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      26 June, 2019

      In my previous play as background was idea of master-class. It’s what I am thinking about all the time.

      You know, learning for me was always important part of my life. Because of this time to time I return to idea that should work at learning one more foreign language. Which one and what for are questions of other level. But it’s not counting endless work on improving English. I all the time remind myself that write on it only from 2014 and still learn it.

      I believe in knowledge and possibility of improvement. I believe in mentoring and apprenticeship which doesn’t connect with age. I know that every person could teach something, if have wish to give advices.

      I am talking about that I am self-taught playwright. There are projects when I felt deep lack of formal education in this field, no matter how long I work. Knowing how to write about everything is fundamentals of journalistic with habit of research, but sometimes there is wish to be more specific in searching problems in the text.

      I all the time read about theory of drama and acting as profession. Sometimes it’s absence of structure or use of proper literature canon. Sometimes it’s other’s language culture which not always clear to me.

      Reading a lot about writing craft I think of importance presence of people who polish what you do or like in art, show how to better hold brush. I all the time searching for such details which could help and improve what I do.

      Previous post I wrote about directing. It was attempt to name what I need to master. Big necessity of visual storytelling as composition and attention to details which could summarize in complication of Mise en Scene. Even when I publish texts, I know they are not perfect. Not always I believe they are totally finished, I see that could add more scenes, but afraid to make worse path of story. But all of that in total is drafts which could be improved over and over. I tell stories and try to learn tell them better each time.

      Theater is not novel. Novel have first page and last one, it’s finished in perception. For theater each text is like some kind of culinary book. There are all necessary ingredients which mentioned how it should be from start to finish. And there is cook, which add more or less salt and sugar and change it step by step making own dish using same receipt. Here mastering of writer could be improving product to make it more ready to eat with less cooking time.

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      24 June, 2019

      Monday should be mood for work. Too much noise: builders and lawn movers.

      I listen on YouTube beautiful piano music and try to concentrate at least on writing post.

      Writing for theater is more complicated than other fiction. Stage itself. It’s difficult to put on stage plot with car racing and helicopters. Believe me, I was thinking about it a lot for story...

      Playwright is not just writer… Actor? Probably, because we invent what character will think in pause of lines. We not write “He sit on the edge of the chair, his thoughts were far away and he was remembering fishing with his granny. It was most unusual experience, but as said grandpa “bet is the bet”. He looked at woman who was in front of him and wonder why she never told him of her childhood and noticed that she took from her pocket ax with golden holder.” This wild imagination could be only in novel.

      Main question is playwright a director of own story? Is playwright shy theater director who sees whole story written by herself and could the same way see what wrote other playwrights. Should I storyboard classic plays and make “rehearsal notes” to better understand craft instead of put all this information in new texts?

      What will change if it will be only polishing of one language? As usual ambitions of polymath are in conflict with doing one thing as best as possible. And I am totally quiet about my huge unrealized project to learn to draw for better text illustrating.

      I know, too many questions. Most easy is to return back to stories for kids, add quantity and think later. It’s far away of my understanding of craft, but it’s still be writing.

      If remember what’s going on in our country, I would like to have an election as helpful tool to which direction to go next step, with all that first month, first 100 days and all stuff.

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      Retreat: writing for stage.

      18 June, 2019.

      Finally, everything is united.

      Still think that's some kind of magic when from such draft:


      There is finished new text:


      Retreat: writing for stage.pdf

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      At other day.

      17 June, 2019

      Yesterday’s thunderstorm with rain stopped only today’s morning, but I still hoped that upload text today.

      After big detailed one more revision on paper, I was such tired that I made hour workout to clear my mind. Then I put all tiny many changes in the text, looked at the clock – I almost missed evening workout. And instead of start to work on the pictures, I made it.

      Today was holiday after yesterday’s holiday and was quiet to work. I think with noise I will manage with illustrations. When everything will be finished, I will publish text on-line.

      In this story are characters, whom for a long time I wanted to put in some play. It’s new text, not how I wanted to unite them before. They are director, actor and playwright. You could search for personal story, but not forget that’s fiction story in the whole.

      Little glimpse at the characters:


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      In short.

      14 June, 2019

      In short what I already accomplished this week.

      At 12 of June, Wednesday, I wrote new play. 7 scenes, 5 characters. More than 3500 words.

      Will be more revisions, probably costumes for dolls and storyboard.

      Yesterday afternoon was terribly hot and I changed again my haircut to shorter. No matter that all time wear baseball cap.

      Today I wanted to make fotos near something green. Was even hotter. It's +38C at 11a.m.


      Now everyone already hope for rain after such unusual weather.

      So today I made foto on the balcony. Not proper background (green it's against birds visiting) or lighting, but it should be noticed haircut.


      When everything be ready, will upload new text, some day next week. Let's see how it all works.

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      10 June, 2019

      If turn loud enough zen music, it’s almost bearable to make one more revision during day with all noises around.

      At first wanted to boast, this day in 2010 received my first diploma as playwright. It’s 58 text of play in English, if counted right. It without texts for kids and I didn’t know how to add to them texts in Ukrainian and Russian. So decided not to make impressive number, because back in 2010 I not thought for a moment that will write on English.

      In this story I didn’t make storyboard, just poster. So new text.


      Burnout. pdf

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      Sunday’s writer.

      9 June, 2019

      Never thought it will be my story, but I became Sunday’s writer. Or person who has a chance to write whole draft of new story only on Sunday.

      It already not first story which I finish during whole Sunday. The same was with previous story “Meeting”. Today I wrote little play, more than 2500 words for 4 characters.

      With this never ending story of whole day building noise of building building, all my stories written in early mornings, from Monday till Saturday including, are weak. Usually at Sunday I have idea of whole story, new story and it became complete. Of course I will need few mornings for revising. Because now I only finished it.

      Hope it won’t be big spoiler if write it’s title “Burnout”. Today in e-mail article about burnout was in newsletters about: writing, paining and even fitness. I think it’s strong problem. Perhaps added there my own feelings and thoughts. But as always in the end I wrote hilarious comedy.

      I know that it will be better to finish on Sunday previous texts, but ideas come to my mind all the time. So, someday, I will manage it. Of course time to time I want to make like in cartoon, when tiniest character screams in bass – quiet. But before that I will publish what is finished, not was in plans of finishing.


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      3 June, 2019

      In one of the articles about writers, it was humorous piece, I read that writer “has begging for approval in the eyes”. It’s awful truth about which we all the time forget. Not about patting on the shoulder daily. It’s about right to write or do anything else.

      I will tell you one thing, but don’t tell anybody that was writer’s words: humanity could live without literature. Period. If you need more proves remember about how unsuccessful are programs around the world in convincing children in benefits of reading. When stand in the queue or on the streets, it’s rare to see toddler with some kind of toy, usually it’s mother’s phone in front of them and kid watch cartoons. Later will be almost impossible to teach that children to read black letters on white paper and everything in text should work only with power of imagination. This is without sounds, music, endless moving objects.

      And with this problem in literature it’s crazy idea of new titles which came daily and articles “75 most important books of June”. Who besides other writers is still reading at least something?

      One more idea which I heard somewhere at TED talk recently: “I don’t want to read story which imagined writer, because I think s/he is wrong about plot and characters.” Somewhere in quietness fallen all classic literature on the floor. Could we add possibility to Hamlet marry Ophelia or should she choose Fortinbras this time? Probably my conclusion that adults couldn’t be interested in “Choose Your Own Adventure” was not correct.

      Approval, it’s good, but not everything. Better if you have advice or direction. You know, some kind of GPS, which could help writer with many ideas choose road what will be more suitable for each story. When everything is shiny and you can’t with cold head analyze what you do, you need such kind of help. Possibilities and opportunities could also be overwhelming.

      For good or bad, but my force it’s not seek of approval, it’s curiosity. I want to learn more, I love knowledges. From there are all my experiments with languages to the level of idea “Eurocomprehension”, project which is now dead on-line. Romance languages there were based on French, so not such easy experiment was for me.

      In English I still receive daily words to widen my passive vocabulary, I love to read and find new. But my problem, that I want to add something else, not only words to tell a story. It could be because of past of writing in newspapers or today’s addictiveness of the images. With such amount of similar images daily lost importance of storytelling part of picture. And all amounts of fotos on-line underline that not everyone could make fotos. Interesting and what worth attention is rare and still could be found only in magazines and newspapers.

      After that everyone are making fotos and photographers are still rare we return to same problem with writing. Write everyone and about everything. It is in social media, books and who knows where else. There are people who write because can’t live other ways and people who wants to be also creative or also could write book as that writer, book of whom read on last week. At first place they didn’t need approval, they need enormous amount of articles, blogs and books “how to write”.

      Literature makes from readers writers and it’s huge addiction which should be analyzed and have special annual conference about it. I could tell about myself – in Ukrainian it was translation of Stefan Zweig’s Brief einer Unbekannten. It was Ukrainian language, after which I said to myself, I want to use and write on Ukrainian like that.

      At English it was Oscar Wilde's “Importance of being earnest”. I saw that plays not only could be easy read but it possible to write them as profession.

      Profession of artist, here we have bumping road. When I first came to painting it was part of the idea of making background for my plays. Later it became part of theme writing about painters, because of reading and attempts to improve your skill, think a lot. Here is most important not to think for a moment that you are painter or something like that. Theater box gives opportunity to try every possible role as creator also. But road of becoming a painter is dead end for writer, it should be illustrations to your words, not main aim. If lost, try to check – if it is still looks like children book with illustration – fine. If you already gathering paintings to personal exhibition you need to choose between brush and keyboards.

      Art and painting by the way also aren’t such necessary. What people want? No, not to buy one more picture in their collection, which later their descendants will sell on auction. People want to learn paint the same as artist, but by themselves. It’s enormously popular branch now – to teach others skills which didn’t help yourself to sell more own art.

      This idea of approval is really strong point, because time to time we ask ourselves – what we do and make is proper job? Should we be somewhere else, doing something else? When we will prove that our way of living is best possible for us? You know, was such saying – person who doesn’t know what to do choose journalistic. It has negative and positive meaning also. Positive is that you try much more branches of life that is possible, as example, in Chemistry department and decide what you like the most.

      Time to time I have wish to change somehow my profession. After journalistic I became playwright. And as next level I tried writing usual fiction as short stories with novels in perspective. It’s not enough satisfying for me. For someone it could be enough, not for me. I added storyboards to theater plays, I wrote cinematic stories. Few years ago, I was on the crossroad and I choose between path of education in English linguistic or theater directing. I didn’t manage formal education, but as you see I received some results in English – I learned how to write long and boring posts.

      What about directing? Ambitious impudence in it’s clear form with addition of vanity and strong believe that in that road is strong, high wall without chances of moving forward. But this story is still attractive and enormous challenge to me. I am realist even when talk about impossible dream. I didn’t mention film directing, because there are knowledges which for now is not on my level of comprehension. No matter that I want to improve storyboarding part of my texts.

      Have some ideas what to do next. In English improving started to look at Linguistic of English language. In writing as usual few projects on research stage.

      As said before, removed old posts, because it’s random talks about everything, trifles. They changes with me, they not carved on stone and should be removed frequently.

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