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    July 2018Party to kill for.


    16 characters: 10 women roles, 6 male roles.

    Play Party to kill for. pdf

    March 2018Sunset in LA.


    12 characters: 6 women roles, 6 male roles.

    Play Sunset in LA. pdf

    December 2017Christmas decorations.


    4 characters: 1 woman role, 3 male roles.

    Play Christmas decorations. pdf

    November 2017Collusion.

    2 characters: 1 woman role, 1 male role.

    Play Collusion. pdf

    September 2017Scary me gently.


    5 characters: 3 women's roles, 2 male roles.

    Play Scary me gently. pdf

    September 2017Five easels.


    5 characters: 5 women's roles.

    Play Five easels. pdf

    August 2017Words against you.


    Play Words against you. pdf

    August 2017Plotting a murder.


    5 characters: 3 women's roles, 2 male roles.

    Play Plotting a murder. pdf

    July 2017Talk.


    2 characters: 2 women's roles.

    Play Talk. pdf

    April 2017Plein air.


    23 characters: 13 women's roles, 10 male roles.

    Play Plein air. pdf

    March 2017Cups conversation.


    Play Cups conversation.pdf

    February 2017In the fire.


    7 characters: 4 women's roles, 3 male role.

    Play In the fire.pdf

    January 2017Fresh blood.


    13 characters: 7 women's roles, 6 male role.

    Play Fresh blood.pdf

    December 2016After New Year resolutions.


    5 characters: 4 women's roles, 1 male role.

    After New Year resolutions.pdf

    December 2016Tuesday is day when wishes come true.


    9 characters: 4 women's roles, 5 male role.

    Tuesday is day when wishes come true.pdf

    December 2016Person without a key.


    2 characters: 2 woman's roles.

    Person without a key.pdf

    November 2016Count your letters.


    15 characters: 8 woman's roles, 7 male role.

    Count your letters.pdf

    October 2016Love: practical course with home exercises.


    11 characters: 7 woman's roles, 4 male role.

    Love: practical course with home exercises.pdf

    September 2016Ghost of second husband.


    8 characters: 3 woman's roles, 5 male role.

    Ghost of second husband.pdf

    August 2016Torture of hope.


    2 characters: 2 woman's roles.

    Torture of hope.pdf

    July 2016 Trip to Paris.


    2 characters: 1 woman's role, 1 male role.

    Play Trip to Paris.pdf

    June 2016 Trap.


    Audio play.

    4 characters: 1 woman's role, 3 male role.

    Play Trap.pdf

    June 2016 Jealousy as adviser.


    2 characters: 2 women's role.

    Play Jealousy as adviser.pdf

    May 2016 Mystery solving.


    16 characters: 10 male role and 6 women's role.

    Play in English Mystery solving.pdf

    April 2016 Significant chair.


    Welcome to my art world!

    Significant chair.pdf

    March 2016 Flavour of crime.


    14 characters: 7 male role and 7 women's role.

    Mystery happened in restaurant's kitchen. Who is killer?

    Play Flavour of crime.pdf

    February 2016Multilingual collapse.


    8 characters: 3 male role and 5 women's role.

    Play Multilingual collapse.pdf

    January 2016How to get your EX back.


    7 characters: 4 male role and 3 women's role.

    Play How to get your EX back.pdf

    January 2016King's wife.


    7 characters: 3 male role and 4 women's role.

    Play King's wife.pdf

    December 2015Sculptor for hire.


    4 characters: 1 male role and 3 women's role.

    Play Sculptor for hire.pdf

    December 2015Winter's night with an angel.


    2 characters: 1 male role and 1 woman's role.

    Play Winter's night with an angel.pdf

    November 2015Murderous love.


    11 characters: 6 male role and 5 woman's role.

    Play Murderous love.pdf

    October 2015Haunted Halloween.


    9 characters: 5 male role and 4 woman's role.

    Play Haunted Halloween.pdf

    September 2015Pleading in the night.


    3 charactes: 1 male role and 2 woman's role.
    Play Pleading in the night.pdf

    August 2015Romeo and Juliet at couples therapy.


    4 charactes: 2 male roles and 2 woman's role.

    Play in English Romeo and Juliet at couples therapy.pdf

    August 2015Pangs of conscience.


    Play about pangs of conscience which could create punishment more awful than fault.
    3 charactes: 2 male roles and 1 woman's role.

    Play Pangs of conscience.pdf

    July 2015Parrot's interrogation.


    Jewellery shop, robbery and parrot.
    5 charactes: 4 male roles and 1 woman's role.

    Play Parrot's interrogation.pdf

    June 2015Until I went away.

    Soliloquy for reading.

    Play Until I went away.pdf

    May 2015Stroke.


    Six tennis players in closed changing room and one secret to reveal.

    7 charactes: 7 male roles.

    Play Stroke.pdf

    April 2015Melody of love.


    Each love story have own melody. But it have to be duet, not quartet.

    4 charactes: 1 male role, 3 woman's role.

    Play Melody of love.pdf

    March 2015Puppeteer's curse.


    Who is the killer puppet or human? Could puppet be worth of someone death?
    4 charactes: 2 male role, 2 woman's role.

    Play Puppeteer's curse.pdf

    March 2015Endless conversation.


    2 charactes: 1 male role, 1 woman's role.

    Play Endless conversation.pdf

    February 2015 Candidate.


    Preparing to election campaign.
    4 charactes: 2 male role, 2 woman's roles.

    Play Candidate.pdf

    February 2015 Dawn of hen-party.

    4 woman's roles.

    Play Dawn of hen-party.pdf

    January 2015 You can speak English.


    Courses of English learning, fun and sad.
    8 charactes: 4 male role, 4 woman's roles.

    Play You can speak English.pdf

    December 2014 Body in the basement.


    Lonely house in snow, rich man, people who don’t like him and Christmas miracle in the end.
    6 charactes: 2 male role, 4 woman's roles.

    Play Body in the basement.pdf

    November 2014 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.


    4 charactes: 2 male role, 2 woman's roles.

    Play Christmas Special.pdf

    September 2014Tomorrow, after the End of Days.


    Play about naked souls, dedicated to my dear Ukraine.
    5 charactes: 3 male role, 2 woman's roles.

    Play Tomorrow, after the End of Days.pdf

    September 2014Importance of being unnoticed.


    Importance of being unnoticed or not to lose one person about who you care.
    3 charactes: 2 male role, 1 woman's roles.

    Play Importance of being unnoticed.pdf

    September 2014Retired spies.


    Comedy. Son comes to visit his parents in new home. Parents are retired spies.
    3 charactes: 2 male role, 1 woman's roles.

    Retired spies. pdf

    July 2014 My sidekick Dracula.


    Tired from life Dracula thinks about commit suicide. But he involves in life of other people and gives second thought to his plans.
    5 charactes: 2 male role, 3 women's roles.

    Play My sidekick Dracula.pdf

    ©Катерина Аксьонова

    Actor plays Hamlet.

    ©Катерина Аксьонова

    Frank actor monologue about the fears that accompany the work on the role of Hamlet.
    1 character: 1 male role.

    Play Actor plays Hamlet.pdf


    ©Катерина Аксьонова

    The play has received diploma in competition Koronatsiya slova 2010.

    Slava behaves on work rigidly and as a real man. She starts to notice that her voice and soon her appearance changes. She understands that having changed internally she has received perversion. She isn't lonely in that way of life, Alexander lives similarly.
    7 characters: 6 women's roles, 4 male roles.

    Text Perversion.pdf

    Old sins.

    ©Катерина Аксьонова

    Heroine made in youth abortion because of insisting of relatives. Heroine is deeply unhappy. She forbidden to make the same mistake by her niece. Could she atone her old sin?
    5 characters: 4 women's roles, 1 male role.

    Text Old sins.pdf

    Poetry in English: POETRY 2015.pdf

    Пожертва = підтримка.



    Donation = support.



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