story.


      Today I finished illustrations to one more story for kid’s.


      Nothing special, I will upload it soon. Nothing special if don’t count that idea was in notes since 2010 year. Some stories take time.

      Worst that you never know which story how long time will need. I could invent story and write it whole in few hours. I could made notes for weeks and years.

      I think it’s tricky part when you try to figure out how long does it took to create a story. It’s like with seeds, you never know how it will work.

      Seeds are like creative work, at least for me. It’s ridiculous, but all plants which I bought in shops in few weeks or months became dead, if not count myrthe which for many years slowly growth. But if I put seeds in the ground it always ended with usual script. At first flowerpot was destroyed by roots and after I looked who needs not small date palm. Had I such hobby, in few years time bought dates and from them grow palm. Usually I had not bad results – from ten dates I had ten palms.

      For stories like for palms I prefer lot of space. Grandmother’s friend worked in policlinic near our house. Palms lived there in hall. Later they lived in big pharmacy near policlinic. Later was new law about pharmacies and it was closed. Everyone waited when law will change and no one took palms, they were too big to move. I changed my daily route just not to see in window how they died without water. Now in this building administrative office, lot of negativity for people also.

      It’s long explanation to make clear why I want to make from every note a story. I just want they be alive and if seeds are suitable for another story I will write and upload it one after one. I don’t care that it’s look as too much texts. They are my seeds on my field, they need a chance.



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      Decision making.


      Once a week I talk about my playwright’s life. In short – I finished second act. Here I wanted to add – see you and finish post.

      Usually I am satisfied with each finished part of work. Here I am also happy. Troubles are with future parts of work. I don’t put myself into circle of disappointment.

      You heard story that Columbus searched for India, found America. He had maps and something like that. He convinced everyone.

      Fine, tell it simple – in mystery is next victim, who should be main witness in story’s final.

      I have outline, with scenes where act this character, idea with ghost won’t work. I need few days to make new outline and find out who could use the same information.

      Story is alive and even after lot of deep thoughts I add new victim. It’s not right for my outline, but right for story. And I am weak, I always put interests of story before my wish to be right. I accept that in begin of story I haven’t all information and all could change, like in real investigation.

      To clear mind I will spend some days with creating play for kids. I think better when do something.

      “We are made of flesh, but we must live as if we were of iron.” Sigmund Freud.

      During writing session when I tried to finish second act were repair, lawn mover and some rain with thunderstorm. I turned on loudly bossa nova and jazz for morning coffee to stay motivated, it worked. But as result, I couldn’t save victim. After hot yesterday we have, like was on radio: Dear friends, summer in Lviv, +14C.

      Process of decision making is in whole writer’s responsibility. Giving story possibility to move free it’s most painful decision. But it’s not on guarantee, you can’t predict how it will turn till you didn’t enter water.

      Better were when I wrote plays in one day, week. It’s not enough time to think. You are just in the story. There is such theory in learning languages – magic first 10 lessons. When you receive fast results and then meet level where you don’t move on super speed. I tried to use it for play writing. Sometimes it works. But here is Shakespeare.

      Shakespeare it’s like eternal power. Each time I found different shadows which could change whole story. I found new connection, it moves thoughts to other results. With Bard it’s like with mystery magic book, each open letter will create different text. Good idea for magic story, by the way. A little bit time to create spells, but interesting idea for endless list.

      Good that with my endless inspiration I don’t plan towns. They could look like as on that sketch.



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      Kingdom without borders.


      In folk tales of different countries exists story that person could receive so much land, how much he (usually he) could walk in one day or ride with power of his horse.

      In writing such way you could receive kingdom without borders. Every day or every scene you just walk further. You have no idea how long will take this trip. You walk. You just try to figure out what it will be. Even if you saw map, in field it’s difficult to find lines which were on map.

      In writing as your kingdom you are a King and Queen at the same time. Yes, most of all it reminds of chess. You have two parts of conflicts. You could think that you are main, but in some days you just feel yourself a pawn, which has no idea about plans of characters who stay behind you. I am sure chess were invented by writer, who get lost among characters.

      We could add endlessly new characters and change path of story. Such way are born novels.

      Good in kingdom without borders is endless freedom. Bad you have no idea who will enter to your territory. Now I just fight with character which wasn’t planned, but has interesting twist also could bring taste of simple soap opera. Here I try to invent borders.

      I don’t want soap opera’s rules in my narrative, the same is with life. I want answers for questions and clear explanation to behaviour. Without that I am lost. I could invent hundreds of explanation, but it will be not a story. I need one clear explanation – good or bad it should be honest. Without this I don’t see reason for character. We should spend more time in honest talks, they should prevent all possible misunderstandings. Good when characters understand each other on deep level, for me better when they use for this words. For me it's not favourite activity to push character to talk. I am volunteer to listen.

      In my kingdom inside story I try to never forget about rule of respect. I fight every time with character which I need only for one scene. I try to find what else s/he could bring to the story, if came here. It's like endless attempts with person which you like. If still there is a wish, chance is always is without fear what will be next. Good that with characters is much easy than with people. You could change everything in characters behaviour. In real life you could be angry and at the same time just don't want lose that person. In writing you just write apologies which will stop other character. Really kingdom without border. From characters without tortures you could receive that they still care, just didn't show that. And after blackout all problems somehow are solved.

      I love films, it could be noticed in my addiction to blackouts. I just want to change place of action or characters which are involved.

      This play was born like play which takes place in one place – on stage. Characters moves, stage is the same. For now in story few characters received own apartments, offices for work. Maybe for discipline to my creativity I should put characters in one room and try to make this borders reachable. Probably delete also furniture – just for strict experiment.



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      I delete archive today.

      If talk to speed of my writing, in June I wrote first act and began second. I didn’t like speed for this play.

      Hope it will take less than three month. I am not habitual to such kind of work.


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