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      Last day of the spring, tomorrow will be summer. Proper time to talk about perspectives.

      I will return blog about playwrighting, it will be weekly post connected with writing plays. I have a lot of other things to write about, so I think I will continue “in progress”. Probably will rename it to “creativity in progress”, because will write there about art projects also.

      I know it’s more work to do. But I am with writing, like in relationships, I need spend for it all free time.

      The more I write, the more I write. This is still works for me. I can’t guarantee daily posts, but I will try. There are a lot of work with plays which should be done. Today I won’t upload more, because yesterday had 7. Now is sunny, what will be next – who knows. But it did work – in morning wasn’t heavy rains. Little changes of reality is good.

      In art I will use acrylic paint which I have to finish project and return to my accidental first love – watercolour. Should be summer and art should dry faster. And I tried to work in acrylic with palette knife – such interesting results. Best of which is it not necessary use whole swimming-pool of water to clean it.

      Like always when I return to writing plays unwritten ideas I found everywhere. Some of them wait for long time. Others has problem that I don’t know how to put them in story. Like my all ideas connected with gemstones. Should I learn to draw them or just mention in the text. Could I try templates like when drawing fashion or should I use beads as props. And how to make it interesting. “Diamonds are forever” this is without doubt.

      The same with ideas about clocks. I stopped to wear watches after clock exibition in Mosсow in October 2008, when director of the clock factory recognized their product and said that such long they couldn’t work. As result when I returned home, watch stopped and person who tried to repair it said he had no idea what happened, he couldn’t repair. Maybe problem was in Moscow’s heavy rains in the end of October, when umbrella didn’t help a lot. But I know who is guilty in reality. Because after Diamond Fund I visited a lot of jewellery exhibitions.

      Like always in perspective I had more writing and bunch of other ideas. Not everything depends of me, but all steps which should be done by me – I will do. I didn’t mention that for some projects I have no idea which steps I should do, but wish to do it is huge.


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      Message - 30.05.2017-2.

      For tomorrow weather forecast is all day thunderstorms. Today were few hours of thunderstorms and lightnings. I know if I upload today more plays, will be good weather. I will do it.

      Play Christmas Special.pdf

      Play Importance of being unnoticed.pdf

      Play My sidekick Dracula.pdf


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      Message - 30.05.2017.

      Yesterday my mind was busy with other thoughts and I completely forgot that I didn't add plays which I should remade. Today I add four of them.

      Play Candidate.pdf

      Play Dawn of hen-party.pdf

      Play You can speak English.pdf

      Play Body in the basement.pdf


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      After experiment.


      Since first of May I began an experiment to live life without play writing. One month it’s not first 100 days, but enough reason for talking.

      There are times in life when you can’t receive or accomplish what you want. Normal people could choose depression. I chose a lot of experiment and doings.

      There are dates which you remember, because they are sad days. But year after year you start to live with them. You have memories, sadness, but live further and make plans.

      I can’t name this experiment like crisis of middle age or writer’s block. By the way – it could be cool when in crisis of writing writers buy themselves red sport car. Maybe I would choose instead of car yacht and paint it in red to be in style. Yacht at which you could walk in stilettos, no matter that’s not comfortable.

      Each of us has such wish to change something. I dyed hair instead of total black to mahagoni. Problem that from beginning I am brunette, it looks like dark black with interesting shadow which could be noticed only at sunny day. I couldn’t call it failure, just efforts didn’t make noticeable result.

      So instead of depression I started to write fantasy novel. Didn’t manage it. Write short stories for kids – success, I can do it. Write short story for adults – it looks like play without written who is talking. And I know how to improve it for play and have no idea how to improve it as short story. I didn’t tell about mystery novel which I outlined connected with letters.

      Letters it’s my little obsession. It was my first play which received recognition in contests and I know that could write amazing letters, but with English it’s border which impossible to accomplish.

      Since I spend part of my time with art activities, I learned most important thing – try to experiment. Use new techniques, new material and don’t be afraid with results which you will receive. I know, it’s not usual for writing, but creativity should have some common rules.

      About results – now I collect items to illustrate project for kids, which I plan to write, for that I needed acrylic paint. I bought cheapest set. I didn’t listen to usual advise – never buy “Made in China”. I liked result, I liked material and paint was without terrible smell which everyone predicted. Problem was that I used brush and it was Sunday (yesterday) so I haven’t special item which makes brushes clean. I used for it nail polish removal – cheapest which I could find. Here I met disgusting smell.

      Of course, I tried to paint with new paint. Not from first time, but I receive shadow of light blue with which I am in love for some time. But when I united red and blue I received amazing, rich, marvelous green colour. Such experiments in painting help to work brain. In writing we call them failures.

      Why? Main question. Why painter tries to save work – s/he sees how lot of work already were done. Canvas, paint and starts to think. We writers see only paper or file and easy refuse it – our work it’s not such materialistic. You know it’s like you are writer – when have a published book. In reality you are writer when started to write a book, poet when write a poem. I am a playwright it didn’t change if I didn’t see my name on the theatre poster.

      When choose English I made emotional decision. Everything was black or white. Sometimes I am still maximalist. I try to change it, but there are still relapses. I remind myself that could be wrong about conclusions and not everything is like I see it.

      I wrote screenplays, novels, poetry and plays on Russian and Ukrainian as result time to time I want to repeat it in English. I can’t do it and it’s hurts. It hurts and I have a wish to change it. I made attempts, I just need it. Not to receive negative experiment, but for prove that was right before.

      After such creative experiments I feel myself exhausted, but it’s like reality simulation – when I think that could do everything. To return to idea with boats – they check them on water, because there is no use in sail without wind. I can’t do everything, but I can do things which never could do before. In English I start to write fast, I wrote plays and have a lot of ideas of new plays. For plays I start to work with art. I like painting, I had no idea that I could do it.

      I wrote previous Monday about boxers. Boxers have weight cathegories and I all the time forget that have mine. Wish to won everywhere is destructive for thinking how to be best in your segment.

      After lot of babbling – I convinced myself to return to play writing. On pause I have one more play connecting with Hamlet. With outline and reading list it will be work for few months.

      I can’t understand how people could show one project and simultanously work at few different. In creative life I am absolutelly linear person. When I have idea it took all my attention. I could refuse it, change it, be quiet about it, but for some time I need one target like everything else is not exist.

      I was cruel critic to everything what I wrote and if I see – it’ s not what I really can do, I just refuse to upload it. Such projects just wait for time when I learn or find tools to make them better.

      With length of my post it’s clear – I haven’t problem with what to do with blank page, I will find letters, paintings.

      Probably from June I’ll return blog about playwrighting.


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      Message - 28.05.2017.

      Already more than a week we have terribly slow connection with internet. Yesterday I waited few minutes when will be upload my pictures for play.

      I tried to enter in internet early and really early. It didn't help.

      Today I uploaded book from Gutenberg in 5 minutes. Previous few days it write that need 26 hours for it. So I made today three plays. Because which connect will be tomorrow time will show.

      Play Stroke.pdf

      Play Melody of love.pdf

      Play Puppeteer's curse.pdf


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      Message - 27.05.2017.

      It's difficult to check news, every day new tragedies, lot of blood. Everyone talk about peace and how it's important.

      I can't understand why no one talk about it but we have now "Epoch of Hate". Everyone, everywhere. It's like scandal which became bigger and bigger and no one want to stop.

      All this gathering to mourning, people now more united in pain, than in preventing tragedies.

      Zbigniew Brzezinski died, his father was from Lviv's region. At University professor advised to us read "The Grand Chessboard". We can't understand how wrong Brzezinski was wrong about Ukraine and Russia and correct about everyone else. He wasn't such wrong. We didn't see this problems, now it's looks like pleasant to hate for both countries. Like at least there is possibility not to pretend that everything is all right.

      For me it's broken system of coordinate. And I choose English like therapy for my creative soul. I even don't ask myself no more how and when it will end. Just how to live in new landscape.

      Play Until I went away.pdf


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      Message - 26.05.2017.

      Work on revising short story proved that I am not ready to the novel. At first it was interesting dialogues with a little bit of remarks. Yes, as usual I wrote a play with different locations.

      For now I stop myself to upload this story, 14 pages. I will think what I could improve in it like in short story. I name it work with details.

      Still want to work with drawing and next target is to try lovely houses, maybe it will be easier in comparing with humans.

      Play Parrot's interrogation.pdf


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      Message - 25.05.2017.

      Now I work on revising first short story in which I try to put together at least few of my characters. I put them in one town, found for it name.

      It's such difficult to put together all of them. To connect them I need to add few more characters. This time I need name for woman which will sound enough Polish - like usual I came to idea with Theodora. It's first on charge when I need to made some other variations of it. It's name of my grandfather's grandmother (Теодозія), in Zhytomyr's region were a lot of Polish and German people and now are. In our family all that documents were lost.

      I think I need more than one 2300 words short story to make some connections with all this persons whom I invent. In this text I put three of them, not bad result. Not to mention that add few new.

      Play Pangs of conscience.pdf


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      Message - 24.05.2017.

      Some ideas never will be realised. Yesterday was information that Sir Roger Moore is dead. Scene with all actor's who played Bond in one film won't be realised. Without him it will be different.

      Fans like such entrances of actors who were in original film. Like with "Ghostbusters" (2016), it was marvelous. By the way if in Thor:Ragnarok won't be a scene with dancing Chris Hemsworth, it will be terrible lost for movie.

      And few days ago was day of Sherlock Holmes. I can't understand why so little was mentioned amazing Basil Rathbone. I watched all films which found in black and white, in coloured version they loose charm.

      Play in English Romeo and Juliet at couples therapy.pdf


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      Message - 23.05.2017.

      I receive every morning in e-mail today's headlines. Still hope that at morning will be some positive news, not information about next tragedy.

      I don't know why, but I always have enormous research plan when promised huge thunderstorms and there is possibility to problem with internet.

      About social media, our people will use to it. Before that was iron curtain, now the same is we try to make again. One question - why waiting for this for few years.

      I am not usual user of such media I search there for inspiration or learning English. But for lot of people it is still important news. I found other interesting resourses with free stuff, about which I haven't idea. Never stop learning.

      Play Pleading in the night.pdf


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      Target: impossible.


      At Friday I already wrote that stop work on the fantasy novel. I can’t name it defeat, better to name it strategic retreat. I know, it’s more remind boxer who lays down in knockout, but in reality in mind already born plan of future exercise plan. I wanted to write something like “I’ll be back”, but it’s not what I should describe. I didn’t go somewhere, so I don’t have to come back.

      You know, it’s like on shooting. I just choose another weapon, which didn’t left such painful bruises on the shoulder. I am still at shooting range. I didn’t dissappear I am thinking. All my targets are impossible and because of this I find them so attractive.

      I still try to work on drawing. Because – no matter if it will be short-story or play – I want to draw my characters myself. For fantasy it’s absolutelly must have. I have no idea how to draw all details when at this level I have problems with silhouettes.

      I checked my ideas. I don’t know what to do with all that spin-off for every character and story. To where add them. How to make it without rewriting plays which I have in novels. I am in deep thinking and now I check everything. Good, that no one see results of my laboratory work – too many explosions which worked wrong.

      Maybe I will make for some time deep dive in kid’s stories, because there I have less problems with vocabulary. For now I try to figure out what I have. You know, when were made lot of results and you compare it with what you plan to do it’s difficult to formulate clear step by step plan. There are few roads and I think it will be impossible to walk by all of them simultaneously. Moving in all directions I didn’t figure out how to make it, segments or something like that.

      Quantity of my characters already enourmous, I could make a town for them. Others, which are in ideas already ready to have own country, not to mention few which need space.

      Control of all the ideas is impossible, but now it’s my main target.

      Play Haunted Halloween.pdf


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      Message - 21.05.2017.

      First part of the day I was busy with trying oil pastels technique. I bought kid's set and experiment not on the best paper. Pity, but with changing material quality of my human figures didn't change. But flowers are really recognizable and like always good results were with landscapes.

      Other part of day I waited when will stop heavy rain with thunderstorm and it will be possible to connect with internet.

      Now it looks like it could be done, so I remade next text.

      Play Murderous love.pdf


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      Message - 20.05.2017.

      It could be coincidence, but when I stop write scandinavian fantasy, we had few days of hot and sunny weather.

      Today we were at the cemetery. We have big numbers this May. 5th grandfather should be 90 years, tomorrow - 21, grandmother should be 95 years. Now we visit them there.

      Play Winter's night with an angel.pdf


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      I should write it on Monday, but to make plans is not for life in my country.

      I stopped work on fantasy novel. I wrote prologue and made it 30 pages from 5 which I had in first draft. I add a lot of dialogues. Most of the time there are dialogues.

      Work on novel is work with domino. It's all the time connected with each part and everything falls. At the end of this little part I add few more characters which hadn't in the beginning. And after it I need to add names for them and put them at beginning of the story.

      Without outline I could go mad, but now I understand why writing a novel is such difficult. You need time for it. I understand why people visit some recreations and write there in quietnes. You can't write novel in stress.

      You need a lot of concentration. And you need to plan work day by day, in advance. I can't do that. I planned to work with watercolour - all day wasn't water. On next wasn't electricity. After that I checked which resourses I will loose after new idea in law.

      How Ukraine reacted to closure of one of this social media? At first day after new law it was visited by 18 000 000 unique visitors from Ukraine. Bookmark it's sacred part of our life.

      Changes are crucial and not always clear. There is new habit to change price for gas, electricity in the middle of the month. We can't see clear what's going on. It's main idea.

      To show level of bureaucracy and trying to wring out most of the money I will give one example. Now I collect papers to receive my grandfather's flat based on will. I don't talk about that mother went with me everywhere. She needs to explain that I am her daughter and she is daughter of her father, my grandfather. All that documents we should show everywhere. For every paper they asked (it's not necessary for receive documents) is she still don't mind that flat will be mine according will which was written 17 years ago. Mother still don't mind. I sometimes against it, because I tired to explain why grandfather wanted to left flat to his one granddaughter from his one child. I didn't count how many times they asked if granfather remaried and had new children. (Yes, they have access to this information when they open documents.)

      I remember about what I wrote. I need document that flat wasn't repaired with changes in plan. It's image of every step in our country. I paid to that document in notary. But here is surprise. On-line documents are since 1st of January of 2013. Last documents for flat were made in 2000, after grandmother's death in 1999. So in other orghanization I payed three times more to wait two weeks and receive document that wasn't repair till 29th of December 2012. Question will I need one more document which will prove that wasn't repair since 29 of December till 31th of December 2012?

      It's headache for few months and will be for next few and only after it will be new level - receive new documents. I could predict I will pay for everything one more time, this time as new owner.

      Thank God grandfather himself sold land section when he was alive and healthy. They planned to build something there but plans like always changed. It could be more papers for everything.

      I can't write in such circumstances long texts. I think I will work on short stories for kids and adults. It could be good for practice my prose and improving language. I can't predict when will be next big post. If you wish check weekly for new texts and changes.

      I will search for little ideas. I need projects which could be finished in less time and it's possible to work not whole time on it.

      Play Sculptor for hire.pdf


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      Message - 18.05.2017.

      Spend almost whole day, not counting a lot of other stuff which I had to do , searching for new resourses with English. Again had to add a lot in bookmark.

      Huge amount of articles and old books could be found on-line. In such moments I am terribly want to be an English teacher. Yes, person who knows English enough to teach others, not all the time be a learner.

      People are still angry with yesterday's decision. To change daily routine is difficult. All used to something and like always no one told anything in advance. As far as I know most of them try to check current mobile phones of relatives. They didn't ask for it in years. For my experience alway is possible find someone who you know and could tell you that, just be patient and had old telephone notebook.

      Play King's wife.pdf


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      Message - 17.05.2017.

      We have new law about bloking some social media in Ukraine. It's theme number one.

      Neighbours talk about that, children which return from school talk about that. Women who sell vegetables in market talk about that.

      Security or right to free speech it's difficult question. But question which asked everyone - why now, why so soon after scandal. People don't believe in politic, people believe in private interest.

      I hadn't been part of any social network. I am not ready to have one more daily work with all this accounts and everything else which eat lot of time with minimal results.

      I am strong believer in Google search with images. I am not always visit sites, sometimes for me is enough what I saw.

      I regularly visited one of this social media. I read about experience with work with same grammar books that I have. Try to find solving of problems which I had in learning English. Other people visit them for ideas of cooking, knitting and other stuff.

      Problem is other that decision is not smart. Problem this law will be difficult to make. At first should be prepared everything and how it make, only after that start work. And from nowhere guilty with social media are software which used all business for accounting.

      This collapse woke up in me doubts. Did I start huge project when I was ready to make it, or when I had strong wish to it? Maybe some basic training would be good before. I need to think. Another play, space I should rearrange not connecting with future plans.

      How to get your EX back.pdf


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      Message - 16.05.2017.

      Today all day wasn't electricity and were several thunderstorms with heavy rains. Of course this events didn't connect, but were useful to sabotage work with research.

      Play Flavour of crime.pdf


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      Human body is most complicated.


      I planned to write about magic, will be next time. Now I have different problem which invented myself.

      If you will look to my web-story it will look surprisingly unusual. I searched for “shirtless male”.

      But at first to problem which lead me to search male body.


      This is not sketch for horror film, this is my attempt to draw a man. With counting heads, sounds terrible, and remembering all proportions step by step.

      I want to add pictures in my story. On pictures I need mostly men – it’s story about warriors.


      It was terrible, and I showed not every attempt, they were the same level or worse. I couldn’t use here the same method as with costumes – when I used template. Did you saw poses which proposed to male models? I just can’t figure out how to add to them sword.

      And during writing and reading fantasy advices and forums there are a lot of fan art. When I saw such perfect work I was depressed – why they could draw and repeat only pictures or movies, it’s such a waste of ability. Than I checked some of the artists which impressed me, their instagram accounts. It looks like draw two people, one with ability and other is out of mind. I start to analyse – better was works of fan art, worst were ideas of their mind. Here we have all problems with proportions, unnatural shapes of body.

      I have an idea and I tried to check it. Again was complicated with male models and I start to search for shirtless actors. I need only top of the body as reference material. Don’t ask at which adult sites I ended most of the time. Were also fan’s sites, I wasn’t ready for their content even more. Never mind, people have their free time, they could spend it inventive.



      So I started to draw from photos. And it was a result. Not ideal, but it was definitely human body. I worked on line of the shoulders. Arms I had from everywhere but not connected with torso. Of course I opened images in new windows, amount of girls comments were endless resource for improving my vocabulary if I wish to write extreme romantic story.

      I haven’t explanation, but it works. I understand that inside human beings are the same proportions of heads and sticky figures which they proposes as start. In real person, I don’t know I see finished result, something like that. My problem when I repeat all their exercises I don’t see a body which should be at finish line. I am not sculptor to see it inside of stone or I can’t construct this bodies like Lego (never had such constructor as child, but I saw a lot of advertisements, understand how it works). What I have it’s Ikea without instruction and its not good for motivation.

      Good that level of my drawing makes not recognizable victims of my references. I heard in one interview of comic writer, that she hired actors, made photos of their poses and than draw all comics from first to last image. I am not working on comics, I just want moving persons to draw what I want.


      Problem in that person that I spoiled everything when tried to wear something on figure. I can’t make them walking shirtless all the time. I lose shape of body, because of this is such important work with costumes. Costumes could made or destroy a character.

      Now I understand why on all romantic novels men are topless. If it will be necessary, I could make such cover for book. With lot of exercises.

      I saw concept art with Scandinavian characters where all warriors had little on them and lot of flesh on legs is shown. Legs with muscles which prove that they are strong. It will work in Rio, I didn’t argue. But if in Scandinavians region, if they choose such style – it could work during one generation. It’s not possible to receive next generation after such dress code.

      There are few free on-line reference sites where you could draw different poses. Problems that every pose is for 30 seconds. Are you kidding me? Not on my level. Is it impossible – I need 30 minutes to find out where on page put correctly head. I need few attempts. Again I am not sure that could make them impressive enough. Muscles can’t be seen in warm big sweater.

      It’s not Tuscany, I can’t draw forest all the time. Dark forest. I need to show my characters.

      Still for me it’s unsolved problem. But now I understand why in lot of films are such ridiculous costumes and why superheroes wore such tight costumes, they shouldn’t look like sack of potatoes. And all of costumes try to repeat muscles, because simple clothes just didn’t underline body.

      Human body is most complicated creature, it’s such difficult to repeat it.

      Good that I am not artist, I am writer, in other way it will be struggle for me daily. I even could believe that I am loser or was wrong then choose idea with paintings.

      I will think and invent something. In landscape painting I could hope that nature was free in creating. With human body everything complicated and anatomy for artists didn’t help me a lot. Result didn’t impress me. How they could impress readers?

      Lot of writing. I know, but art is endless theme. My art it’s theme about which I need to talk a lot. I try to understand how it could be used.


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      Message - 14.05.2017.

      Today in Ukraine is Mother's day.

      Few more words about weather. Why global warming is such cold? I'm not a scientist, but I am more than sure that predictions about how will change climate were terribly wrong.

      Play Fresh blood.pdf


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      Message - 13.05.2017.

      Write what you know, they suggested all the time. Now I write what I invented and still need a lot of time spend on research.

      I love to research, I find out a lot new information. When I wrote mysteries... You already met Augusta in plays about not sober girls, in novels it's her second name. When I wrote mysteries I research a lot. Bought sity guide of UK, at that time for me enough was Russian. I still have wish to return to this series, better will be trip in London. But I could start with baby steps - find out London city guide in English.

      Research helps to add details. In mystery novels boyfriend as a gift made window with London tube map, that she could remember it. She is foreign, I saw picture of that object in design magazine and know what I need.

      You understand about what I am thinking, it's obviously. Not only to see which flowers now blum in Regent's park. Yes, also about map. Map to fantasy.

      It's serious decision for which I should spend some days, to few weeks to read all my novels till the end. Because, I know myself, I will forget something. But I think this idea should be worth time spended on it.

      Retired spies. pdf


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      Message - 12.05.2017.

      Today is rainy and cold day. I am seriously thinking to add some palmes and sunny beach to this scandinavian fantasy. I have enough weather for atmosphere, promise I will survive in sunny hot day with ice-cream as symbol of this story.

      Significant chair.pdf


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      Message - 11.05.2017.

      It could looks like there aren't explanation how I change texts. In reality I at first took plays with lot of images and without play after play. To others which need more work I return a little bit later. Always is easier to work with text which need less preparation. And I all of them compress.

      I write now novel and it's absolutely different speed. With plays it's like speed dating, with novel it's daily relationship. And you just chose what is more important in your life now.

      Ghost of second husband.pdf


      P.S.: After research as inspiration spells not connecting with love, I should invent them myself - there aren't other way, I remade one more play.

      Play in English Mystery solving.pdf


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      Message - 10.05.2017.

      I am wondering, is cold weather now somehow is connected with my returning to scandinavian fantasy. Where is that warm spring? I don't need motivation to write it. If I wrote something about other hot countries, could it change somehow weather.

      In my mind I have one idea, but here is language conflicts, but I am sure that solve it later. More about that on Monday's post.

      Tuesday is day when wishes come true.pdf


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      Message - 9.05.2017.

      Today I wrote five more pages to novel, so I started to work with reorganizing plays.

      New link:

      Play In the fire.pdf


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      Novel writing.


      Returning to novel is difficult decision. But this time I think it’s proper solution. This time changed my behaviour.

      Before I was thinking how to translate story. Is it wrong? No, its childish. To translate is to not change anything. This time I stop see text like perfect novel which I should translate and revise afterwards.

      I open revision from 2012 year and saw it like outline. Short notes for story which will be written later.

      I chose really little chunk of text. 5 pages. 1215 words.


      And start to analyse.


      At first I put on board what I have. Each event which I mention and wrote it, with name of characters which I mentioned. It is plot of this part.


      Next I made most important, what changes this time attempt to return to this story. I started to ask questions. What I could add to this tiny part of story? What I need to explain? What are names of other characters?


      Next board looks differently. I figure out that each, let’s name it, force of this tiny story has own ark which I need to illustrate, to explain, to tell. And I need more names.

      For me it was crucial change in work on novel. (It’s not about that at least I found profession where love to office stationary found proper realisation.)

      As writer I know everything, but not always explain this to reader. In this outline, I can’t no more name it novel, main for me was action. What will be next? When? How?

      Now I asked myself – why? From where? Who are my characters? Where they were before? Why they made such decision? And in text I will try to give clues for readers. My knowledge and understanding of world which I created I should put on paper. From pencil in sketches I should invent habituated world with own rules, tastes and sounds, world which I have in my mind.

      "Waiting for inspiration to write is like standing at the airport waiting for a train. Anonymous.”


      This is how looks like first step of writing novel.

      I read hundreds articles about writing before and I read few thousands of them by now. But they are just empty pages till you didn’t figure out what need in your novel exactly, your personal experience and journey.

      You know, like in real life we not always figure out how to exit from blind alley. The same with stories we think the wall is endless, but it has own boundaries. If we will make two or three steps at any direction we will see endless field of possibilities.

      With characters I don’t prefer strict planning. Like with real person, you need to give them time and they will tell you own story. Just be there to listen. As result they have more to tell me since 2012 year revision. Or I learned to write?

      I am not afraid of some darkness of my characters. Not about every choice or decision they made I am endlessly happy, but I see this like part of their previous story. By the way about that, I read amazing wish in internet “If it will be possible to unmeet some people in our life”. Amazing wish, everyone of us have such list, people we now want that never were in our life, we never met them. In life, like in novel, character just live after that. Turn the page and read whole book.

      It’s novel, reader could and should know what is on mind of characters. In real life it opportunity is in scarcity, for better or for worse.

      Writing a novel is a long process, endless if I have five parts of it. When analyse and rewrite every chapter this way it will take years. I already plan make returning to playwriting after finishing each part. Change of genre is best for work of mind.

      Now I just have fun, it’s like returning to place where you know everything and everyone. I didn’t write, but I was afraid of that returning. It’s like return to dream land after years and ask myself – why I like it at first place. It didn’t happen, it’s like hug old friends which you missed, not know yourself how much. My characters not sweetest in the world, they sometimes are furious and cruel, but for me they are still deserve hug. I feel comfortable in this story and I still madly in love with my warriors and frosty theme.

      Yes, I all the time keep vocabulary near. Yes, I put new scenes which need to glue story, add detail. It’s terribly hard. I thought difficult was writing plays on English. Compare to novel it’s just kid’s game.

      By the way, today I upload new short story for children. Not usual for warm weather, but it’s story of snowmen.

      Like always idea was “what if”. In supermarket I saw a lot of glasses with snowmen, they left after Christmas sale, even not in half of price now. And I was thinking “snowman and summer, how”. What I invented is in story:


      Snowmen on vacations. pdf

      Scandinavian fantasy helps to search something frosty everywhere.

      And about tomorrow - 9th of May, we celebrate it like Victory’s day. I am curious is it possible for our country to be normal at least once.

      And as most positive, we have real spring, everything is blooming.



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      Power of short stories.


      Again changes, I open blog “Writing in progress”. I am tired and few previous weeks searched for solution – what to do. How to manage my level of energy with plans which I have. It doesn’t work.

      Play which I invented is big and I haven’t now energy for it. Write a lot of tiny plays – not, I don’t want to return to moment before seize achievement.

      I have plans what to do. Of course wishes are more shiny and attractive. Problem that I almost always know when it’s impossible. And I don’t want to produce a bad text.

      I was disappointed that many stories I can’t write as play, I just can’t put this stories into theatre languages.

      At one of the sites I read that May is month of short stories. I read about it and thought it’s my solution for prose experiment. I write a short story for kids, I didn’t figure out how to make stage for it.


      Air baloons. pdf

      I like this experiment, it took short amount of time.

      I all the time have nagging wish to write a novel. Problem there is I want to write a novel in English. I wrote novels in Ukrainian and Russian and now I want new level. New level in size, vocabulary, story structure. Huge challenge, but this idea with short story gave me a clue, write in chunks: scene, chapter and such way slowly I could retold whole novel.

      It’s not usual for novel writing, but I think it could help me to figure out what to do with long story. Scenes of play never were printed separately, novels with “to be continued” are more usual.

      Time to time I will add short stories for children, because want to make rest from play’s structure to return to it with fresh glance.

      I know that is strange change from plays to fantasy novel. I am not Shakespeare – I can’t write sonnets, you read my poetry, it could be wrong way.

      No, it’s not fan-fiction of comics books. I like films, but I am disagree in picturing too simple some of the classic characters. It’s powerful old story and I will tell my vision of it, of course it will have changes comparing with original.

      I think post will be on Mondays, or how will work internet connection. Again sorry to my readers, because I need to change something, but here is question of my level of work, not how it will looks like in someone’s eye.


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