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      Didn’t write post yesterday, because still there are idiots who believe that 1st of April perfect time for joke even now.

      As always, will be unpopular opinion and thoughts to which is difficult to agree.

      I wrote that from 17 of March began in Ukraine quarantine with closed everything what will be closed. From 3 of April it should end. It won’t be such way. Why? Because government care about our health? In reality it’s pretending to care about anything. Nothing was made when should be made.

      How it was at beginning – returned few people from China and they were met with stones. Nothing for prevention wasn’t made in whole country. When their two weeks finished were closed schools and universities with kindergartens in country. All kids were at the streets for week.

      Few words about education. From 6 of April, on TV will be lessons for school daily. Everything described as good idea. If someone remember that school stopped to work before 17 of March could be made different conclusion. School teachers in whole country didn’t manage to make their work and continue education of kids during few weeks. They are not proper for this work and now country will make their job, because it will look less disastrous.

      Passed next few days and were closed all shops, work of offices should be stopped. Was said that Ukraine closes all their borders. Since “closed” borders time few hundreds thousands of people returned in Ukraine from work and holidays abroad. Few days ago it was low quantity – only 9000 during day, I counted zeros correctly.

      And from today begins pretending of worry about citizens of Ukraine. People older than 60 forbidden to left the house. Food maybe will bring someone. Maybe, because not all kids and grandchildren live near, at that town, country. Not everyone has someone.

      Government and new again, for now we change minister of health care once a week, just in case, cares about old one. Really? During quarantine when car warning of not left home already warned, my mother, her friend (same age) and many more old people were called in Ощадбанк, to change bank cards because now is the time. It was waiting in the queue. Visiting few times because - “what I can do, system is not working.” Rude and humiliating answers by phone because – “what you want, system is working”. It was during “care” about our old one.

      When President said that will return all Ukrainian people home probably he didn’t mean it will be evacuation. And when President said that in Ukraine people stop crying, he definitely joked.

      Previous week country received tests. What was made? Correct, yesterday in Lviv started to check with them drivers of tram and trolley bus. Not people who returned from abroad and for which won’t be sanctions that they didn’t self-isolated for two weeks as they signed when returned home. They are drunk went on the streets without masks, visit relatives and babies now in reanimation because of disease. They shouldn’t make tests, they made them anonymously in private laboratories which rare tell about real results. Money still is more attractive than truth. No, Government didn’t notice that they are mainly male which didn’t present in country since start of conflict in Ukraine, where still people killed.

      No, Government, Police, National Guard will do anything to stop old people to left their flat and walk at least few hundred metres near house because it’s necessary for proper work of not young heart. My grandfather didn’t walk near house for last few months of his life, he was almost 90. He believed that it works better for his health that any other medicine. Staying at home, stop talking with others, it will bring new deceases. They will die, older people, they will die forgotten, hungry, sick. And government will say it was because of Corona.

      Just unpleasant coincidence, total “care” about people, with kids till 16 years stay home, started day after new law of selling land. There were talks it will bring new revolution in our country. And just by coincidence my age couldn’t be on streets without documents and clear explanation why on earth I decided to buy food for my parents which haven’t right to leave flat.

      There is terrible problem, it’s called pandemic. It will destroy lives, futures of many people who will be lucky and not receive this illness. Just during that time solving problem and change law in country doesn’t looks like care, just attempt to receive quick possible profit during terribly difficult times.

      There is possibility that after that text could be closed my site, because we haven't right to disagree with something. Let's see, maybe they will be more busy with thinking about own benefits.

      Yes, I am angry, helpless and terribly tired. I still work, I am sick about endless "what else I can do because I am home" ideas everywhere, I started to unsubscribe because of this from newsletters. If you never of your own know what to do - try to make hole in the wall by your head, few hours will be spend somehow.

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      Nature appreciation.

      26 March, 2020.

      New text.

      15 scenes, 57 fotos made for this text (2 for posters).


      Nature appreciation.pdf

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      Government of Ukraine prolonged quarantine for 30 more days, till 24 April.

      Still work.


      Who checks my Instagram, could noticed that yesterday I made all illustrations to story. So few more days are till I make everything and publish new text.

      Today was outside, to do list already was necessary to make this outing. There is need to buy something, pay bills (not all works on-line) and put some money on the phone.

      Everything looks post apocalyptical already. People in masks, black sunglasses, depending of size of hand different colours of gloves. All queues on the streets with 2 metres between. Rare public transport, many cars suddenly freshly washed.

      When return home, few time wash face and hands. With cosmetic it doesn’t work, face almost covered. Earrings and rings recommended not to wear. Be safe, take care.

      For now I work, have few plans to future projects which didn’t connect with shops closed. As usual have wild idea for remaking text, still think if could unite it smooth.

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      Unnecessary observations.


      My next project with working title “picnic” not moves such smooth as I planned. Maybe meanwhile I will check what could be revised from not published. I think about not necessary things. All started with simple research. In the text there is mentioning of playground for little character near house. I remembered name for “merry-go-round” and made a pause to search for difference between “swings” and “see-saw”. Such stuff only works with visual dictionary.

      I came to English as adult learner, no matter that studied English since was 7 years old. I try to read as many kids books as possible, but sometimes I just don’t get some details. I think it was few days ago in one of TV-series episode. There was bobo doll. Good that they not only said this unknown word for me, they also show it. It’s awfully scary item and it wasn’t near me when I grew up as child. Maybe because of this I am not scared about clowns or any kind of dolls.


      This is what was in my childhood, foto found on-line. It has name неваляшка/невгамовка. I had them in different sizes when was little, it made some sounds. It’s not scary, with such eyes which also moved, it more looked as joyful creature.

      When as adult write story for kids, mainly it’s based on my own experience, memories as kid. Not exactly the same, in this case all my stories will be about kitchen or tea sets. But honestly about tea sets I have so many stories, that should make them as independent genre in my writing.

      I research what is basic and sometimes to write one sentence I need few days to figure out what is the difference and how to put it in the stories. I honestly envy writers who could write historical fiction, it’s such amount of research.

      There are rumours that quarantine in Ukraine will be prolonged till May. It’s awful, many people who are returned from abroad have virus and sometimes hide it. Everything not clear and work of shops unclear. Now all flower shops advertise as funeral services with black ribbons on the flowers, it’s madness.

      Next is public transportation. In new rule there should be only 10 people inside of it. If not count driver. About counting. On the markets also couldn’t be no more than 10 people at one time. Question – shop assistants are counts as people or not? About transport, it’s not profitable to work like that, so there won’t be public transport no matter that in Lviv it’s not forbidden for now. In other cities closed also metro. About that was ridiculous mistake – was written that is also closed in Lviv. We haven’t it, but was big amount of jokes about it with idea that good that our sea port not closed for now.

      So cars. What about that? We haven’t car in our family. My grandpa and father had cars with drivers, based on their work position. They didn’t buy later cars for themselves. I haven’t driving licence. I like to walk. But what to do with long distance. And I start to analyse, maybe it’s like with dolls – everything is from childhood. When we lived in places where father served in army, road was inside of it and it was walkable distance. About quality of our roads now written millions of jokes and elegies. Most cars at our roads are used cars from other countries. Maybe we just not right about cars, because even in new buildings are places for shops, not place for car to every flat of building.

      It’s long post, sorry. I just think that this differences are in everything and to think and receive results as should be, I need to spend even more time to analyse such tiny details.

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      Busy, busy, busy in attempts to solve and figure out what could be made in one single day. From today Lviv closes everything except shops with food and pharmacies, banks. It called prevention against CORONA-19.

      In reality are endless queues on the streets, because for now only one or few people could be inside, everyone crowded outside. At first were closed schools and other education connected institutions. Now closed everything. On the cafes written till 3rd of April. At least such situation is for now.

      Tomorrow will be closed borders and any kind of transport connection with other countries. That was announced. What will be next no one knows. People are angry and lost.

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      Turtle's speed.

      15 March, 2020.

      This is short story for kids.


      Turtle's speed.pdf

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      From tomorrow Ukraine will have quarantine. 3 weeks for now.

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      Tea party on petals.

      10 March, 2020.

      New tiny text and I decided to add it to plays.

      Since invented story for few days as part of research looked at beautiful fotos of tea cups.


      Tea party on petals.pdf

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      22th in 28.

      6 March, 2020.

      It’s not a maths exercise, it’s reality of Ukraine. In few previous days we received new government. 22th in 28 years of new independence of Ukraine. Someone could tell it’s many, someone could tell it’s not enough.

      I read news, I listened to radio. And now I want to say my opinion. What I will say it’s contradiction. It’s against everything about scream, moan and cry hysterically “experts”. Probably it’s not good in the common sense.

      We are not right in how we see situation or what we wait from the government. It’s not what waits “nation” or individual. We are terribly wrong in our expectations and as result we receive terrible disappointment with drastic changes to the level of possible new revolutions.

      How we think? I want this, that and here, if possible till the end of this week. In Friday we don’t receive that and we receive end of the trust, drama and possibility of tragedy. Honestly, nothing wrong is here. We wanted, we hoped, we didn’t receive. We start to search, hope for something else which should give everything in list. It didn’t work again and again and same mistakes in the circles, which more and more reminds circles of hell.

      What I see as solution, but no one agree with me or starts to build life around it to change somehow? I know what I want, I know that you can’t give it to me. Here usually everything is over, point of tragedy and new government. If see this as “dark night before sun rise”, it could be different. What you could give to me? What is your proposal? And will be thought if it’s suitable for me. Or even more should we accept it and could it be made as compromise, solution and moving somewhere in the end with steps forward.

      Why such thoughts? From my painful usual experience in searching for props to my stories. My imagination are boundless, my real life is different. I am full of inspiration after watching new pins as ideas for miniatures houses. I want this and that and here I will make dramatic scene. I go to the toys shop and there are endless possibilities, in colours from gold to pink of bathrooms for dolls. I am not sure that could be even more creative with this setting, because already use pink bath.

      I wanted bridge, because I thought I need it for number of stories. There is no bridge in toy’s shop. I did research. Where could be found necessary bridge? Answer is easy - in the shops everything for fish tanks. It’s rare in the my shopping list, but I was surprised of diversity of items which people put in fish tanks. I never thought that broken Doric order columns are such attractive for fish.

      To finish – solution is not always how we see what it should be. Solution is what solves our problem in the end. And we should be open to forms and possibilities in which it proposed to us. From only this we could make conclusion if we agree to that or not.

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      Writer’s day.

      3 March, 2020.

      Today is International Writer’s day and every writer should scribe few lines about that. I don’t know if writer should receive as gift in that day bunch of pens and papers. Better if it will be lovely notebooks with beautiful papers inside of it.

      At Writer’s day writer should write, as at any other day of own life. Daily at work or every day is writer’s day.

      As a writer I now have one project in huge revision. One in research plans because it will be perfect excuse to learn some skill. Next idea also looks interesting because I think I could make there sweet fotos and have some props for it.

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      Sakura's branch.

      1 March, 2020.

      I archived winter's posts for previous months. Links are on the bottom of page.

      Today is technically first day of spring, so why not start with blooming.
      New play:


      Sakura's branch.pdf

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