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    Week without Instagram.
    New York dreams.
    New photo for main page.

      New photo for main page.

      11, April 2021

      Today changed photo on main page. On pdf file there are other photos which could land on main page. Last one is my favourite – something in the eyes, I think.

      Kate AKS photos.pdf

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      New York dreams.

      6, April 2021

      As wrote yesterday, won’t publish for some time new long text. Today is new tiny text. Named this text short story, because it’s too long for micro.

      Today was snowy day of April. As March it also forgot that it should be spring weather.

      Had procrastination from text revision and searched for vocabulary. Decided to write such soliloquy about New York. Have such a mood, write about places which never visited in real life. Previous published text was about Paris.


      New York dreams.pdf

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      Week without Instagram.


      Today is seventh day without Instagram, technically it’s a week.

      When was deleted my account, I tried to recreate it. Made few attempts with creating new names, the long the better. Till button register it worked, than said that is not allowed. In rules written that one person could have five accounts, but if they deleted one account without warning, don’t hope for rules.

      What I learned without social media. Pinterest not counts. I love to check weather, just to explain why hold phone in the hand. Second I miss new workout ideas, new art and all that was changing daily with illusion that something important going on. All people on the streets, shops all the time in the phone, not moving head.

      Sad news – workouts on You Tube are too tiny to watch on phone. Fitness app has more severe trainers and different time for 20 seconds between reps. In Instagram on that time I could drink enough water and spend some time birds watching.

      Hope my creative results won’t be floating around as ghosts. With each art I improve skills.

      I revise now. In stage to change all and add more scenes. I am not sure that will publish text soon, after it have other unfinished text for some time.

      We are now in lockdown. Was impressed by note on the library. Library works remotely, without giving books to readers. Probably they retell stories by phone.

      As usual all changes are on my site, if it will be on place in that changing world.

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      Art sketchbook.

      31 March, 2021

      Art sketchbook - new rubric on my site.

      Instagram without warning removed my account.

      On my site I do what I want. So today I publish art sketchbook with my works from March of 2021.

      Art sketchbook March 2021.pdf

      With previous art I will work later.

      About all news and changes main source is still my site.

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      Happy Holidays!


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